S a k u r a - K I N O M O T O
    Birthday: April 1st

    Age: 10

    Blood Type: A

    Favorite Subject: PE, music

    Least Favorite Subject: Math

    Clubs: Cheerleading

    Favorite Colors: Pink, white

    Favorite Flowers: Cherry Blossom

    Favorite Food: Noodles

    Least Favorie Food: Konnyaku

    Best Recipe: Pancakes

Family: Her family consists of a father and older brother, Touya. When she was 3, her mother had died. But Sakura doesn't really miss her, since she has her father and brother with her. Her father is a great cook, and is a professor at a college. Sakura's older brother, Touya, is what your typical annoying brother would be like. He is always calling Sakura 'monster', and enjoys teasing and tormenting his sister. Still, Touya really cares about Sakura even though it may not always seem that way.

About:Sakura is a cheerful girl who is very sweet, athletic, and out-going. Sakura is also innocent and a bit dense too. ^^;

Her biggest dream is to go grow up as tall as a telephone pole and squish Touya =) And unlike your typical Shoujo heroine, she can actually cook ^^, . Sakura has a habit of saying "HOE" and "Hyan" a lot. And although she may be small, she sure can pack a punch. Heh heh, just ask Touya. ^_^

Magic: Sakura has powerful magic, which had enabled her to open the CLOW in the first place. Yet it is much stronger than Kero-chan had first thought... She is also the CARD CAPTOR and later on, becomes the MISTRESS of the ClOW CARDS, which are later called SAKURA CARDS. 

Seiyuu:Sakura Tange, a popular voice actress in Japan and is the one who lends her voice as Sakura in the anime! As li'l Sakura Kinomoto, her voice is very cute (and high pitched ^^;)

Besides voice-acting as Sakura Kinomoto, Sakura has also done roles from other anime series which include: Suzu Sakuma from Marmalade Boy, Yuri from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Mil from Maze Bakunetsu Jikuu, and many others!!

Credit goes to Hitoshi Doi for the seiyuu info!!