These are reasons why Sakura and Syaoran should be together:

  • They're just soooo adorable together!!
  • They're perfect together!!
  • They make the story so much more interesting!!
  • Because they get together in the end so S+S TOGETHER FOREVER!!!

From Iris ..........:
  • so that syaoron will not turn gay, and start liking Yukito again hehe ^_^

From •·Ali·• :
  • both looking for clow card!

From Kotori Ky Monou:
  • Sayoran is so terribly caught up on her! She makes him a kimono from scratch and he's always ready to help her out, no matter what. Devotion like THAT is rare...

From CaggiCat9@aol.com:
  • •to get syaoran out of the idea of being gay
  • •they're cute together
  • •it's probably their destiny- because they're the ones with powers remember? and let me tell you something- you dont mess with destiny!!

From Becky:
  • For one they make an adorable couple!
  • Yukito is too old for Sakura and I don't like the idea of Li Kun being gay **Shutters** Hes just too cute for that!
  • So Meilling won't torture Li Kun
  • And Lets not have Eriol and Li Kun get together! **throws the tomatoes**
  • They make the Dream Team!

From Alex:
  • Sakura and Syaoran should be going out... Because in the third season, Syaoran gives Sakura a teddy bear. And, the only reason why Syaoran liked Yukito [ Told by Yue ] was because he has a strong power of the moon. Try downloading Platina [ Number 11 in the section of CCS ] at Bestanime.com, it shows alot of momments with Sakura and Syaoran, with hintings.

From RelenaPeace16@aol.com :
  • * No Way Sayoran is trying his best to tell his feelings to Sakura, beside, age doesn't matter when it comes to love.... I know it's puppy love but still the kids have right to fall in love... Yukito is just Sakura's Guardian and his "too" old for her and Tomoyo is just Sakura's friend.... NO WAY!! IT HAS TO BE "Sayoran"!!

from JPRyoOhki@aol.com:
  • *kuz they clash! opposites attract y'know. sakura is hyper and outgoing and loving, while syaoran is a little more shy and almost never smilez. *tomoyo and sakura's relationship is completely and obviously platonic...they're only best friendz and tomoyo just happenz to adore her friend! no way anyone kan get anything romantic out of that relationship! *meiling & syaoran are kuzins for crying out loud! it just sounds so...incestual! that's why sakura and syaoran should hook up! *both sakura and syaoran liked yukito (or thought they liked yukito), so they technically have the same tastes in love...so why not w/ each other? *and it would just be so KAWAII!!!! ^_~

From TanyaNeko@aol.com :
  • as the main characters of the show, its kinda like a big implied "duh!" not to mention the fact that their adorable anime couple factor is really high...

From Tiggrrlove@aol.com :
  • they should be together because of how much that syaoran protects her and how he blushes all the time when she is near him

From mail :
  • Sakura and Syaoran should be together because they share a power
  • They also should be together because Sakura becomes a Mistress, maybe Syaoran could be her Mister OOOH!!!! LOVE!!!!
  • Sakura and Syaoran also look alike. And if you compare them they look together.
  • They might seem to young but that's when love is in it's most beautiful form. And how old are they? Ten? I detect some love!!!!
  • They are just naturally the best young couple
  • Sakura and Syaoran are meant to be and are true DESTINY!!!!! You gotta believe in DESTINY!!!!
  • Their names both start with a "S" That's VERY rare.
  • It's DESTINY I tell you!!!! DESTINY!!!!!!

From KrnbLoOangxl278@aol.com :
  • *their just soooooooooo.....cute together!!!!!*
  • *they look alike*
  • *opposites attract(sakura smiles so much but syaoran hardly smiles)*

From Sherry Lin:
  • Yes, it has to be fate and destiny that they must be together! They can't separated! I mean, that's probably one of he reasons why Syaoran didn't returned to Honk Kong, right? They're so cute together!!!! Just PERFECT!

From Supernovab21@aol.com :
  • #1. Because they are both the main characters.
  • #2. Because Syaoran always blushes whenever Sakura is near.
  • #3. Because the idea of Sakura and Yuki is not compatible.
  • #4. So Syaoran won't be GAY!!!!!!!!
  • #5. Because Syaoran and Meling are cousins for goodness sake!
  • #6. They're PICTURE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From ZeeThon23@aol.com:
  • There have to be together!!!! They are so cute!!!! Besides, Syaoran is trying the as hard as he can be. And that they were meant to be. And they look jsut like they are... they are... what's that word? Well anyway they have to be together.

From Irene Lee:
    Sakura and Syoran should be together because:
  • 1) Meiling is way too annoying just because she think he is hers.
  • 2) because Syoran always blushes when sakura is there.
  • 3) They are soooo.....cute / adorable!!!
  • 4) Both have magic.
  • 5) Syoran is in love with Sakura!
  • 6) there first name starts with an S.
  • 7) both involved into Clow Cards.
  • 8) syoran tries to comfort Sakura when ever she is unhappy(Even though he talks weird when he does.)
  • 9) meiling is syoran's cousin and he doesn't seem to like her anyway.

From RowenW01@aol.com :
  • Okay, I have something to state. This is my opinion. People say that the Li / Sakura relationship is puppy love, all that crap. Well, look at Li. Now, make his legs a little longer, just imagine it, make his arms a little longer, give him a little muscle. Don't mess with his face at ALL! ( don't you love that little puppy dog face? ) He could be 15 or 16 and the only thing that makes him LOOK 10 is his SIZE. When I first saw him in the anime, I remembered thinking " Damn, how OLD is he? " Then again look at Sakura. Do the same thing, and she could be 15 too. I mean, it's just a matter of size, and of course how long they would stay together

From Elena :
  • The should be together because first of all Syoaran always give her confidence when she has to face a card. She is also so nice to her. They share the same type of power, are the best at almost everything, and of course make a really cute couple. They're meant for each other. You can call it fate or even better, destiny.

From SailorNeoNeptune@aol.com :
  • 1)Opposites attract
  • 3) They would make a great couple
  • 4)because Li always "happens to be with Sakura at all times"
  • 5) Even though in the beginning he says he doesn't need Sakura, he does
  • 6) He always glares at Sakura in a funny way

From KBra507543@aol.com:
  • They should be in love because when we first saw Li, he was staring at her.And what if we would ever see those two kiss the french way? and when he once got scratched by a clow card she helped him because Li protceted Sakura. THAT TAKES GUTS TO HELP OUT LIKE THAT!

From Li Xiaolang:

From Angel:
    1) Because Syaoran loved Sakura 2) Because Sakura loved Syaoran too... ( see the final end ) 3) They are very sweet and adorable togather. 4) THEY ARE THE ETERNAL COUPLE

From Emiri:
    If Syaoran didn't like Sakura then he would be stuck with Meling (AAK!). Do you want that to happen to a guy that cute? Also, CLAMP made them in love and they are the smartest manga writers in the WORLD. And then there's the one that always answers the question. Why Not?

From AznWaterLili345@aol.com :

    1) Fate
    2) They look sooo cute together
    3) Meilin and Li?
    4) Tomoyo and Sakura?
    5) Either Sakura or Li with Yukito?

    DREAM ON!!!!!!

From Sakura:
    The reasons I should be with him is 1.)We both are into the Clow Cards 2.)I always help him when he needs it 3.)Because Meiling is a stupied person 4.)We are both powerful 5.)I LOVE HIM!!!! 6.)We are better together 7.)Because he is always red when he is around me 8.)He hates Meiling 9.)BECAUSE WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER And those are the reasons why I think we are better together

From Li Kinomoto :
    1) Sakura and Syaoran belong together 2) Sakura likes Syaoran 3)Syaoran likes Sakura 4)Syaoran belong with a annoying brat like meiling?! 5)Yukito is with Touya 6)Syouran is to cool to be gay

From Angel of Destiny :
    I think that Li and Sakura make an ADORABLE couple. Shoot, Li needs to tell Meiling to get a life that girl is hella annoying. Sakura looks better than her anyways. Hey Sakura might have a different personalty than Li but hey it counts some people look for different things in other people well come on it'll get boring with people with the same personalities. All i gotta say is that Sakura and Li makes a CUTE, CUTE, CUTE @$$ couple. Besides it makes the story more interesting. right?

From cherrylily2000@yahoo.com :
    I know it's the 100 time you ear that but they're just soooooo cute..... Every time they're together my heart explode of joy!!! They're made for each other. I hope the women who makes Sakura will put little romantic episodes sometimes?..... cherrylily2000@yahoo.com

From The Great One :
    Reasons of why Sakura and Syaoran should be together: 1. they both hate Touya 2. they look SOOOO GOOD TOGETHER!!!! 3. both their names start with S, coincidence? I think not!!! 4. they both have powers (take that meilin!!!!) 5. they DO look adorable 6. Syaoran cares deeply about Sakura and Sakura feels the same way about him 7. I don't want my Syaoran being GAY!!!!

From i.berube@videotron.ca :
    They are the perfect couple.They're CUT!!!! A little bit rival and shy. They are born to be together

From angky :
    1) Because they are so cute together. 2) I won't let Syaoran become a gay. 3) Yukito is too old for Sakura. 4) They both love.

From jess :
    - they r soooo adorable!!!! - same poles doesn't attract, so S & S had diff. personlise, thus attract. - both looks like couple, even my friends not reading/ watching CCS say so :)

From Psychoglory@aol.com :
    i think that Li and Sakura are so cute together and this shy thing about Li is just so cute! they are perfect together and they always protect each other, (Li protects Sakura more). Sakura and Li are just so perfect!!! :P

From Cutter2819@aol.com :
    In every good movie, television show, manga, etc. there is a romantic aspect. Because CCS is a great anime, it has that aspect. Throughout the series, there is no outright statement of love between Sakura and Syaoran- until the end, but there is an implied love. There is that hint of shared emotion. This implied affection is brought about by the creators of CCS in certain ways. Like all romantic entertainment, the two are the protagonists. Also, a big give away was the way Li Syaoran acts toward Sakura. Most often than not, the two protagonists that don't like each other in the beginnig end up falling in love with each other. If that observation is not reason enough, the fact that Meiling is Sakura's rival should be. Meiling saw in Sakura a rival for Syaoran's affections and would compete with her for his love. In most situations like this one, Meiling is actually unknowingly driving them together. Throughout the series, they- Sakura and Syaoran- exhibit a sense of rightness. We look at them and think that they are right together. They are so perfect. We are only responding to the signals the creators of CCS were sending to us. From the very beginnig, they were meant to be.

From Rai :

    a.)They both have brown,chestnut hair.
    b.)they look sooooo alike.
    c.)They're name both starts with S
    d.)Li-kun alwayz blushes near Sakura
    e.)Li-kun loves Sakura more than anything!!!
    f .)Sakura bacame happy when Li-kun comforted her.
    g.)they both are sooo cute when they have funny faces.
    h.)They are in eternal love with each other!!!!!!!

From VxTweetyGirlxV@aol.com :

    To Sakura and Syaoran
    1) They always help one another
    2) Syaoran always blush everytime he sess Sakura
    3) They cherish each other in the end

From RABBITDDY@aol.com :

    1) Syaoran trys so hard to tell his feelings to Sakura
    2) they wait so long to be with each other, they have to wait to when they are in high school to be with each other
    3) they even called each other's teddy bear Syaoran and Sakura

From Mako Chan :
    Hi from Li, (The Li from Show!)
    Reasons Sakura and me should be together: I'm Li! Remember!

    1. We are totally cute together!
    2.I don't want to be gay!
    3. Meilling won't start bugging me again.
    4. Sakura is so dran cute looking and everyone knows that she is my perfect sweetie!