For the fun of it, I put up a why not page. ^_^ So why not?:

  • They're only kids, they should wait until they're older ^^;
  • They are rivals for the CLOW CARDS
  • Sakura probably only thinks Syaoran as a friend
  • It wouldn't be fair to Tomoyo because she loves Sakura too (maybe even more than Syaoran does...).
  • Eriol and Syaoran should get together! BWAHAHAHAH!! *ducks the tomatoes* ^_^;

From Fylan@aol.com:
  • Sakura should end up with Tomoyo.
  • That would be just like CLAMP.

From Kotori Ky Monou:
  • Sakura deserves Yukito! Eriol can comfort Sayoran for all I care. Unfortunatly it looks like Touya and Yukito are a pair and I get to sniffle about it. Still... those two ARE kawaii... ^_~

From Sujono:
  • Syaoran should stick to MeiLin
  • Yukito might be Sakura's fantasy, but come on!
  • I think Sakura will find someone better.
  • Sakura and Tomoyo they're just kids, Tomoyo is just protective like her mother was.

From TanyaNeko@aol.com :
  • what the heck? there are no real reasons. they are the main characters together. its just a big implied thing that they should be a couple.

From Shy Purple:

  • Sakura is too cute for Syaoran :)
  • Syaoran is too cute for Sakura ;)
  • MeiLi loves Syaoran, how can you break her heart?! She's so kawaii!!!
  • Tomoyo loves Sakura, she's too cool to be heart broken!
  • Ascot loves Umi! Err....Wait, wrong CLAMP anime ^_^

From Patricia:
  • Syaoran can't be with Sakura because he's gonna use The Time card to freeze time until he's old enough to be with me!

From Shorty:
    The only reason Li-kun SHOULDN'T be with sakura is because he should be with ME!!! so back of Patricia!! ^_^

From Emily:
    because one day syaoran's going to realize he loves meilin and that it is actually DESTINY unlike sakura and syaoyran because sakura is a ditz and she is going to end up alone cause it is DESTINY again.

    and Eriol's going to end up with me, thats the biggest DESTINY of them all!!!!!

From Pamela:

From Caseei@aol.com :
    They're related, if not psychically, spiritually. Fujitaka is Sakura's dad, and Clow Reed's reincarnation, right? Shaolin is one of Clow Reed's decedents. That's just creepy . .

From Pamela: