CCS in the U.S.A!!

The rights to the popular CCS anime series have been accquired by a Candian Company named Nelvana! Nelvana has licensed all 70 T.V. episodes and plan to air the series on TV on Saturday, June 17 at 8: 30 a.m. on the Kids WB. --> Check here for the listings if you don't believe me.. ^_^

BUT due to the fact that CCS will be on American T.V., there will some serious changes. A couple of months ago, Nelvana said that they were changing Sakura's name to "Nikki" and Kero-chan to "Kero". But after seeing the commerical for the American release, it seems that now Sakura and yes, Syaoran will be able to keep their original names. As for the other characters, I don't know if their names will change, but let's hope not!! ^_- Also Card Captor Sakura has now been renamed to "Cardcaptors" and before that, it was going to be named as "Card Captor". And since there are hints of Shounen-ai (boy+boy love -->Touya and Yukito), Shoujo-ai (girl+girl love -->Sakura and Tomoyo), and Terada-sensei's lolita complex (kidding!!! ^.^;;) those parts will have to be altered, edited, cut out, censored and toned down to be viewable on T.V.

Hey, don't freak out yet!! It has been revealed that a subtitled version will also be out too!! The uncut sub is now being worked on and is expected to be out maybe in sometime in 2000. Looks like Nelvana finally listened to the fans. What a relief, eh? ^_^

And! The manga series has also been brought over! MIXXZINE, a comic magazine has been translating the manga since December '99. But many changes have been made. For one thing, Sakura calls Yukito 'Yuki' (?!) Kero-chan is just Kero and 'hoe' has become 'huh'. A CCS Mixx Graphic novel has also been released. I don't have a copy of it so I don't know how different the Mixx version is from the Japanese Tabankoubons...

Hopefully with the release of "Card Captors" the popularity of Shoujo anime and manga will skyrocket! ^_^

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