Confessions of the Heart

 Sakura walked towards the school.

 "What am I doing here?" she thought to herself,"Why did I ever agree to meet Mei Ling?"

 Sakura reached the school, and went to the front doors. Waiting for her was Mei Ling, who'm had some news to tell her.

 "Hi Mei Ling." Sakura smiled,"Why did you want to meet me?"

 Mei Ling walked toward her, smirking.

 "I've been after Xiao Lang for quite a while. And, I want you to quit chasing him."

 "What are you talking about?" Sakura asked nervously.

 "I know you care about him." Mei Ling replied.

 "I care about all of my friends!" Sakura shot back.

 "But you care about him more than most of you're friends, don't you?"

Mei Ling said in a superior, knowing voice,"I know you do! For the past few years I've also observed you as well. You say you love Yukito, yet, you seem so happy with Xiao Lang. I've seen the way you act around him,and don't you dare deny it. "

 "How could she know?" Sakura thought to herself, blushing. It was true, she had somehow fallen for Li-kun. She didn't know when, she just one day realized thst Li-kun was the one she cared for.

 "I don't know what you're talknig about!"Sakura lied, and stepped backwards, then turned around,"I'm leaving now."

 "Fine," Mei Ling replied,"But again, don't bother chasing after him, he's already confessed his love to me, and were geeting married soon."

 Sakura's heart broke.

 She turned around,"You're lying!" she almost screamed.

 "Am I?" Mei Lin replied,smirking once again.

 Sakura turned, and ran as fast as her legs could carry her, crying her heart out.

 "Why?" she thought to herself,"Why?"

 She continued running, tears fallling from her face, as an image of Li-kun smiling appeared in her mind.

 "Man, soccer practise is getting later and later,"Li-kun thought to himself, and walked away from the school.

 While walknig down the path away from the school, he saw a figure runby. It looked like Sakura, and she was....crying.
 Li-knu dropped his bag and ran towards where he saw her going.

 "What happened?"he thought to himself.

 Sakura finally stopped, and collasped near a tree. She leaned her head against it, wrapped her arms tight around herself, and cried.

 When Li-kun finally found her, he would have preffered death instead of seeing Sakura looking so sad.

 "Sakura,"he asked walking forward,"What's wrong?"

 She turned, and looked up at him, wIth a hurt and angry expression.

 "What are you doing here Li-kun?" Sakura asked,and stood up, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

 "Soccer practice was kept late," he replied "What's wrong?"

 "Nothing!" Sakura snapped, then turned around.

 "Sakura..."Li-kun said in a concerned voice, and put his hand on her shoulder.

 Sakura jerked away.

 "Don't you have a wedding to plan!?" she nearly screamed at him.

 Li-kun was shocked.

 "Wedding?" he asked, confused,"What are you talking about?"

 "Don't paly that game with me!", Sakura yelled,"Mei Ling told me that you confessed you're love to her, and that you were getting married! I know that.."

 "You believed her!?" Li-kun cried, interupting Sakura.

 "Isn't it true?" Sakura asked.

 "No!" Li-kun replied.

 "Can I believe you!?" Sakura cried, and looked at the ground, as more tears began to flow down her face again,"She's beatiful, she's you're fiance, you'll end up marrying her anyway! I.."

 "Baka!" Li-kun, once again,interreupted,"I am NOT marrying her! I didn't ask her to marry me, I repeat,I'm NOT gonna marry her."

 "That's what you say now!" Sakura sobbed,"But soon you'll realize how great she is!"

 "I know how great she is!" Li-kun said, now calm.

 "See! You admit it!" Sakura cried.

 "I did not," Li-kun replied,"Anyway, I can't marry her."

 "Why not?" Sakura, who was now a bit more calmed down, asked.

 "Because," Li-kun smiled,"I don't love her...I love you."

 Sakura's head shot up, and looked at him straight in the eyes surprised.

 "What!?" she asked.

 "It's true," Li-kun grinned, and grabbed her hands, and pulled them up to his face.

 "Yes, Mei Ling is great, besides her little habit of trying to keep us apart. But you're great too. At first, I admit Yukito was the one I was after, but in the end....the one who captured my heart was you, Sakura."

 "R..Really?" Sakura stuttered, turning crimson.

 "Yes," Li-kun said, then turned to leave.

 "Li-kun," Sakura almost whispered.

 Li-kun stopped,"Yes?"

 "I love you too."

 Li-kun looked at her and smiled again,"I know."

 "You do!?" Sakura bellowed,"How? I could...what I'm saying"

 "Shush," Li-kun whispered, and pulled his fingers up to her lips.

 "But Li-kun, what about.."

 "Don't worry about anything now," Li-kun said, and put his hands on her face,"Let's just forget about everything right now, for once, let's not worry about anything."

 Sakura nodded.

 Li-kun then pulled his face to hers, and kissed her.

 Around them, neither of them could hear anything, except Sakura mumbling how sweet Li-kun's lips against hers tasted.

    The End