* * *

"Yuki!!" I rush down the stairs, grabbing a bag and pushing the door open. "Yuki?"

"Hello, To~ya." Yuki smiles at me, grimly. "You've heard about what happened to your father?"

"Something happened to him?!"

"He's dead, To~ya. He was killed yesterday night."



<Why would someone want to kill my father?> the question lingers in my head. <There's no reason...that I can think of...>

<Did he have any enemies?  No.> I gritted my teeth. <If that guy does anything to Sakura, I will have
their head!>

Knock, knock, knock.

"Coming!" I fling open the door. "Yuki?" I ask with hope.

"I'm sorry." Tomoyo stands at the door, gray eyes full of sadness.

"Sakura's not here, you know where she lives."

"I know. I came to talk to you."



"What do you mean that you know who the murderer is?!"

I slam my hand on the table and my coffee spills out a little.

"I have an idea of who. I will tell you when I get back. I will bring evidence."

"Okay." I narrow my eyes. "Be careful."

"Do not worry, I will." Tomoyo exits hurriedly, looking around.

* * *

<So, my next target shall be Kinomoto...Touya.> I smile, tying my hair up.

* * *

Knock, knock, kno--

"Tomoyo! You're quick! Did you bring it--" I open the door and then gape at the sight before me.

I hear three gunshots and feel an excruciating pain in my stomach, leg, and arm...

Then everything becomes red...

* * *

I knock on the door of my friend's house, waiting for an answer. "To~ya! Would you open the door? I know you're home!" I try the door and find it unlocked. "Hmmm. That's weird." I step in the room and then trip over something. I look down and all I see is red. Red all over the floor...red on the walls... I adjust my glasses, but the scenery doesn't change.


* * *

<Another person in the way?!>  I yell in my head. <Argh, so many people are trying to ruin my plans!> I walk slowly into the room.  Yukito does not seem to notice.

Then, my fingers closed upon the gun still hidden in my jacket.  I point, then shoot.

The boy falls forward with a gasp of pain, but nothing more.  I look around, making sure that no one else was left...then I throw the gun down next to the dead bodies with vengeance.

<I've killed five people.>  my eyes widen as I begin my walk home.  <Yanagisawa Naoko, Sasaki Rika, Kinomoto Fujitaka, Kinomoto Touya, Tsukishiro Yukito...everyone near Sakura...almost.>  a bitter smile plays on my lips.  <There's still Daidouji Tomoyo...Li Syaoran...and Sakura herself.>

<I'll teach her how it feels to lose everyone...>

* * *

About a month after the deaths...

"Kinomoto Sakura?" a passing mailman handed me a letter. "This is for you."

"Well, thank you." I ripped the letter open. After I read it, I proceeded to call Syaoran.

"This is Syaoran." a bored voice answered the phone. "What do you want and who are you?"


"Oh, Sakura. What's up?"

"You have to see this letter I just got..."

"Okay, then...are you coming here or--"

"Come here, please!"


We say our good-byes and I wait impatiently for him.

When he gets here, I show him the letter. He reads out loud:

"Kinomoto Sakura:
If you would like to know who killed your friends and family, you must come to the shelter on Old Country Road (where ever in the world is that?!) tonight at nine with Li Syaoran... (me? why me?) Signed, T."

"T." I sigh. "Who could that be?"

"We'll find out tonight."


I wonder who it could be. <Who is T?  I don't know anyone with a T as an initial...> I sigh. Maybe I really shouldn't go tonight...at least I don't have to go alone...

It'll be better to have someone with me...

Especially Li-kun...

I feel my face grow warm, and I shake my head. Not now...

Now, I have to think about whether to go or not...

I don't want to go...

But I have to, in order to know who it is...

Tick, tock...

The clock's unusually loud...

Tick, tock...ring...ring...ring...ring...ring...ring...ring...ring...

Time seems to have slowed down...


Nine o' clock. I push open the door of the shelter.

"Perfect timing." Syaoran smiles encouragingly, moving over and holding the door open for me. "It's a small place." he warns.


What he said was right. The place was considerably small. He sits me down on his lap and keeps his arm around me.

"I wonder who'll be coming..."

"If they come." I point out.


I notice something shiny in his hand, and I question it.

"It's a knife." he answers matter-of-factly.

"Why do you have it?" I think that fear envelopes me and I pull away. "Li-kun, put it away...please..."

"Why? I have it just in case someone pulls a dirty trick on us."

"Why would they--"

"Someone's here."

"Hoeh?" I look around, but do not see anyone. I do not think that I sense anyone's presence, either.

"Come out."


"Come out!" Syaoran says forcefully.

"I want to go home..."


"But I want to go home..." I whisper, looking away.

He seizes that chance to take his sword and stab...right into my flesh...

My brain screams at me that there's something unwanted inside of me...I cry out in pain and he pulls it out.

"Sakura?" he cried out in mock alarm. "Sakura! What happened?"

My eyes fill up with tears as I begin to realize. He had betrayed me...he was the one who had killed everyone...my friends...my family...

"N...naze?" I try to pull away, but he won't let me.

His eyes widen and he holds me against him, whispering something...

"No...oh please, no...not her...anyone but her..."

"Li-kun?" the pain fades just slightly, and is replaced with a sudden urge to give up...to sleep...and never wake again...

<NO!  I need to know why!>

"Li-kun! What did I do wrong?"

"What are you talking about?" I see him rip a piece of cloth off of his jacket, wrapping it around my wound and pressing hard.

"Why do you want me dead...?" it takes my full strength to keep from crying in pain.

"What are you talking about?! I don't want you dead!"

"Then why...did you...do this to me...?" my eyesight begins to fail me...


My eyes close, and I listen to what he says...

"Sakura!" his voice is full of panic... "Do you think that I was the one who...who hurt you?! I didn't do a thing, I didn't notice anyone around...I...still don't! I didn't do anything--"

"Baka..." my voice is very faint...I don't think he hears me...

"Believe me! Didn't you trust me before?! Do you think I would do such a thing? Sakura! Answer me!"

"I'm sorry...I can't...not anymore..." it is getting harder to breathe by the minute. "Li-kun...I trusted you...I did...but now...I..."


"I...loved you..." I forced my eyes to open. "And I'm sorry I did...good-bye, Li-ku--" I couldn't get myself to say anything further...

I needed sleep...sleep...sleep would remove my worries...

* * *

"SAKURA!" I slump down, my head lowered. <Why did she think it was me...?  I didn't do a thing...I...>

<How did he stab her?!?!>

"Sakura..." I hold her to me, brushing her hair from her face.

There was blood on her face. Her beautiful face... I wipe it off, my eyes watering.

"KUSO!" I lie her down and stand up. "Come out!"

There is a rustle behind me and I turn, my eyes narrowed.

"Li-kun." a voice says.

I jump, not believing who it is.


"W...why the hell did you--"

"Li-kun." Tomoyo repeats, a smirk plastered on her face. "I knew that you wouldn't suspect me."

"T..." I bite my lip. "Of course!"

"You're slow." the deadly sword is placed in her hand. "You'll be the next one to go."

I glare at her.

"Well, at least you'll be with your beloved."

I scramble to pick up the knife I had dropped a while back. "I won't stand being killed by you."

"Oh really." she seems bored...

And that's when everything crashed in my mind. Reality was gone...

A mixture of emotions swam around my head...anger...sadness...hurt...betrayl...frustration...hate...

"I won't let you kill me." I state.

I have an idea, after all...and pride...

"Let's see about that." Tomoyo leaps, sword ready.

"Sorry to ruin your fun." I grab hold of my knife...and plunge it straight into my heart. Welcomed pain's narrow fingers wrap around me...I collapse, my legs giving way...

* * *

"KYAAAHHH~!!!" I leap out of bed, screaming as if Hell had crossed over and was now in my room.

"Tomoyo!" my mother rushes into my room. "Are you alright?"

"F...fine, mother..." I smile. "I just had a nightmare...that's all."

"Okay, don't scare me like that anymore."

"I'm sorry."

She leaves my room.

"Thank goodness that was all a dream." I sigh to myself. "It's a good thing that I'm not a dream seeker..." I glance into the mirror. "And now I'm my right age. 11."

Then I have an idea.

"Oh! That may mean that Li-kun and Sakura-chan will be getting together when they get older!" I smile to the reflection in the mirror, which smiles back.

I grab my video recorder and hurry off, forgetting about everything else that had occured in my nightmare.

<Thank goodness.>

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