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On with the show. akane here! This'll be the second part of my lovely 3 part fic of S&S sugar-coated delight. Those who read the 1st part (bless you) you're probably wondering 'hey, there wasn't any S&S sugar-coated delight.'

Anyway- its coming...just gotta set the stage no da (hehehe Chichiri where did you come from?) Really folks, I know...beginnings are always annoying...this installment promises to be action packed! hehehe
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<…>-memory sequence


"Ohayo Tomoyo-chan." Sakura smiled as she walked across the room to where her friend was already seated.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Sakura-chan. Are you feeling all right? You look a little...flushed maybe." It was a very neutral sounding question, but Tomoyo's concern was reflected in her beautiful purple-blue eyes. It was true though. Sakura's cheeks were pale and her nose was slightly red.

"Un, I'm fine...I might be getting a cold, that's all. So just in case Oto-san gave my a box of tissues with little cherry blossoms all over it."

"Oh, Sakura-chan's father is so nice! But," Tomoyo began, her tone shifting from light and happy to more serious. "How do you feel after-" Tomoyo didn't even have to finish her sentence. Sakura knew what she meant.

"Tomoyo, I feel fine...I don't know what the big deal is...Li-kun's always been like that. I just said the wrong thing and I'm planning on apologizing today at lunch." Sakura said and gave a little nod, signaling that the conversation was finished. 'Really,' she thought 'Big deal...Li-kun has always been a little...moou what's the word... I don't know...uptight maybe? But he looks so cute when he smiles, he should smile more...hmmm...he even looks cute when he frowns.' a small pink hue found its way into Sakura's cheeks as she sat down.

From across the room she heard the door open and feet shuffle across the floor and stop behind her desk. 'That can't be Li-kun. Can it? He never drags his feet!' But out of the corner of her eye she saw a hand resting on the desk behind her and knew it was he. 'His hands are so callused and tough from practicing with his sword. He must practice a lot. I wonder why? The Cards are need for a sword. But then why do I still wear the key around my neck? Hmm...old habit I guess. I would like to see how good he is now...he's the best athlete in the school and by the looks of his hands, he's probably a great swordsman with all the practice he puts in. He must have a tough life though. No family, at least none in Japan, and I know that Wei died 2 years ago. He probably would be happier if he'd actually let himself become better friends with everybody. He usually just sits there. I wonder what he thinks about...'

Syaoran had had a very long and 'emotional' night. His mother had ordered him to begin packing. However, packing was a much harder task than he first realized. Every time he reached to his shelf or drawer or closet to put something in a box, he had to look at it and 'feel it out' for memories.

<"Xiao Lang really! You've been in here for an hour now and all you have packed are a pair of shoes and some magazines. Here, let me help you..." Sou-ming said and reached towards his bookshelf and gathered up a large pile. The book on the top of the pile fell out of her hands and ended up on the floor, open. Three frail pressed peony flowers lay crushed and torn underneath. Sakura had given him those flowers 3 years ago, for no reason, she just smiled at him and handed them to him. Syaoran had pressed them in the book to keep them forever.

"No!" he gasped when he saw his little treasures in pieces on the floor. Syaoran bent down and picked up the largest piece that remained intact and cradled it in his palm.

"What? Oh I'm sorry Xiao Lang...what is it you have there?" Syaoran's mother asked after she put the large pile of books down into a box and came to pick up the fallen one.

'My happiness' Syaoran thought.>

Syaoran sniffled just then and was surprised to find his eyes watering slightly. He looked up in front of him and saw Sakura's back. 'How many hours have I spent looking at her back?' Syaoran thought. 'Tons, I'm sure. I've memorized her...its almost become a comfort to me. What will I do in Hong Kong?' he sighed and the teacher stepped into the room.

AT LUNCH......

"Tomoyo-chan, do you see Li-kun anywhere?" Sakura put a hand to her forehead and scanned the yard for his figure.

"I think I saw him sneak off behind that tree a few minutes ago. You know, he's been quiet all day-real quiet. Kinda depressed looking." Tomoyo said and looked down at her friend's hand. "What's that?" Tomoyo pointed.

"Oh this? Aren't they beautiful? I found them over there in the corner...they're peonies. Kinda like a peace offering I suppose."

"I'm sure Li-kun will love them, he'd love anything from you, Sakura-chan." Tomoyo smiled and looked up at her friend, who was turning a very kawaii shade of red.

"WHAT is that supposed to mean?" Sakura said and put her hands on her hips.

"Oh...nothing." Tomoyo then sat down and started to talk to Rika about a history assignment.

'Moouu! Tomoyo-chan can be so vague sometimes.' Sakura thought as she spun around and headed in the direction Tomoyo first pointed to. 'Love anything from me...what does that supposed to mean? Come on...I'm lucky if Li-kun even acknowledges my presence in a nice way, rather than him liking me...or anything associated with me...' Sakura then saw Syaoran with his back up against a tree, his legs out in front of him and his lunch in his lap.

"Umm...Li-kun?" Sakura hesitated and looked down at him. Syaoran looked up to a pair of earnest emerald eyes and a warm smile.

"Umm...ah, Kinomoto-san..." Syaoran stumbled and started to smile 'Wait, it might be easier to leave...if she was mad at that I know that her feelings won't be as hurt as mine... in the long run...' Syaoran quickly thought and then said "What do you want?" Rather rudely. Sakura merely took it as an invitation to sit down.

"Here Li-kun." Sakura said in a very child-like way and shoved the newly picked flowers under Syaoran's nose. Syaoran stared at her in disbelief.

'Peonies? Oh! To replace the ones mother destroyed. What luck!' Syaoran's mind was abuzz as he took the blossoms from Sakura's hands, their fingers touching, ever so slightly for an instant. "Sakura..." he whispered.

"Nani?" Sakura untied the cloth around her lunch box.


"Li-kun I'm apologizing for making you feel angry yesterday. I kinda pushed you. I'm sorry...I thought that you were coming to watch Tomoyo sing...but I guess that you have something more important to do. I understand."

"Could you?" Syaoran said through gritted teeth. "I don't think that you could ever understand."

"Li-kun?" Sakura had a very puzzled look on her face. 'What is with him?' her thoughts quickly turned to anger. 'Here I've come to apologize and he's criticizing me!' furrows started to form in Sakura's forehead. "Li-kun, what is with your attitude?"

Syaoran looked at her, abashed and then aimed one of his burn-right-through-you-death- glares right at Sakura. "My attitude?"

"Don't look at me that way LI-SAN! I'm not like my brother and I think that those stupid staring contests you two had when we were younger were ridiculous." Sakura rolled her eyes and started to pack her lunch up again.

"Ridiculous? I was defending my pride, and your brother was defending you…" Syaoran grabbed her shoulder and kept her down. 'I don't want her to leave…yet I'm hurting her…what's wrong with me?'

"Pride? You have no pride Li Syaoran, or sense of worth." Sakura shrugged off his hand and sat with a thud on the ground. "You are a cowardly little boy who doesn't reach out to others. You're a hermit…you have no sense of letting others like you or get to know you. You probably don't even want to be talking to me…"

"You said it Kinomoto Sakura and not me. Let it be known that you came over here on your own accord and you were uninvited. And I have plenty of pride and sense of worth…"

"Oh yeah? I came over here to say I'm sorry and you turned me down…I've been nice to you for almost 7 years now and I'm beginning to regret it. You've been nice back probably only one other time. I'm sick of it Li-kun…and I'm sick of you…why do I even bother?" Sakura threw her arms up in the air and stood up.

"Its about time that you get the picture!" and Syaoran stood up too. From that vantage point he looked down at Sakura and tried his best to be intimidating, but its kinda hard to look all tough and stuff when you're shaking and on the verge of tears. Sakura didn't have as much self-control as Syaoran... or maybe she was even more miserable with the recent turn of events. Tears were welling in her eyes and she was noticeably shaking.


"Good…I never really liked you anyway."

"Same here!" Sakura managed to sniffle out and stormed away. After about 10 paces she turned around, tears running in rivers down her cheeks. "I hope I never see you again Li Syaoran!" and ran into the nearest building.

"You'll get you wish soon enough…Sakura." Syaoran's knees refused to hold him up any longer and he slid to the ground. 'Gods help me.' Syaoran covered his face with his hands. In fifteen minutes the bell would ring. But Syaoran had no intention of going to class. Next class was math class…where he sat right across from Sakura. 'I'll just wait an hour until History class-Sakura's not in that class with me…and maybe by then I'll be able to stand. Oh Sakura…I'm so sorry…so sorry.' In his rage he had forgotten all about the flowers Sakura had given him. After a moment of terror he found them, unharmed by his feet. The tears came then…and he didn't hold them back.


Tomoyo had looked over to her friends a few times during the course of their conversation. She was too far away to make out any words though. At first they looked happy enough and Tomoyo wish that she had her video camera with her. 'Sakura-chan and her love…what a sweet episode that would be!' she had thought. But that thought turned sour once she saw Sakura try to get up and Syaoran keep her down. And how they were pointing fingers and arms flailing. Then Sakura's abrupt departure from the argument. Tomoyo had seen her best friend run into the L-wing, which was what Tomoyo was walking down now, heading for the nearest rest room-she knew that's where she'd find Sakura. As soon as Tomoyo opened the door she heard the sounds of someone crying and then a nose being blown and a sneeze.

"Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo closed the door quietly behind her. Leaning over the far sink was her friend. Her hair hung down in front of her face. Her cheeks were red and puffy. "Oh Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo dropped her half eaten lunch and ran to her friend and gathered the shaking girl into her arms.

"Tomoyo…-chan?" Sakura whimpered. She sneezed again. Tomoyo leaned over to the sink to get a tissue.

"Oh Sakura…" Tomoyo patted her friend's back.

"I hate Li Syaoran." Sakura said through chattering teeth and broke out in another round of tears.

"No you don't Sakura-chan. If you did this wouldn't be affecting you like it is. I know it. Just admit it to yourself. You love Li-kun." Tomoyo smiled a sad smile.

"Nani?" Sakura made a face in mock disgust…but it only made her break out again in yet another round of tears, followed by sobs that shook her entire body. "But I said that I hate him. He said that he hates me too…"

"Sakura-chan, there are many people in this world who love you, but only one loves you more than was ever expressed-Li-kun. After you left Li-kun collapsed on the ground and started to cry."

"Even with all that said Tomoyo-chan…next hour is math…and I sit right next to him." There was genuine worry in her eyes. "I don't know if I'll be able to look at him…ever again!" Sakura sneezed again and Tomoyo put a cool hand on her friend's forehead.

"Sakura-chan you're burning up. That little cold of yours has turned into a fever. I'm taking you to the school nurse. It'll also give you an excuse to not see Li-kun for a while. Maybe not even this week, but on Monday you be sure to talk to him."

"Yes doctor." Sakura said meekly and fainted.


Tomoyo sat in her French class and tried her hardest to feign attention. After Sakura had fainted Tomoyo ran outside the bathroom and called to a few people standing around and asked them to help her carry Sakura to the school nurse. At the nurse's office Sakura woke up long enough for the nurse to take her temperature (39°C -which is 102°F for all of us who are US citizens or 312K for all of you science types out there.) and call her dad to come and pick her up. Tomoyo was very worried for her friend, but the nurse said that she was just tired out. 'I wonder if Li-kun knows about what happened? I hope he does and I hope that he's feeling real guilt. No actually I don't. I just hope that when Sakura comes back he'll go to her first.


Syaoran pounded up the steps to his apartment and slammed the door.

"Xiao Lang? Are you finally home? I was getting so worried. I packed up all of the living room. When you're finished with your homework you should continue to pack up your room. Where have you been anyway?" Sou-ming asked, wringing her hands out on a dishtowel. She was so caught up in all of the bustle of packing that she didn't even notice her son's foul mood.

"I was walking." Syaoran grunted.

"For the past 5 hours? Its almost after ten dear…did you have soccer practice?"

"I didn't go." And he slammed the door to his room. Syaoran crossed his room to the opposite corner, which had his sword's pendent hanging from a peg. He quickly recited a few runes and his trusty blade appeared. Syaoran thrust open the big glass doors to his balcony and into the cool night air. It was true. He had been walking. Although for more than five hours. It was April 13 and the cherry blossoms were just beginning to fall. Beautiful pale pink Sakura gently drifted to earth and covered the ground like cotton candy snow. He marveled in its beauty. In her beauty. But with a few expert swings of his sword he tried to erase all the day's hurt. Syaoran practiced hard for the next 45 min. until sweat was pouring down his face, even though the night was turning cold. He often practiced for several hours at a stretch, but never with the ferocity that he displayed then. "Why why why why WHY?" Syaoran chanted louder with every word and swung harder with every stroke. Behind him he heard the glass doors creak a little and he stopped. He stood perfectly still.

"Xiao Lang…" and Syaoran's shoulders heaved up and down as he tried to regain his breath.

"Oh mother…" he gulped and turned to her.



Syaoran stepped into the classroom. He had purposely come in late to avoid being around Sakura for as long as possible. But she wasn't there. 'Sensei is going to step into the room in 10 sec. And she's not here yet? Is she trying the same maneuver?' from across the room Tomoyo had watched Syaoran walk into the classroom and begin to look around frantically.

'Argh! Li-kun. Trying to dodge the bullet not doubt…but our dear Sakura-chan is not here today.' Tomoyo thought with an almost menacing grin. She wiped it clean when sensei came into the room, however, and she took her place at her desk.

After about fifteen minutes of a very dull explanation of the processes of mitochondria in the cell, Tomoyo felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Syaoran with his hand extended across the isle and a note in his hand. Tomoyo took the note quickly. She looked around, made sure that she wasn't seen, then proceeded to open the note from inside her desk. It read-

Tomoyo took out a purple pen and scrawled at the bottom with a lovely flowing hand:

Tomoyo feigned stretching her arm and in doing so she chucked the note back in Syaoran's direction. Syaoran caught it with is right hand and unfolded the note. 'Not be in school?' Syaoran stared at the note in disbelief. 'Never see her again? And the last thing she said to me was that she hoped she would never see me again. And she was visibly upset…I didn't want to hurt her feelings like that…well I guess that its better that she thinks that she hated me. It might make her feel better. Not me though.'


Syaoran dragged his feet all day and just barely made it to homeroom in time. He threw his books in the general direction of his desk and collapsed into it. 'I just can't seem to concentrate today…argh…all the teachers have been at my throat.' Syaoran looked up briefly as a student walked into the classroom bearing messages for the teacher. As the student walked out the teacher looked up from one of his notes that he received.

"Well Li Syaoran, I wish you the best of luck in Hong Kong." The teacher said after reading over a note he received. Syaoran stared at the teacher in disbelief as all eyes turned to him. "I just got notice to send all of your transcripts to your new school. When do you leave?" Several people in the classroom were whispering and a girl named Mika, who everyone knew had a crush on Syaoran, was whimpering.

"Um…Saturday." Syaoran heard himself say.

"Well good luck then, I know we all wish that you have a good fulfilling life." The teacher said and Mika started to cry. "You're from Hong Kong, right?" Syaoran nodded and Mika wailed. Tomoyo's eyes were filling with tears. Not for herself as much, but for Sakura. Tomoyo liked Syaoran and she always thought that the best tapes she had from the 'good ole card captoring days' were the ones with him in them-he just added to it you know?

"So the whole argument between Sakura-chan and Li-kun was because he's leaving. Sakura doesn't even know. She'll have to see him. I don't know what Li-kun was thinking! Why would he leave without telling anyone…especially Sakura…doesn't he love her?' Tomoyo thought then walked up to Syaoran. A small circle of friends had formed around Syaoran, wishing him well and asking him why he didn't tell them earlier yadda yadda yadda. Tomoyo stepped up to him and gave him a 'look'. Syaoran nodded, left the crowd and followed Tomoyo to the corner of the room. Mika then let out a wail.

"Tomoyo? He loves Tomoyo?!" Tomoyo rolled her eyes and then stared at Syaoran.

"You did tell Sakura, didn't you?" Tomoyo questioned.

"No, not exactly…I…I thought that if she never knew that I was leaving it would be better." Syaoran tried to explain.

"What good did you think you'd accomplish thinking like that/"

"I guess that I didn't want to have to say goodbye." Syaoran then bowed his head. Tomoyo noticed that he had been wringing his hands. 'He looks stressed,' she thought 'and I guess he looks sincere, but what about Sakura?' Almost like Syaoran was reading her mind he spoke up. "Don't call Sakura, okay? I don't think I could handle it if she ended up calling me or something."

'Not call?' Tomoyo thought, 'yeah right….'



"Moshi moshi."

"Hello. This is Daidouji Tomoyo…"

"Ah, Tomoyo-san, this is Touya, I bet you want to talk to Sakura." A familiar voice answered.

"Yes, is she okay?"

"I'm afraid that she can't talk right now, she's sleeping…she's very tired…you'll have to call back tomorrow maybe. Ja, Tomoyo-san."

"Ja." Tomoyo then put down the receiver. 'oh no! I have to tell Sakura soon!'


whoa! That's a long one it just kept going and going…you know how it is. You might have noticed that I killed off Wei. (hey, he was old, but we all loved him) and Syaoran was acting a bit off his rocker.
Syaoran-sama: yeah, what's up with that? I was like some weirdo on a rampage and I shoved Sakura and I was even creepier than usual.
Akane-chan: you were afraid my sweet, don't you see?
Syaoran-sama: not really…

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