Hey, minna-san! Wow—somebody’s actually interested in reading one of my fanfics! *gasps* ^_^; Anyway, this is my very first fanfic, and reading over and over again, I myself think it is lame. I don’t blame you if you think it is too. If you want better CCS (Card Captor Sakura) fanfics with a GOOD plot and/or good grammar, read…lets see…(long list here, just have to find it…) Piggy Ho Ho ‘(oo)’, Syaoran no Miko (also known as Shi-Lin), luvhopepeace (also known as Wish-chan), Suppi no Miko, Ann, Kittyhawk, Tin, Jin, and…well…*glances up at the towering pile of fanfics threatening to fall* …well…there’s more, but I don’t wanna look through that. *jabs a cautious thumb at the pile, which wobbles dangerously* ANYway, since I’m too lazy to put up my own website for my own fanfics and such, so you may find this fanfics in various places that I’ve send them to. Go to Piggy Ho Ho’s site, Ann’s site, and Kittyhawk’s page are where I’m planning on sending my (very bad and horrible) fanfics to, as of today.

    This story sorta…passes through the whole time line, using both anime and manga. Sorry if it’s confusing, and even MORE confusing, I change the POVs a lot (Point Of View) and characters may be OOC (Out Of Character? I think that it’s what that means) at times. Basically, for me, it’s like, time frame? What time frame?

    Disclaimers: CCS, of course, doesn’t belong to me, but belongs to CLAMP and all those other all-too-powerful-rich-with-lawyers companies. I don’t have any money if you sue me. Instead, I spend lots of it trying to get CCS mangas and anime.

    Warning: May contain spoilers in future chapters, depending on your level of knowedge.

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A Card Captor Sakura Fanfiction
By Angel Of Saturn (AngelOfSaturn3@aol.com )
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    I’m standing on Tokyo Tower, my Chinese robes blowing in the biting wind. This, again? How long will I have to relive this dream? This dreams has repeated itself ever since my fortune telling…that the Clow Cards will be scattered, and that a new Card Captor will be chosen. Mother says that these dreams are usually prophetic…but did she ever have dreams like mine?

    Clow Cards swirl around me—no, us. There is that person, again. I sense power from the person, but it is a strong gentle power—does that make any sense? It’s hard to explain in words. I turn to look at the figure, and another part of the dream reveals itself—as it has done so over the past few weeks.

    This person, whom this power flows from…is a frail young *girl*.

    My age, no doubt, for she is just my size. I cannot see her features, hidden in the shadows…I’m sure that I haven’t met her before, yet I feel complete trust. I feel, more than see, her smile, and she takes my hand. Warmth courses through me, and the wind becomes a gentle breeze. I see in her other hand that she is holding some kind of staff, and she taps a Clow Card with it. Little white wings that shine against the dark appear at her feet, and I notice that she is wearing some kind of cloak or cape. She smiles at me again, tugging on my hand gently like inviting me to play. As she leaps off the tower, I do too…soaring into the darkness further than I could‘ve alone, because *she* was there. As the darkness envelopes us, I hear her whisper something that the wind blows away before I can catch what she is saying…


     I wake up, gasping for air and feeling a vague sense of something lost.

     It is certain now. I must go to Japan. It’s as if Tokyo Tower is a beacon, leading me to the source of the Clow Cards…and that girl. Maybe I’ll meet her. Maybe I won’t…the chances are slim, but there must be a connection. After all, she *was* using Clow Cards…and she had a fair amount of power. If I could find the origin of where the Clow Cards were, it would lead me to her. Already the dream is fading from my mind…

     I pull the covers away from my bed, thinking rapidly as I get out and strech. I would have to leave as soon as possible…besides, the Elders have already ordered me to go to Japan and collect the Clow Cards. It’s perfect…

End of Prologue

    Well, what didja think? Do you want to scatter petals in my path, or send bricks at my head? ^^; Preferably the former, but I know I’m not that good. It’s *really* short, ne? Sorry, don’t have much time on my hands. Anyway, praises (if any ;_;) and flames (try not to be too harsh, please!) go to AngelOfSaturn3@aol.com. Also, one of my (VERY BAD) fan art is up at Kittyhawk’s site. Thanks so much for putting it up, and for actually COMPLIMENTING it! It was my first time trying to draw Sakura after looking at a few pictures of her (and deciding that she looked *adorable*!), so I’m pretty proud of it. At the time, I didn’t have any idea about Tomoyo’s crazy (but cute) outfits for Sakura, so I just dressed Sakura in a simple dress. Ehehe…anyway, I’ll see ya in Chapter 1…which I wasn’t planning on making. This story was supposed to just one LONG one-shot, but it turned into a series. Gomen! Oh yea, and if you’re a CCS fanfic writer, PLEASE send your fanfics to Piggy Ho Ho’s site! There’s only 3 fanfics there, as of today! ;_; So…ja~!

--Angel Of Saturn
Typed up on 4/16/00

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