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Chapter 1-The Beginning
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfiction
By Angel Of Saturn (AngelOfSaturn3@aol.com )
I’m currently feeling: very hyper because I STILL haven’t finished my homework yet. ^^;
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    I sit up, shocked and gasping for breath. I wipe sweat of my forehead and glance at the clock: 6:22 AM. So I do have a little time before I have to get to school…I thank the dream silently, and I start to think about it before I forget all the details again. Some boy with a sword…wearing some funny clothes…who was he? “Kero-chan,” I mumble with a yawn, “wake up.” I nudge the stuffed-doll-look-alike awake.

    “Nanya, Sakura! Hey…you’re up at this hour? Wow…sugoi..”

    “Shush, Kero-chan!” I jerk my thumb in the direction of the hallway, where my ‘nii-chan and ‘tou-san’s rooms were. In a hushed voice, I described what had changed in my dream. Kero-chan stroked his chin in a cute gesture of thinking, and whispered, “A sword and funny clothes…”

    “Hai,” I say, nodding my head. “They didn’t look Japanese…I think they were Chinese, maybe. I’m not sure though, because it was really dark.”

    Kero-chan nods his head decisively. “Hah! Sakura, it must’ve been a prophetic dream.”


    “A prophetic dream. You might meet that boy in the future. You said there were Clow Cards? Well, he might have something to do with your quest for Clow Cards…”


    “Oi, Sakura! You’re gonna be late ‘gain!”

    “HOE?! Oh no, how did this happen…ITAI! that was my head…!” Crash.

    Kero-chan sighed and sweatdropped. This was the Card Captor he had chosen…to save the world from the disaster…


     I wiped sweat off my brow and smiled. Finally, I was done. As I glanced around my new home, my gaze caught on the mirror, which held my reflection. Messy dark brown hair and dark amber eyes glared back at me. Meiling says that my eyes are always glaring…but no one knows why but me.
     As much as I glare…underneath this wall I’ve built around myself is a vulnerable soul. Honto ni, I don’t know why I’m thinking about this…Even in Hong Kong, surrounded by my family and the Elders, I was alone. Being the youngest and having to go through all that training made me…different. My family often treated me like I wasn’t even there, and I felt that they couldn't care less whether I lived or died, looked upon you as a burden, of which duty had to be taken care of until I was ready to take care of myself. I feel that Meiling was after me only because my mother and aunt wanted it to be. She was annoying and only got in the way of my training. Ever since I was 7, I went under vigorous physical and mental training-to help me with my magic, they said. The sword I had was comforting as I got used to it, but when I was younger I could barely lift it because of its weight. I sprained my muscles many times in training, and nearly got myself killed numerous times by opponents who were far bigger, stronger, and skilled than I was. And yet…I’m still alive. Guess it’s something to be proud of, but I’m not.
    How many other 10 year olds can tell you this story? You’d be lucky if you found another one that’s even similar to mine…which is what made me so different. There is no one to share my pain, my sorrow, my happiness…no one to sympathize with me, no one whom I can share my secrets with. Deep down, I know that I am lonely and in need of friends…but I don’t want to be hurt like I had been with my family a long time ago. *That* will remain as a scar forever upon my soul…

    I scoff and shake my head. I’m getting way too serious…I put on my jacket and prepare to explore this town—Tomoeda, was it called?—and search for the source of the magical power that’s frightening familiar. Where have I felt this aura…?

End of Chapter 1

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--Angel Of Saturn
Typed up on 4/16/00
Written on 4/10/00

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