Sakura & Syaoran Eternally!

Author's notes: Hi minna!! First of all, Thank you Thank you Thank you for even bothering to click on this story written by this amateur fan-fic writer ^o^. This is my first attempt at a fan-fic. I always really wanted to write one! Hee hee.. ^^;; *ahem* newayz… hmm… wat do I write in this section? Hmmm….-_-;; oh well, whatever, just a shout-out to my budz! AnGeLofSaTuRn3, who inspired me to start writing fan-fics! (read her fan-fics! Especially Picture Perfect!! She likes to diss herself on her "Dreams" series for some reason. *shrugs*) Angel iz the absolutly coolest fan-fic writer! (at least in my mind) my stories and situations might be quite similar to her's for some reason, I guess great minds think alike!! j/k. ^.^ Also, a big thank you to Steve-O, the music genius!! For every thing he's done for me, written me songs, motivated me, listened to by constant babbling, E-mailing me, etc. etc… (Listen to his songs on "Sakura+Syaoran Fanstation" in the S+S region! A MUST!) Both these ppl are lyke the greatest ppl on earth!!!! ^o^ hee hee,a million and one thanx to them!!! Also a great big hug and kiss to my great bud Debz!!! Tomorrow is her B-day, and I still don't know wat to get her! *o* oh nooooo! But this fan-fic is dedicated to her! I'll see ya at yer party tomorrow Debz!! I luv ya and happy B-day!! Yet another shout-out! To… one of my best budz Irene and Christine! Wahhh! I wanna move back, but thanx you guys, for keeping in touch! *Muahz* you guyz rule! And last of all, I'd like to shout-out to you! Yeah you! The one on the other side of this screen! Thanx a million for bothering to read this fan-fic! Even the Author's notes! (I usually skip those.. -_-;)
Okay, thas all the shout-outs for now, ^_^ but beware! More to come!! I tend to babble now and then, or "rant" as my bud Angel puts it, just warning you! ^.^ Now that I've talked myself out… Without furthur ado, I present to you, "Sakura & Syaoran eternally"!! Please enjoy!! ^o^
Disclaimer: Do I own the characters of CCS? *snort* yeah rite! I wish! The only things I own is the story, idea and the characters I made up to spice up the story. Don't sue me!!!! *o*

"………" = a character speaking
*………*= thoughts
= … well duh! It means a flash back! ^^;
~*~*~*= time passing or switch to another scene

Prologue ~ Of Things To Come

On a peaceful green campus, crowds of teenagers bustled here and there. Sounds of laughter could be heard from every corner of the lush green landscaping. There were couples on blankets and groups of friends laying on the lawn. The sun shone brightly upon the carefree students. No one noticed a women with dark red eyes, gleaming maliciously in the distance. A gust of wind shook the leaves of the tree the women was standing beside. In the blast of air, her long ebony hair with a red tint glittered, catching some of the sun's rays. "It will soon arrive…" she murmered, to what looked like no one in particular. Suddenly, a dark form materialized beside her. The slender beauty didn't even flinch when a strong hand gripped her bony shoulder. "Yes… the new darkness will soon arrive" said the man now fully visible hissed. Both pairs of eyes, one a deep crimson, the other a dark grey rested on a particularly happy group on the bright meadow. Two giggling young women, accompanied by a furiously blushing young man could be seen, on a checkered cloth blanket. "My, my, they seem to be enjoying themselves" The raven-haired women purred. "But not for long" the man chuckled deep in his throat. The other could feel the malice in the laughter start a chill inside the core of her body, but she didn't mind.

She liked it.

So! How did ya like it? I know, it's kinda messed up, and clique, the "new evil" watching Sakura and the gang… but still, I couldn't help myself! *apologetic grin* Eh heh heh ^^; Oh also, some notes you should know, this story is when Sakura and her friends are in their 2nd year of college, okee? I kept all the characters, yes, there was a Eriol, but he already gave Sakura's dad his share of powers. And Sakura is the Card Mistress and caught all the cards, the evil is gone, or at least it seemed like it until now…>=)…
But the things that are different are: NO MEILING! I hate hate hate hate her!!!!! you know why! gomen nasai to all you Meiling lovers out there. ^^; I just don't like ppl interfering with S+S's love, well, except for Touya, he's cool, and also, older brother duty! ^^. I'm going along with the manga verion, not anime. Touya is not gay, Tomoyo is not a lesbian, (cause I want them to be straight! =P) ahh… Yukito can become Yue whenever he wants to (cause 2 hotties in one is just too good to pass up! ^o^) and they gang just grew up through Junior High and High School, cause Syaoran decided just not to go back to Hong Kong (it's MY fan-fic! And if I say Syaoran stays, he stays! ^^;)
And that's about it I guess. Sorry about the darkness of the prologue, but the 1st chapter will be more fun! I promise! Stay tuned for Chapter 1 of the Sakura & Syaoran Eternally series!

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