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Chapter One!  Even more fun!(?) ^.^

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Previous Chapter: All is peaceful in Sakura and the gang’s second year of college. But in the distance two mysterious figures watch Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo hidden by the dark. Will Sakura and Syaoran have more of evil forces to defeat, now in college?

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Chapter 1 ~ Much Ado About Daylight savings?~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

   *What’s that sound?. . . Hmm. . . it seems very familiar. . .* Sakura vaguely thought as she wandered around in a dream. A dark figure, slightly taller than she, with light brown hair was in the dream. She couldn’t see the face, but felt a deep trust for this person. Sakura drifted near the shadowy form, she realized it was a build of a young man. The figure bent down slightly, and grasped her hand in his warm ones.  “Sakura. . . no matter what, I’ll always be there to protect you” he said, a desperate tone underlying his deep, but tender voice. “Remember, you’ll always be in my heart. . . even if it may not seem like it. . . please. . .remember this when the final trial is carried out. . .” his soft words trailed off, as he now stooped lower. Sakura’s hands were encompassed by his protective fingers, and he brushed his warm lips against the back of her hands.

  That distant noise was getting louder and louder now. But that was the least of Sakura’s worries, as a flash of harsh, blinding light shot out form the depths of oblivion. The light covered Sakura and her companion completely. A hideous atmosphere settled on the air. With those ghastly sensations chilling her through and through, Sakura turned to see how the youth beside her took the blast. Sakura gasped in shock.

 The figure’s kind aura had turned bitter, and Sakura felt his ruthless glare as his tenderness just drained away.  The person now felt like a stranger more and more as his kindness seeped away gradually. Now he coldly turned abruptly away from Sakura and dashed away. *Wait! Who are you?

  Please! Come back! I have to talk to you! What final trial?!* Sakura called uselessly to the retreating form. Sakura didn’t know why she was calling back a stranger, even if he spoke so intimately to her. Nor did she know why she felt a feeling of great loss sweep over her, like giant waves of pain and regret. She didn’t think she knew him personally. . .but still. . .hadn’t he felt familiar? Like they have met before. . . somewhere. . . Until right before he left that is, at the end of their “meeting” he had felt so…different…and so cruel! Not at all like the affectionate and caring person he was at the beginning… who in the world was he? The only other person that had ever made her feel “this” way. . .this safe. . .was. . . . . . was. . . . . . .

   huh? What’s that. . .noise? It keeps getting louder, and lou. . . 



  “Kkkkkyyyyaaaaa!!!!!!!!!” Sakura bolted up from her covers screaming. “Wha. . . ? It was the. . . alarm clock?! That was the sound I heard in that dream?” She grabbed the miniature alarm clock from her  dresser and stared at the face until her green eyes cleared considerably enough to see the time. The face of the now silent alarm clock read… Sakura drew in a deep breath, “Hoooooo. . . . . . ”

  “Wait, wait, wait Sakura!!!” a shrill voice came from the depths of Sakura’s drawers, interrupting the beginning of her outcry. “I know what your gonna say. . . you were gonna say ‘Hoooooeeeeeee!!!! I’m late!!! Kero-chan! Why didn’t you wake me up??!!’ Right Sakura? A round head with a smug smile was now protruding from Sakura’s drawer. “Uhh. . .something like that Kero-chan…” Sakura sheepishly replied, looking at the lion/bear cub mixture. The yellow critter fluttered it’s snow white wings to hover over a still half asleep Sakura. Kero looked over at her, and his face was not it’s usual yellow anymore, it was a dark red.

  “W. . .Wa. . . WAH HAHAHAHA!!” (AN: Steve-O, dis iz yer laugh! ^.~) Now the small, round animal was rolling around in mid-air, gasping and laughing and laughing. He tried to calm down but another glance at a befuddled Sakura sent him sprawling all across the room, giggling and wiping tears of mirth with his hands. . .well. . .paws.

   “What’s so funny?” a slightly irritated Sakura asked. “Y. . .ya. . .ya shoulda seen the look on your face when you saw the time!!” Kero wheezed out in between chuckles. “Ahh. . . if only Tomoyo had been here to capture that moment. . . I wouldn’t have a wish in the world!” Kero’s laugh subsided into a huge grin that practically split his tiny head in to two. “Kero-chan!! I don’t understand? Why in the world is being late so funny?” Sakura demanded. “Weeellllll” Kero drawled, a sly look creeping onto his face. Making him look not at all like the so called “Greatest-guardian beast of all” Cerberus, more like a well-fed Persian cat! And his “golden” eyes (AN: *snort*  more like dots! ‘_’ ) were glinting with a impish look.

  “Sakura, What would you say if I told you that you *chuckle* are not late?” Sakura answered with a

  “Hoe? But look at the time! I need to start getting dressed!” Kero answered “But that’s where your wrong! It was daylight savings yesterday remember? You forgot to reset the alarm clock!” Sakura stared blankly until it finally dawned on her “Ohhhhh yeah!!! I did forget didn’t I? Eh heh heh. . .” Kero sighed with satisfaction, “Man, in was worth getting up early to see your reaction! It was so. . .

 *snicker* FUNNY!” and he burst into gales of laughter again, jerking around helplessly in the air, grasping his stomach. Sakura sweat dropped, and flopped down on a sea of pillows once more with a heavy sigh. “Well, at least I’m up early for once!” Sakura commented to a now calmer Kero.

    “Hey, waitaminute! If you knew about the daylight savings thingy, why didn’t you reset the alarm for me?!” she said in a moment of realization. “I could have done that. . . but why bother when you could find it out on your own in a much more funny way?” he teased Sakura, while drifting over her annoyed face.

“Funny?! I’ll show you funny!” Sakura declared before plucking Kero out from the air and giving him a smack on the head. “Oww! That hurt! But still was worth it! Hahaha!” Kero said. That did it. Sakura wrestled him onto the sheets and gave him a tickling session. In about 10 seconds Kero rasped out “Okay! *chortle* Okay!  *gasp* I give! I’m sorry!” “That’s better.” Sakura retorted, giving him a final poke on his chubby belly. “Apology accepted, and next time, think of the consequences before pulling another stunt like that!” “Alrighty, you won this time, Sakura. . .” Kero said agreeably. Just then, yawns nearly split the two bickerer’s heads.

  “Let’s go back to sleep Kero-chan. . .Sakura said fuzzily. “Yup, that’s fine with me.” A sleepy Kero seconded the suggestion. The votes were unanimous, time to go to sleep again. “Good morning Kero-chan” Sakura grinned before drifting into a dream-less doze. “G’morning card mistress Sakura” Kero muttered, already halfway into a glorious dream about cake and cookies. And it was a peaceful morning.

 . . until an hour later that is. . .


  “ HOOOOEEEEE!!!!! I’m late for the second time this morning Kero-chan!!! This has got to be a record!!! Why didn’t you wake me up?!?!” *muffled sigh* “Yeah, that’s right, just blame the guardian beast. . .”  


 Meanwhile. . . in Syaoran’s room, another disaster was occurring. (AN: But not as loudly as Sakura’s disaster was going on, mind you. . . ^^) Syaoran tore across his shining floor to his bed, which was in military neatness. He threw himself on the floor and looked under his bed. Swiping his arms across the dustless wooden floor while muttering to himself didn’t help Syaoran with his problem. Yes, there IS an explanation to this hysterical behavior. (AN: Sugar-rush?! Oh wait, thas me. . .-_-;;)   

  “Arrghhh!!! It’s not here! Where could I have put it?!” Syaoran cried in his frustration. “This just had to happen the ONE DAY I over-slept! DAMN Day-light savings day!” Now he was overturning his immaculate drawers, looking in the flawless book case, rummaging through his spotless desk. “Where in the world is my chemistry textbook?!?!” he cried, tearing at his usually messy chestnut hair. “Matsushita sensei is gonna be after my blood!!” Syaoran collapsed tiredly on his rug. He ran his fingers through his hair once in attempt to calm his mane down , if not his racing mind. If he went to class without a book, sensei would give him a punishment, and the fact that he was about to be late didn’t help lighten the punishment.  

Syaoran was wavering between the wrath of Matsushita sensei, and a quick and painless death out the window,(AN: Syaoran’s room is on the 1st floor ^^;) When a soft knock came at the door. *Wha? Sensei came personally to scold me?!* Half-formed thoughts chased each other in Syaoran’s befuddled head. *Let’s see, excuses! I need excuses!* He bravely approached the door nonetheless, and opened it slowly. Syaoran took in a deep breath closed his eyes and he rushed forth with his explanation.

  “MatsushitasenseiIamverysorrybutIoversleptandIwaslookingformychemistrytextbookanditwillneverhap penagain!!” He said all this very fast and he took in a breath of air. (AN: Woo, watta mouthful! >_<)     

A giggle was heard through the buzzing in his head. *Huh? Since when does sensei GIGGLE?* Syaoran thought through his muddled thoughts. He cautiously opened one eye and focused on the figure in front of him. It. . . was most DEFINITELY NOT a man. In fact, it was a slim, willowy figure, a bit shorter than him. The girl giggled once more, and Syaoran recognized the tinkling laugh this time, it. . . it. . . was, Sakura-chan! Syaoran flushed a deep crimson. “Wha. . .what are you doing here Sa. . . Sakura-chan?” he stammered, realizing she had heard his little “out-burst” a minute ago. “To return this to you, Syaoran- kun!” Sakura brightly answered, unaware of his embarrassment as usual. Syaoran stared dumbly at her, looking totally clue-less, a very rare occasion indeed. Then, he looked down at what she was handing to him, his chemistry text-book! “How. . .where. . . ?” Syaoran asked vaguely. “Remember? You left it at the picnic site yesterday when you ran off suddenly!” Sakura explained cheerfully, while Syaoran turned 5 different shades of red. “Ohh. . . I. . . I. . . remember n. . .now. . .” Syaoran stammered. Now memories of the past afternoon came crashing over him in giant waves, washing over him.



 “You know Syaoran, it’s been quite a long time since you’ve joined us for lunch.” Tomoyo commented, absently braiding her ever-long and dark purple locks. The trio of Syaoran, Sakura and Tomoyo were on a striped picnic blanket. Placed in the school campus grounds, it was a perfect weather for an out-door meal.

  “Yeah! I’m so glad I caught you at the field after practice today!” Sakura chirped, cheerful as ever. “Ye. . .yeah. . .” Syaoran returned with a nervous grin. “I can’t believe you decided to join the soccer team in college too!” Sakura continued. “Then again, I’m also still on the cheer-leading squad too!!”she winked sheepishly with a grin. 

  “Yes, you and Sakura-chan haven’t changed a bit.” Tomoyo said smiling. “Except that Syaoran-kun doesn’t want to hang out with us! Ever since we started our 2nd year of college!” Sakura stated with a slight frown. Syaoran tried quickly to explain, “No, no, it’s not that, it’s. . .it’s just. . . that I’ve. . .been a bit . .  busy.” And it wasn’t a lie, Syaoran has joined the math team, debate team, the martial-arts club, fencing club, study club, AND the soccer team. When Syaoran listed all these activities, he looked up to see Sakura and Tomoyo staring at him with their jaws on the grass. “Wow!!!” Sakura was the first to exclaim, “Can you really handle all that with out falling behind in studies?! Or without being late?!” 

Syaoran turned red once more under her impressed expression. “Well. . . I try. . .” he replied. “Wow!” Sakura said again, obviously amazed at the thought of never being late. She looked up at Syaoran with sparkly eyes. “That’s so cool!!” “No, it’s really nothing. . .” Syaoran protested, his cheeks flaming even more. Sakura became more depressed now. “But all those activities make you too busy to be with me and Tomoyo. . .” she said gloomy once more. The miserable expression on her face made Syaoran’s heart twist painfully. “I’ll quit some of them. . . if you want me to. . .” Syaoran quietly said, looking down at the blanket. Sakura’s eyes widened, “No! Syaoran! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to complain, doing what you enjoy is more important than just hanging out with us!” she protested. “Well, doing all those activities are kinda too much for me to handle. . . I was gonna quit a few anyways.” Syaoran lied, carefully covering up for his slip of his actions. It seemed way too obvious he wanted to please Sakura.

    “Really? Then, you really would do that for us Syaoran-kun?” Sakura asked disbelievingly. “Yeah, I guess so. . .” Syaoran said almost under his breath. Sakura threw her arms around Syaoran’s neck and sang out “Thank you Syaoran-kun!” Syaoran just blushed even more furiously, and said “Y. . .your. . . you’re welcome Sakura-chan!” Sakura then looked up with a more serious expression on her face “You  know Syaoran-kun, I really am thankful for all that you do for me. . . You are still in Japan just because I might have more problems with the Cards. . . .I wish I was less of a burden to you. . .” Syaoran took one look at Sakura’s guilty eyes, shining with unshed tears. “It’s all right Sakura-chan, I really like being here, I’ve made friends with the people here, and it’s still my duty to prevent any evil.” he said with a rare smile. He added in his mind *to prevent any evil from coming to you Sakura. . .* That seemed to cheer up Sakura a trifle. “Besides, my mom and sisters didn’t mind. . .” he continued. No, they hadn’t minded at all in fact, after seeing Syaoran in a recent visit to Japan, they saw how much he smiled, and talked here. Not grim and scowling like back in Hong-Kong, so they were ecstatic at the idea of letting him finish college in Japan. And, when they found out how cute the new mistress of the cards were, they sorta guessed the reason Syaoran was so anxious to stay “just in case” the cards go out of control again. (AN: Which chances were very slim of, for they are “Sakura Cards” now.) Also, a short talk with Tomoyo-chan in a café had left them to walk out with silly, amused looks directed at Syaoran. . 

  “Thank you so much anyway Syaoran-kun, you truly are a wonderful person. There is absolutely no-one else like you in the world. You are the most caring and truly loyal guy I know! Always thinking of others first. . . and. . .and I really want you to know that I appreciate it, a whole lot.” She flashed a grateful smile at him. For once, Syaoran didn’t blush at a speech like this. He was too overcome with wonder at how sweet and unselfish Sakura was. *But then. . . that’s what I like so much about her, her innocent and self-less charm that is so different from what I’ve ever known in anybody* he thought sincerely. 

“Thank you Sakura-chan.” He replied shyly, while thinking: *If only you knew he real reason I kept myself so busy, you wouldn’t say that Sakura-chan. . .I’m horribly selfish. . .* 

  Meanwhile, our romantic Tomoyo was watching this scene in breath-less awe. . .through her video- camera that is. . .(AN: That’s rite folks!! She STILL haven’t grown out of that obsession with taping Sakura scenes ^.~) *Ohhhhhh! This is such wonderful footage!! I haven’t taped something this sweet since 4th grade!* Tomoyo squealed to herself. Tomoyo couldn’t stand it any longer, and she just tossed away her usual grace and serenity and blurted out: “You know Sakura-chan, the reason that Syaoran-kun is quitting all those activities and the reason that he stayed in Japan until now is coincidently the same reason?!” “OH-HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!” she thrilled. A giant sweat-drop inched its way down the back of Sakura’s head. “Uhh. . .and that reason would be. . .? Care to share the joke T. . .Tomoyo-chan?”

Sakura asked trying to distract the attention of others on the field, away from her best friend’s temporary insanity. This caused Syaoran to smoke steam from Syaoran’s ears, and he made the campus a few degrees hotter than before Tomoyo had spoken. He jumped up and hastily gathering his books but one, and ran full speed away from the picnic site. “Umm. . . was it something I said?” Sakura asked 

Tomoyo dumbly, another sweat-drop rolling down her head. “Hmmm, maybe.” Tomoyo said through a pleased grin, while labeling the new video “Romance in the Great Outdoors”


  Syaoran was at the side of the college office building, panting and trying to catch his breath. *But Tomoyo-chan is right, the reason is that. . . that. . .I like Sakura. . . a lot. . .*He buried his hot cheeks inside his clammy hands. *I tried to ignore the feelings, ever since elementary school I’ve been trying. . . ever since that time I almost confessed to her and almost got rejected. . .burying myself in school work, and busying myself in additional activities. . . but even now, with all this work and no free-time, I still can’t forget about her! I keep thinking of her. . .her smile, her eyes, her voice, her laugh, everything about her is so precious to me. . .* Syaoran banged his head gently against the wall to shake out the images permanently embedded inside his mind. *It’s no use, no matter what I do, I just can’t forget her. . even if she doesn’t love me. . . that isn’t enough to make me stop thinking about her. . .* Syaoran now realized that all those hours wasted on clubs, teams, and studies were spent uselessly, it isn’t gonna make him put Sakura. Nothing will, not even death itself. Syaoran sighed and slumped against the wall of the office building. *What’s the use of all this grieving? It’s not going to make anything easier. It’s alright that she can’t love me back, it’s not her fault. . . but I’ll always be dedicated to “my” Sakura. . . watching quietly from afar is a kind of love too. . .* He smiled weakly to himself, a mournful and forced smile

  *What matters the most is Sakura’s happiness, she brought me so much of it, she deserves some too. . yeah, that’s right, I’ll just. . .watch over her. . .from afar. . .* Syaoran courageously gritted his teeth and made up his mind. *I’ll always be watching over you. . Sakura*


“. . .ran-kun!!. . .Syaoran-kun!! . . .” Someone was calling him. . .Sakura!!! Syaoran immediately snapped out from his trance and jerked to attention. Sakura was still holding the green text book out at him with a slight grin on her face. “You were miles away, what were you day-dreaming about?” Sakura asked quietly 

“Uhh. . .Eh heh heh, nothing much. . .” Syaoran said while laughing nervously. Carefully avoiding her slim hand, he grasped a corner of the book and took it in his hands. “Thank you, for bringing it all the way over here. . .” he added quietly. “Well, I AM only across the hall from your room!” Sakura said, amused  at the strange way Syaoran was acting today. “Oh yeah, that’s right! I forgot. . .” Syaoran realized. 

  There was a silence and they just stood there sifting their feet, not knowing what to say. Sakura’s eyes wandered over to Syaoran, but instead of looking at his face, she just looked at his green pajama clad body, just trying to avoid his eyes. Syaoran just looked around his room as if seeing it for the very first time. Then, to break the awkward moment, Sakura cried “Oh! I should get going, if I don’t want to be late again!” Sakura brightly flashed him a grin and flounced over to her own room in a hurry. Syaoran just stood there with a wistful look about his eyes. Then, he turned sober and turned to go into his room and shut the door. He threw the book on his desk and then threw himself on his well-made bed. *This is why I couldn’t forget you Sakura! You are. . .just too sweet. . . and gentle. . .and you are. . .you . . .are just. . .YOU. . .* he spoke aloud “Why can’t I get you out of my head Sakura? I know you don’t feel the same way I do for you. . .” he punched his pillow in frustration. “I can’t help but love you Sakura. . .” 

Syaoran just slid his eyes closed and rested an arm on his forehead, filled with jumbled and confused thoughts. It definitely looked like he wasn’t going to make it to class anytime soon. 

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~To be continued. . .~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

 Authors Notes: -.- Zzzzz *snort* huh? *sleepily* Wha? Whas goin on? *shakes head*  Omigod!!!! Didja see that? I finished!!!!! ^o^ Yay! Yay! Yay! I can’t believe it! It’s 1:32 AM, I’m tired out of my mind, I’m also getting cramps, but I’m DONE!! That was my first real chapter done!! Yeah!! *singing “Catch You Catch Me”* I just discovered WinZip, thanks to Angel, and I got the song on my Winamp!! It’s soo kawaii!! Here’s the lyrics, for pl who likes to sing along like me~=D


Aitaina Aenaina Tsutsunaina Kono Kimochi

Ienaino Iitaino Chansu Nogashita Bakari

Datte Datte Tsubasagi No Ge Futari De

Sora O Marason Yume O Unison Shita

Hora Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me Matte

Kocchi O Muite Suki Da Toite

Sou Nice To Meet You Good To See You Kitto

Atashi No Hou Anata No Haato Ni Donde Donde Donde Ike


Tama Ni Ne Nakuna Chau Karada No Batterii

Anata No Egaode Itsumo Judemata Pawa Baka Hashichae

Onegai Onegai Mazuwa Otomodatchi Kara

Waraate Mitsumete Tanoshi Mainichi Ni Shitai

Hora Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me Zettai

Unmei Datte Oniaidate

Sou Nice To Meet You Good To See You Kitto

Darenimo Makenaie Anata Ni Sekai De Ichiban Ichiban Ichiban Ichiban

Ko I Shi Te Ru

Hora Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me Matte

Kocchi O Muite Suki Da Toite

Sou Nice To Meet You Good To See You Kitto

Atashi No Hou Anata No Haato Ni Donde Donde Donde Ike


Hora Catch You Catch You Catch Me Catch Me Zettai

Unmei Datte Oniaidate

Sou Nice To Meet You Good To See You Kitto

Darenimo Makenaie Anata Ni Sekai De Ichiban Ichiban Ichiban Ichiban

Ko I Shi Te Ru

Damn, that’s a great song!! ^_^ and the lyrics are fun to sing, I memorized like half of it, with no idea what they mean, ^^;;;; and before I got the lyrics, I used to think she was saying “Nice to meet you, nice to see yu-kito” you know, a cute word play or pun, or something, but I now see it was “Nice To Meet You Good To See You Kitto” Heh heh Cherry ne baka~.. -_-;; also, “Ichiban”?? I actually eat a Japanese noodle called Ichiban raeman and I asked my grandma wat it meant, she sez it means “#1” Ohhhhh…I wondered why a raeman name was doing in a song ^^;;;  *ahem* newayz, I hope you liked the chapter, I can’t believe I wrote it so sappy!! But then again, I like sappy =D Hope all of ya’s do too! ^^ *waves frantically to Angel & Debz* Hyeee!! my best on-line gurl-friends! ^o^ and to all da pplz who are proof-reading this horrible story for me. . .bear with me guys, I got. . .9 more to go!! -_-;; I’m so sorry..gomen, gomen, gomen, gomen, also, I’m recruiting pplz to be proof-readers! Please write to me!! I need more ppl to criticize and help me!! Also, I need a really nice guy’s name for another original character! Like “Rian” or “Cloud” or “Squall” hee hee, I got the last name, but the first iz killing me! He’s gonna be an important character, so I need a really good name!! Pleeeeze E-mail me pplz!! I need some feed-back! Flames, compliments, corrections, I don’t care!! And remember, recruiting proof-readers and taking in suggestions for a kawaii name for a guy~ ^.^ By the way, on August 3rd, I’ll be going on vacation to Korea after a brief stop to Japan, from August 3rd-August 30th hee hee, you don’t have to deal with my fan-fics for a while!! But I will be back!! Thanx everyone who’s reading my fan-fics, that’s really a big support to me, and it means a lot that ppl are reading this!

                                                                                                       Ja ne~

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