Sakura sat on a small hilltop looking over nighttime Tokyo. She felt very unusual. Acting weird around Syonran. He has been doing that often around her, ever since fourth grade. But this was different. It was more like loneliness.

"Sakura!!" Syonran sped toward her. He carried his little board wearing the Chinese clothing he used when they fought Clow Cards.  "What are you doing here?"

"I can I ask you the same."

"Tomoyo called my apartment and ask if you were there."

"Well you can tell her and everyone else I am fine."

"Hey what's wrong? You never acted like this."

"I am fine. Go away!" She yelled fiercely at him.

"No, not until you tell me what is wrong with you." He said calmly. She was silent. "Now, " he sat on the summer grass. "What's wrong?"

"You wouldn't understand." She said silently.

"Of course just tell me."

"Why don't you just go away like I told you to!?" She growled. She wept.

His heart ached. He didn't like it when Sakura was like this. He didn't like her yelling at him like this. Crying so sadly. Not knowing what had happened.

"Sakura¡K" She shivered in the mist night air. He took off his robe and put it around her. She looked up at him. "You can tell me what's wrong. I don't like it when you cry."

"I just want to know¡K if I really exist. If I just made this whole world up. It all feels real, but no it doesn't feel like anything. I feel dead and limp. Everything blocking my way to what it is I am looking for. Stealing everything that is mine. Like my mother dead. Mei Ling making fun of my all the time. Mei Ling trying to steal you away from me." She was silent. Syonran was very shocked.

"Sakura..." He lifted her chin. The soft skin below his fingers sent a chillup his spine. "You should never think like that Sakura." He kissed her briefly. Her face turned crimson. "You are the most beautiful girl I have met. Mei Ling is nothing to me." He kissed her again.

"Syonran..." She thought in the long deep kiss. "I love you."

Author's Notes

How did everyone like this little fanfic of mine? You are probably are wondering where I got this from. Probably not but I was feeling kinda sad cause this group had picked on me through out the year. That's probably not the reason but that's what I think. Even though they're my own feelings. I made it so what happened to me happened to Sakura. But the difference between her and me is:

1. I didn't have anyone to make me feel better (Then kiss me). ^_^;
2. She was a lot older than I was. (Sakura-16 Me-12)
3. There isn't a really cute boy in my life yet. =(

Author - I like this story; there fore I rate it on a scale from 1-10... A PERFECT 10!! I like stories where there are cute scenes with Syonran and Sakura. (Sigh) Awwwwwwwww¡K they look soooooo cute!!!!!!!

Blurb - Copyright Panchan. Who ever copies this fiction will be "internet sued." ^_^;;;;;