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        After six years after Sakura and Syaoran completed their task of capturing all the clow cards...

"Li-kun!!!" called the auburn haired girl

The boy with dark brown eyes turned forward towards the auburn haired girl, eyeing her slightly... a girl with emerald eyes and shoulder-length auburn hair.. quite strikingly beautiful.. the boy thought shaking his head. Trying to clear his head.

At last Sakura, the auburn haired girl caught up, panting slightly.

"Maa, Douka shita no?" Sakura asked.

Syaoran looked at her, part of him judged her doubtly while the other said she was sincere, he shook his head trying to
decide whether to tell her or not. And after a few minutes, he decided itís not worth the effort.

"Nothingís wrong, and if there was, you will be the last person whom I shall confide with," he spat.

A look of worry crossed Sakuraís face and then she felt her face go hot, not because she was shy or embarrassed but simply because sheís angry.

<How dare he?! Iím only trying to help!> She screamed inside her head.

"OK. ja ne!" she said loudly trying to control her temper. Then she ran away from Li-kun, while Tomoyo-chan Sakuraís
best friend saw the whole exchange of remarks and stomped towards the boy.

"Li-kun what did you do?" Tomoyo asked pleasantly enough.

"Itís none of your business, spoiled-brat" he snapped

"Anata wa kaijuu desu!!!" Tomoyo shouted as she ran to follow her friend.

<Girls....> Li-kun thought, <always a pain in the neck, I swear I will never be in-love! How pathetic.>

 Then his brain began wandering again, he donít know where but after a few minutes he remembered the hurt and the
worried look on Sakuraís delicate face, the way she reddened, the way she got angry...

<wait a minute, how come Sakura came into my mind? This is totally pathetic. Iíve got to stop thinking like this or I
will be...>

he stopped, worried what he might think next, but he continued thinking anyway.

<then I will be.. in-looo... what the heck was that?!! what does that suppose to mean? Maybe I better stay away from
that Kinomoto girl> He thought ruefully.
He was scratching his head as something or someone hugged him... he groaned, <not again...>

"LI-KUN!!" the girl said obviously oblivious of her bad timing.

A pair of  exquisite red-violet eyes faced his own amber- brown eyes....<Meirin>, he thought feeling totally trapped.

"At last, Li-kun, I have found you... where have you been?," the red-violet eyes stared at him expectantly.

<Kami-sama...> "I-uh..err... went...football," he excused.

"football huh? But I think you told me you would just get a drink..," Meirin told him, with her eyes very suspicious.

Who is this girl in my life anyway? She canít boss me around like Iím her pet! He thought impatiently.

"Well, itís none of your business if I go get a drink or play football," he snapped at her.

The pair of red-violet eyes became incredibly large and watery..

"Gomen, I didnít mean... I just..," she couldnít finish her sentence, <I canít believe he talked to me like that,
it never happened before... before that Kinomoto girl interfere with his life.> She thought enviously, <but she couldnít take my Li-kun away from me.>
<Here we go again..> Li-kun thought, <another cry-baby girl..>

"Itís OK. really," he said, "I gotta get going. Ja ne!" and he shouldered his bag and walked away, leaving Meirin

<I swear.. I will make him like me>. Meirin thought.

<I think I better go and apologize to that Kinomoto girl> Syaoran thought, reddening.


"Kaijuu.... Kaijuu... Kaijuu..." Sakura chanted as she walked by the sidewalk. Tomoyo-chan, came to follow her a
while ago, but went home now.

After a few minutes, she felt as if someone or some guy was following her... her heart started to pound hard, itís
almost 6:00 PM.

<Remember what your older brother told you about self-defense...> she thought nervously.. <never appear to be

The footsteps became louder more faster.. then someone tapped her on her shoulder..

"Hoooooeeeeeeeee!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!," she shouted and ran as fast as she could.. but the someone behind her never
stopped chasing her.

She ran faster, blood rushing through her veins, her heart pounding very loudly and could hear it even on her temples..

<Kami-sama.. help me..>

"Help!! Someone help me!! hel-- ," she was forced to stop because the someone behind her clamped his hand over her

She began to struggle..

"What the heck--YAMETE!!," the guy said,

The voice sounded very familiar.

After a second she was facing a pair of amber-brown eyes, very much like--

"Syaoran...," she said softly.

        To be Continued--- ^_^

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Japanese Dictionary:

Maa, Ma- now, now...
Douka Shita no?- Is something wrong?
Ja ne, Ja- Goodbye
Anata wa Kaijuu desu- youíre a monster..
Kaijuu- monster
Hoe- Sakuraís favorite expresssion
Yamete- stop!

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