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Li-kun couldn't believe what happened yesterday, like it was all a bad, bad dream.

<Sakura couldn't be worse, this has got to be a mistake, she never had a fever>

But now, it was for sure, Sakura has a high fever, she was lying in her bed on front of a unbelieving Li-kun, who sat beside Sakura's best friend, Tomoyo-chan.

"Are you sure she's gonna be alright?," Li-kun asked looking at Tomoyo with his big, amber-brown worried eyes.

"Yep. The donctor already gave her medicines and he said that she ought to be well.. and regain consciousness..," She trailed off.

"But when will she regain her consciouness?" he asked Tomoyo.

"That is the thing the doctor didn't told me, well, I don't know," she said wearily, yawning.

They've been at Sakura's house starting yesterday, Sakura's brother Touya was frantic when he heard the news.

Li-kun remembered every detail starting from the minute they brought Sakura there.

They've knocked then, Sakura's brother appeared bored at the doorway.

"What is it?!" he asked, Li-kun remembered the way Touya's eyes got big and bigger and bigger.

"what happened?!," He almost shouted as he saw her little sister.

"she fainted at lunch time nd we had the permission to cut the class to bring her home," Tomoyo said.

"I think she is over fatigue, from thinking to much," Li-kun added.

"It's my fault I should have noticed it somehow, hurry! bring her in her room, follow me," Touya said, panicked.

Li-kun was the one who carried her upstairs and the one who laid her too. He was som worried to death, but he wouldn't accept it.

"Do you think she will be OK?," Touya asked frantically at Li-kun.

"Ofcourse!.. now don't worry," he replied.

"You don't worry! I still remembered how you'd hurt her 6 years ago, while you two kept talking and arguing about the... CLOWN cards!," he shouted at Li.

"CLOW...," Li-kun corrected.

"That's it! and I don't eve know what's that! and I saw you hurt her!," Touya pointed at Li-kun.

If Li-kun was somebody ordinary, he would've cried by now by the things Touya blamed him for, but he was LI-KUN.

Deep inside, he knew that Touya was wrong. He cares and loves Sakura until now more than anything and somebody else. But he can't tell it to an angry Touya right now, and besides, he hasn't confessed his love for Sakura, not that it would change much.

So he just kept quiet.

"Listen Touya-kun, Sakura needs rest and you wouldn't want to distub her, right?," Tomoyo asked Touya calmly.

Touya just nodded. Smokes practically still releasing itself from Touya's nose.

"Now, would you two please keep quiet so Sakura won't be disturbed?," she asked again.

Touya and Li-kun both nodded.


Li-stopped deliberately from his memory dreaming, or whichever thing he's doing.

Sakura stirred in her bed, making muffled sounds.

<she's dreaming..> he concluded <I wonder who is that person in her dreams>

Then Li-kun rose from his seat, and look around

<Where is Tomoyo-chan all of a sudden?> he wondered.

<if Tomoyo-chan's not here, then that means..> he looked at the sleeping Sakura. <we're both alone> he thought.

"alone......," he said aloud, unconsciously.

He sat beside Sakura in her bed. He gently stroke her cheek.

"you don't even know how much you mean to me," he whispered.

"you don't even know how I get worried because of you," he continued.

He gently combed her long auburn hair with his hands. He closed his eyes, willing the tears of worry building inside it would stop.

He returned to stroking her cheek,

<I never even thought that her skin would be so soft to touch> he thought.

"And lastly you don't even know that I love you,"

"Aishiteru," he whispered leaning towards Sakura's face.

Then he kissed her gently on her unconscious lips, then suddenly he heard a loud gasp. He almost jumped out of Sakura's bed.

He looked towards the door and a pair of exquisite violet eyes stared shockingly, speechlessly at him.

It was Tomoyo-chan, Sakura's best friend.


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