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        Another day has come, Sakura was well again.

"Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura shouted at the middle of the hallway.

(Same old Sakura) Tomoyo thought, smiling. (if she only knew)

"Sakura-chan! You're totally kawaii today!" Tomoyo shouted back.

She noticed a deep blush spread across Sakura's face, merely from all the attention she got today.

"Tomoyo!" Sakura hissed, "Keep your voice down,"

But Tomoyo chose not to mind Sakura.

"But it's true!, You're really cute today, that green dress really suits you, it matches your eyes," She added much loudly than before.

All the boys that were presently busy with fiddling with their lockers immediately stopped, and turned to look at Sakura.

Sakura turned to beet red.

Some of the boys really devoured Sakura from the glints in their eyes.

Sakura turned a shade redder than before, and quick as a flash she grabbed Tomoyo and dashed to the nearest restroom.

"I can't believe you did that to me!," Sakura said.

"But it's true!, you're really pretty today, and i bet all the guys in our class will notice even if i don't have to *remind* them." Tomoyo grinned, "Especially Li-kun", she added.

Sakura tried to hide her excitement, but Tomoyo know Sakura too much not to notice that.


At the classroom, Li-kun was in deep thought.

(what is happening to me? why the hell did i say that?) he thought as he recalled the events that had happened the other day. The day when he kissed Sakura, the day he confessed his feelings to Sakura's brother.

(i'm in deep--) but before he could finish his sentence someone tapped at his shoulder.

(i'll bet it's Tomoyo), he thought, "I thought we've already talked about--," he said as he turned around, but when he sees who's behind him, he was turned into a speechless little thing.

"Sakura...," he said.

Sakura smiled, "Ohayoo, Li-kun, thanks for the helping me out the other day,"

(the other day...) Li-kun thought.

He blushed.

"What's the matter Li-kun?," Sakura said, obviously noticing the blush that's creeping from Li-kun's neck.

He turned a shade darker than before.

"Li-kun?," Sakura said, her emerald eyes filled with curiousity.

Li-kun could only think about one word.

"Beautiful," he said, absent-mindedly.

Sakura was struck with that one word.

"Who?....me?," Sakura asked, incredulous.

Li-kun could also do only one thing. To nod.

Sakura blushed. Matching the redness of Li-kun's face.

"Uh..I--, i mean.. you look good, today.," Li-kun said, controling his flaming face.

"Yeah?," Sakura asked. Turning into all colors of the spectrum.


Li-kun could only stare at her,

(her eyes, are totally beautiful) he thought.

Then someone broke the silence. It was Tomoyo.

"Hey! why are you two, blushing? did i miss something?," Tomoyo asked looking back and forth from Sakura to Li-kun.

(Looks like a great development has happened) Tomoyo concluded.

"So, are any of you two willing to share what happened?," Tomoyo said.

Then out of nowhere, Sakura seemed to be back into the world of reality.

"Uh.. Hi Tomoyo! gomen, i didn't notice you, I..i-uh..  I need to go to the bathroom.," Sakura said.

"AGAIN?," Tomoyo groaned," but we just went there just a few minutes ago. Is there something wrong with your stomach?,"

"Uh.. right, i mean, NO!, just accompany me there.. please?," Sakura pleaded.

"Oh, alright." Tomoyo said.

"Ja! Li-kun," Tomoyo said before they left.


Hours passed until it's almost 2:00 in the afternoon, the bell rang, signaling the students, the start of their new class. The SWIMMING class.

The students were told to bring bathing suits, and the guys, swimming trunks.

Other students thought it was fun, but for Sakura...

"Oh no!," She shrieked when she saw the bathing suit that her brother had bought for her.

"I'm gonna kill him!," She said angrily.

"C'mon, let me take a look," Tomoyo said taking the suit from Sakura's arm.

She take a good quick look at the suit.

"hey, it's gorgeous!," Tomoyo gushed, "I didn't know your brother has a great taste on clothes,"

"But it's bare at the back! and it's too, too...," Sakura said unable to find a word.

"sexy," Tomoyo finished for her.

"I wouldn't put it that way, it's too skimpy and too bare!," Sakura reasoned.

"Sakura," Tomoyo began, "We're not 10 yrs. old anymore, we're 16! you don't expect yourself to wear a  bathing suit with shirts and shorts above it, do you?," Tomoyo said.

"But..," Sakura began.

"no more buts, c'mon, let me help you wear that.,"  Tomoyo offered.

"Ok, but it's only for this time i will wear this.. skimpy little thing!," Sakura said, groaning.


After Tomoyo got Sakura to wear the bathing suit, Sakura went out with a towel around her hips.

"Hey, Get that thing out of you, it's ruining the beauty of the suit!," Tomoyo said.

"No way!," Sakura interjected.

"Sensei will get mad at you," Tomoyo reminded her friend, "and look, i'm wearing no towel so you could do it,"

"We're lucky if the boy's swimming class is separate from ours." Sakura said, taking off the towel,

"Don't be bothered, there are lots of girls who wore that kind of suits, today, i saw.,"

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