Hi there mina-san!! Tis' I Achika Sempai! I have returned with anouther 1 of my S&S romance fics. So if you like Meiling DO NOT READ THIS FIC!! In this fic, the plot takes place after Syaoran leaves Japan for a couple of years. And then when all the CCS characters are all in collage ( all the kids!) Sakura and Tomoyo go to Clamp University. And for Sakura's and Tomoyo's first project is to go to Kyoto, and do 25 page report on a haunted hotel!!It's called the Mid-night Mirrage, hotel. There is a ledgend about the hotel that takes place a really, really, really long time ago!!! This girl and prince fell in love, but a witch loved the prince as well, and when she heard the 2 were in love she cursed the both of them, on the first night they kissed, wich was on a certain balcony. The curse was that, the girl's soul would remain on that balcony for the all eternity, or until anouther couple comes along, and kiss there on the same night of the curse. But this can't be just any ordinary kiss, it has to be loves first KISS. And guess who also shows up at the hotel??? Syaoran, and Meiling ( of course), exept they are there for a different reason, and that's to investigate, who put the curse on the girl, and they will try to break the curse which means they have to-!!! But Syaoran still has anouther certain GIRL in his mind, so what will happen?!!


The Midnight Mirrage Hotel

    WHOOSH! A gush of wind burst through the balcony doors.

    Sakura shot up in suprised." Who's there?" Sakura called out.

    Just then a faint image of a girl appeared. She had long wavey blond hair, about Sakura's size, she had pale blue sad eyes, and she was wearing a white sleeveless summer dress.

    The girl looked at her." G, g, ghost!" Cried Sakura as she threw the covers over her head and shivered under the blankets, in fear.

    " Please, don't be afraid of me. I'm harmless." Pleaded the sad girl.

    Sakura cautiously took the blanket off her head to look at the girl, who was standing right next to her. " W, what do you want?"

    " I need your help."

    Sakura took a good look at the spirit hoovering next to her, and realized that she looked like the description of that girl in the ledgened.

    " You're that 1 girl-" Sakura began saying but was cut off,

    " Yes my name is Cleo. The girl in the ledgend. I've been stuck here for 1,000s and 1,000's of years waiting here, for some one like you to appear."

    " Me, but I thought you needed a couple to kiss on that balconey."

    " Yes I know that. And I see a perfect couple, you and that boy with dark brown hair."

    " Hoe? But I don't that guy."

    (Deep in Sakura's heart she wanted to believe it was Syaoran, but there were many guys out there with dark brown hair.)

    " Oh I'm sure you do, your heart says so."

End of Preview
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