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Chap. 1 : Sakura's confusion
(fitting title, i guess..*whack* i should shut up, ne.)
<Kinomoto Sakura has left for school.>

<That's good.>

<Is it?>

Two figures stood in complete silence.  The first, a woman with fair hair smiled.


The other figure, another woman, shrugged.

<If you think so.>

<Do you not like the concept of your very own daughter going to school?>


The fair haired woman smiled once again.

<You confuse me, Nadeshiko.>

<I confuse myself.>

The woman, Nadeshiko, sighed to herself.

<Sakura...you have grown so much since the last time I saw you...>
*  *  *

"Ohayo, Tomoyo-chan--Rika-chan--Naoko-chan--Chiharu-chan!" Sakura entered the classroom with her usual full amount of energy.

The other girls took their turns saying "good morning!" back to her.

"You know what?!"  Sakura was all smiles.

"Does this have to do with Tsukishiro-san?"  Tomoyo asked, and was not very surprised when her best friend nodded with a faint blush on her cheeks.  "I see."

"I saw him on the way to school~!  Don't you think that he gets handsomer every time?"

"..."  Tomoyo whipped her trusty video camera out of her schoolbag and turned on the record button.  "Smile for the camera Sakura-chan!"

The three other girls hid behind their desks.  They had had enough of her video recording.

"Sometimes I think that she's always going to love her camera more than any man."  Chiharu stated, referring to Tomoyo.

She didn't even know how right she was.  Of course, since she was only considering men/boys...
*  *  *

After school, Sakura had agreed to go to the penguin park with Tomoyo.  Her video camera-freak friend said that she had something to tell her...

<Oh, yeah...I was going to ask Tomoyo-chan and Li-kun why they were acting so strange today...whoops...I'll have to ask Li-kun tomorrow, when I see him...>  Sakura hung her head in shame, annoyed that she had forgotten.

"Eeto, Sakura-chan, you should look where you're going..."  Tomoyo sweatdropped as Sakura walked obliviously into a telephone pole.


"Are you okay?  You're not hurt?"  Tomoyo looked at her friend with serious concern.

"I'm fine."  Sakura rubbed her head.  "My head hurts. That's all."

"Oh no!"  Tomoyo cried out.  "That might be serious!"

"It's not, Tomoyo-chan."  Sakura took her hand away from her head and smiled.  "I'm fine."

"Okay, if you say so..."  she was still doubtful.

"O...oh, Tomoyo-chan, can I ask you a question?"

"Yes?"  Tomoyo gave her friend her full attention.

"U...um..."  she shook her head, feeling her face get warm.  "I was wondering if you knew why Li-kun is avoiding me."

<No, stupid!  You were going to ask her why she was acting weird around you!!>  her mind screamed at her in annoyance.

"Li-kun is avoiding you?"  Tomoyo blinked, then remembered how that particular boy acted around her
friend.  "O...ohohohoho...I didn't notice him avoiding you!"  she smiled sweetly. "What are you talking about, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura narrowed her eyes in disbelief.  She did not like it when her friend acted this way. "Tomoyo-chan...you are weird."

Tomoyo sweatdropped, still trying her best to chuckle and pretend she had not noticed anything wrong.

"And what were you going to tell me, Tomoyo-chan?" she glanced nervously at her watch.  "I have so much homework that I have to do...and I don't even understand it.  That means I have to actually read a chapter."  she groaned.  "So I have to go soon..."

"I understand!  I won't keep you here longer!"  Tomoyo smiled weakly.  "Go ahead home and I will see you tomorrow!"

"But weren't you going to tell me something?"

"T...tell you something?  Whatever are you talking about?"


<Tomoyo-chan is really weird.  I wonder what's wrong with her.>  Sakura sweatdropped.

END of Chap. 1

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