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Chap. 10: Sakura's dream

Kinomoto Sakura tossed and turned as she tried to get to sleep. Images of Meiling, Syaoran, and even Touya and Tomoyo floated around in the back of her head. She sighed, checking the time.

It read: 2:00 AM.

She sighed again, and finally got herself to sleep.


Sakura was standing upon a building, Cerberus floating besides her. She was gazing at the Tokyo Tower...

And there was a woman watching her...

The woman had grayish hair, she supposed, since it was dark and the moon was shadowing the figure. The woman's hair was slightly curly, and Sakura thought that the figure was smiling.

"I...know her.." the girl's eyes widened as she recognized the features of someone who was close to her...even though she didn't really remember the figure, her dad always had pictures of her on the dinner table...

"Mother!" she called out, hesitantly taking a step forward. She barely had a place to step.

Nadeshiko continued to smile sweetly at her daughter, unknowing of the new figure who appeared behind her.

Sakura grabbed her 'key' and tried to get her 'fly' card to work. She found out that she could not use her magic. She screamed and pointed wildly at the figure who was getting even close to whom she thought was her mother.

Nadeshiko turned, and the dream began to slow...

As she turned, a blonde haired figure stepped out of the shadows, then, with extra caution, the newcomer pushed Nadeshiko off of the building.

"MOTHER!" Sakura cried out...


Sakura sat up, breathing hard. She decided that it would be best to stay up. "...mother.."

The girl promptly set off to wake up Cerberus. It would take a long time to do so.

* * *

"Nani!?" Cerberus screeched, as Sakura told her about the dream. "That might mean that your mother's going to have something to do with you sometime soon! Describe the other one, will you?"

"Well..I think that it's a she." she said reluctantly. "She had blonde hair and she was wearing this blackish coat with white on top, and--"

"Emi!" he interrupted.


"That's Emi! She's someone who has the power to bring someone back from the dead!"

"In other words, she's a Clow Card?"

"NO!!!!" he yelled out her, exasperated.

"Sakura-san!" Sakura could hear her father call her from the kitchen. "Who's up there with you?"

"N..no one, daddy!!" Sakura sweatdropped.

"Okay, then! Tell that no one that he's making an awful lot of racket up there!"

The sweatdrop grew bigger. "HAI!"

Cerberus had grown still and his own little sweatdrop was forming on his head. When he guessed the coast was clear, he continued on in a small whisper, "Anyways, she's not a card, she's a spirit. She was created by Clow, too, though...I forgot to mention her, huh?" he added sheepishly.

"So what do you think she has to do with my dream?"

"She pushed your mom off the Tokyo Tower?"


"Take out the cards."

"Cards?!" she gulped. "But I haven't touched them in so long!"

"SO?!" he placed a paw over his mouth, then dropped his voice again. "We have to do a prediction..."

When they were done, Cerberus noted that she had drawn the illusion card and shadow card. Using a completely different way of reading the cards, he stated, "Your mom's coming back soon. And Emi's trying to do something to her. Just like it said in your dream. The illusion card shows that she'll be able to come back to the human world for a while, and the shadow card means something's going to happen to her. In other words, the illusion card is your mom and the shadow card is Emi."

Sakura fell over. "You're just trying to tell me the same thing in different words!" she accused. "I could have figured it out myself!"

Cerberus glared at her. "Anyways, I think you should talk to that koz--"

"Ooh! While we're at it, can we predict what's going to happen in my love life?" she asked hopefully.

Cerberus fell over, facefaulting. "Sakura! You know that you're not supposed to do that with the cards! They're not for use in play!"

"But I'm not playing." she pouted, then picked up the phone to call Syaoran.

* * *

"Moshi moshi?"

"Yo, Sakura." Syaoran answered the phone after two unending rings.

"I'm really sorry about what happened, but--"

"It wasn't your fault."

"She came to my house afterwards, and told me to stay away from you."

His tone of voice grew crisp. "I told her to leave you out of it."

"But I didn't call because of that. You see, I had a dream, and Kero-chan thinks that it might be important.."

"What's it about?"

"He mentioned someone named Emi and I was wondering whether or not you knew anything about her, because Kero-chan won't talk to me about it, and.." she stopped as she noticed the line had grown silent. "Li-kun?"

"Come over later, I'll tell you a little about her." he hung up.

Sakura blinked, then put the phone down, wondering why when she mentioned Emi, everyone she's spoken to had some sort of reaction. ::I wonder if she's that 'bad'...:: then she shook her head. ::Of course she is, she tried to push my mother off of the Tokyo Tower..but that's just a dream, maybe I'm wrong...:: she decided to head to Syaoran's house right at that time.

END chap. 10

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