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Chap. 2

"I forgot all about you!" Chiharu pointed to Syaoran, who was busy glaring angrily at Tomoyo, (who pretended not to notice.)

"Thanks a lot." he replied, after he noticed she was talking about him.

Tomoyo giggled. "It was worth it to see the expressions on your faces, Sakura-chan, Chiharu-chan."

"It was not funny!" Sakura turned red and faced the opposite direction. "I forgot about him, too. If I had remembered, I would have asked him myself."

Tomoyo smiled sweetly, pressing the record button on her video recorder and pointing it in Sakura's direction. "Pose, Sakura-chan!"

Sakura hid.

* * *

"I rented two rooms." Tomoyo explained when the four got there. "How do we separate?"

"Why don't the girls go in one and Li-kun goes in the other one?" Chiharu glanced at Sakura and giggled. "Or should we start calling him Li-chan?"

Sakura giggled back. "Tomoyo-chan, you can share a room with Li-chan, if you want."

Syaoran glowered at the girls, wishing that he had never agreed to stick around.

"No, no." Tomoyo pulled out four chopsticks. "Just for the occasion, I brought these with me." she smiled sweetly. "Pick one, Sakura-chan."

"Okay..." Sakura took one, and noticed that the chopstick was blue on the bottom.


Chiharu pulled out a green chopstick. She groaned. "Does this mean that I'm not with Sakura-chan?"

"Not today." Tomoyo smiled. "Li-kun, do you want to go next?"

"No." the boy said flatly.

"Well, okay, then." Tomoyo closed her eyes and picked one.

It was green.

Sakura and Syaoran were both mortified.

"HOEH! You cheat!" Sakura pointed an accusing finger at Tomoyo, who lifted the last chopstick...which was, in fact, colored with blue.

"Hoeh..." Sakura slumped down, helpless.

* * *

Sakura ventured in her room cautiously. She sighed in relief, noting that there were two beds.

"Li-kun~..." she called out, looking around.

"I'm not sharing a room." Syaoran popped his head out of the large closet. "I won't."

"I don't want to either, but it's just for a day."


Sakura sighed. "Where are you going to sleep, then?"


"In the snow?!" Sakura rolled her eyes. "No, no! Even though I don't want to share a room with you myself, I can't just let you freeze outside."

"Fine, fine." he gave in.

The girl sat down on the bed closest to her and suddenly smiled. "Why did you agree to come, Li-kun?"


"Why did you agree to come here with us? Didn't Tomoyo-chan tell you that it would just be us girls?"


"What did she tell you?"

"Uh..." Syaoran could not get himself to say that Tomoyo had only mentioned that Sakura would be going... "I don't remember." he said feebly.

"Oh." Sakura smiled at him once more. "I'll be back, I'm going to get a drink and stop by Tomoyo-chan's room. Okay? Do you want a drink?"


"What do you want to drink?" she ignored his answer.

"Fine, anything."

"Okay!" she ran off.

* * *

"Tomoyo-chan! Chiharu-chan!" Sakura knocked on the door.

"Hai!" Chiharu answered the door and escorted her in. "Come on! We're just about deciding on where to eat! We'll ski tomorrow, okay?"


"Hey, where's Li-kun? Isn't he with you?"

"Um, no...he's still in our room."


"HERE!" Tomoyo exclaimed, pointing excitedly at a restaurant title. "That's where we're eating!"

"Um...if you really want to, Tomoyo-chan..." Sakura sweatdropped and glanced at Chiharu, who had almost the same expression on her face.

"Yeah. Sure, Tomoyo-chan." Chiharu nodded.

"It seems to be a great place to put on video~!" Tomoyo said dreamily.

The other two girls sweatdropped.

* * *

After they had eaten..............

"I'm stuffed~!" Sakura smiled at the others. "Did you all eat enough?"

"Yeah..." Chiharu looked sick. "I think I ate a little too much..."

"Me too." Tomoyo sighed, her hand on her stomach. "I think I'll be going back to my room." she said her good-byes and told Sakura and Syaoran that she would call them tomorrow to make plans. She then hurried off.

"Yeah..." Chiharu stood up in agreement. "Maybe I should leave, too."

"Wait, Chiharu-chan!" Sakura invited her friend to stay in her room for a while.

Chiharu agreed with a small shrug.

END Chap. 2

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