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Chapter 3

"And then he started talking about his mother and her relatives..." Chiharu rolled her eyes. "Argh, all this talk about Yamazaki-kun is getting me sleepy." "Really." Sakura agreed, hiding her head in her pillow.

Syaoran glanced at the two in silence, then stood up. "I'm going to take a shower." he stated, then left.

"Okay..." Sakura turned back to Chiharu. "And then what did he do?"

"He's so stupid, he started lying to his mother...and you know what's weird about that?" Chiharu said after a yawn.


"His mother started 'lying' back to him, if you know what I mean."

"Oh Gods."

"I know." Chiharu sighed. "Maybe he was lying about that part, though."

"I can believe that part." Sakura confessed. "They're related, after all."

"But I thought his mother was such a good lady, too."

The two giggled.

Syaoran poked his head out of the bathroom. "Um...Sakura, do you know where the shampoo and stuff is?"

"In the drawers. I think the second one." the girl answered.

"Okay." the door closed.

"So." Chiharu grinned. "Are you two getting used to sharing a room?"

"No!" Sakura shook her head.

Chiharu laughed. "Of course not!"

"It's not funny!" she pouted. "Tomoyo-chan was the one who invited him, she should be the one to share with him."

"So you wouldn't have disagreed to sharing a room with him if you had invited him yourself?"

"Hoeh!" she turned red. "N...no! I think I would have still disagreed."

"See~!" Chiharu grinned once more.

"See what?!"

"Eek!" she glanced at the time. "It's getting late! I'd better go. Knock if you need something, okay?" she nudged her friend. "Whatever time it is, we're here for you!"

"Okay, okay. Bye, Chiharu-chan!"

"See you!"

* * *

"Do you mind moving your things off of my bed?" Syaoran glared at his roommate, who smiled sheepishly.

"S...sure!" she hurriedly picked up everything and dumped it on the chair.

"Turn the lights off?" he questioned, and she shook her head.

"Not ready yet." Sakura pulled her covers over her head. "..okay."


There was a long moment of silence.

Then, "Li-kun," the girl began.




A while later, she tried again.


"What now?"

"...can I ask who the person you like is?"

"Huh?" he sat up.

"You said that you don't love Yukito-san anymore because of someone else."

"...yeah, so?"

"...you don't have to answer...if you don't want to..."


"...you're lucky that you have someone you like, though."


"You know..since Touya-onii-chan and Yukito-san are..um...sort of...together, now..."


"You know what?" she giggled to herself, crawling out of her covers. "I used to think that I could love you...but when you said that you had someone else you loved..."


Sakura smiled, although it was dark in the room and the boy could not see her very well.

She inched over to him, sitting on his bed and taking his hand. "Li-kun, you have to promise me that you'll be nice to the girl you love, okay?"

"...????" the boy blushed slightly. "Um...I don't think I can promise that."

"Hoeh? Why not?"

"...because the girl I care for doesn't really know, yet..."

"Do you want me to tell her?" she asked eagerly, releasing his hand. "Ne? Please?"

"No." he turned away. "I'll tell her."



END Chap. 3

BTW: don't ask why this part came up, i wasn't gonna write something so (corny) this time, but...*sigh*

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