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Chapter 5

"One more hour until New Years!" Sakura grinned. "Chiharu-chan, Tomoyo-chan, could one of you turn on the TV?"

Chiharu and Tomoyo exchanged worried glances. Both Sakura and Syaoran had completely ignored each other for the full day. They wondered what could be wrong. (Actually, Chiharu had some idea, but Tomoyo had no clue.)

"I will." the three girls were surprised when Syaoran stood up and flipped the TV on.

"Oh, Li-kun, you didn't have to bother." Sakura said carelessly.

"Well, that's too late."

"I know, I know." she turned towards him and they both blushed, to their disgust.

Chiharu raised her eyebrows as the two automatically looked around everywhere except for where the other was located.

"Maybe we should leave them alone?" Tomoyo whispered to her.

Chiharu shook her head frantically. "Not now! Later, after midnight!"

"Okay...if you think so." Tomoyo was confused.

* * *

"Happy New Year!" the three girls got up and hugged each other happily.

Syaoran glanced at them distastefully and then looked away.

"Um..." Sakura got away from the other two and sat down next to him. "Happy New Year. Li-kun."

"Happy New Year."

She looked down, and then she glanced at the other two girls in the room.

Chiharu took the hint and ushered Tomoyo away, saying that it was getting late and that they should be leaving. They would be calling Sakura and Syaoran later.

After they had left, Sakura yawned.

"It's late." Syaoran stated. "Get to sleep or you'll never wake up in time for our ride home."

"I know." she turned and smiled at him. "I just wanted to say thanks."

"Huh? Thanks?"

"Yeah. You'll find someone better than me someday. A girl who won't turn you down. Someone prettier and smarter than me...and someone who would understand you better." she reached over and hugged him. "But thanks, anyways. No one has ever said that they really cared for me in that way before."

"...welcome...(?)" he turned bright red.

"So I was the one keeping you from returning to Hong Kong?"


"Gomen ne." she smiled at him. A sad smile, but a smile nevertheless.

"It's okay." he finally returned her smile.

* * *

"So you still refused him!?" Chiharu exclaimed.

"I just told him the truth." Sakura smiled. "And I feel a lot better now."

"So this is what you were hiding from me!?" Tomoyo cried out, shocked. "I missed a good film opportunity~!" she whined.

"...Li-kun's returning to Hong Kong."

"HUH!?" Chiharu and Tomoyo glanced at each other. "He's leaving?!"

"Yeah. He says there's no reason for staying anymore."


"Next week." Sakura smiled. "Don't worry...he'll return...when he finds the someone he loves."

"But that person is y--" Tomoyo began.

"No, it's not me. He'll find someone better than me. And when he does, he promised me that he would introduce me to her. I just can't wait!"

"..well, if you think that'll be good for him..."

"I do!" she turned away. ::But I'll still miss him.::


"H...hoeh?!" she spun back around, after quickly wiping away tears from her eyes.

"Oh, good. I thought you would be crying or something." Tomoyo smiled, relieved.

"Don't worry about me." Sakura smiled back. "I...I'll see you at school tomorrow! And here!" she handed each girl a wrapped box. "Happy New Year!" she skipped around the corner.

"Happy New Year!" the other girls chorused, then took a moment to just smile at each other.

::Well...I guess it didn't turn out to be that bad...but this year's going to surely different from the past years...especially for Sakura-chan.:: Chiharu waved good-bye to Tomoyo and hurried off.

::I hope that this event hasn't ruined the New Year for Sakura-chan.:: Tomoyo shrugged, beginning her walk home. ::Gomen ne, Sakura-chan. I didn't think it would turn out this way..::

END Chap. 5

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