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                "I'll fight till the end for the sake of your safety...."
         CardCaptor Sakura:The legend of Ometin
Chapter 1



Sakura  found herself safe and comfortable on her own bed.

"It was just a dream...."She turned and went back to sleep.  Then she remebered"Oh no! The date!" Careful not to wake up Kero, she ran to the bathroom to dress.

<What on earth was that dream all about anyway...?Fight till the end for my safety? Heck with that?>She thought as she rush down stairs for breakfast.


"Sakura? You don't have to go to school, why are you up so early?"

"Oh, I'm suppost go...... meet a friend at central park by ten."

"A friend? Is it a date?"(smile, smile)


"I'm joking!"

"Oh, yeah....nice one, haha....."(sweat drops)

"Did you say ten, it's nine thirty now."

"Oh!! I have to go!! Bye dad!"


<Should I take the roller blade, it's not exactly a date thing...I'll just walk.>She grabbed her back pack and yelled" Be back in a flash!"


<Oh man, why did I asked her out, this is insane! What would I say, hi? You look beautiful as always? Oh no, oh no, OH NO!!!!>

A boy was sitting on a bench inside central park, he looks nervous, too nervous, people'd think that he had comitted a crime or something.
<Ok, so I'm over reacting alittle, calm down, calm down...>
"S-Sakura!"(failed to calm down)
"I'm sorry that I'm late, how long have you been here?"
"Not too long..."(in another word, almost half an hour...)
"So, shall we get going?"
Sakura went beside Syaoran and took his hand "Huh?"Syaoran asked with a questin mark on his face.
"Well, it's suppose to be a date, right?"
"Oh, yeah...."<Man, I've gotta calm down!>
"Great, where are we headed?"
"Ahhhhh....."<Why didn't I think of that before I asked her out??>
"...Why don't we just walk around for a while?"
"O, okay..."<Since I don't have any other ideas.>
And so they did. Pretty boring for a date,huh?) A minute later, Sakura's pont tail came lost automaticly "That's weird.  It just came off like that.  Syaoran, I have to go fix it in the bathroom OK?
"Oh, sure."
She went in to the bathroom, and fixed it.  Just then, she saw something shiny on the floor, it was a crystal that shines like a star.<Someone must have dropped it.>She went back out, and was trying to find a lost an found center or something, out all she found was Syaoran, standing there, waiting for her.
"Syaoran, I found this...."
She can't finish her sentence, the crystal glowed with an eye blinding light.  The light swirled around Sakura and began to suck her in.
She screamed.  Syaoran realized she was in some kind of danger, and ran towards her."SAKURA!!!!"She grabbed his hand, Syaoran was then pulled in to the light too......
They disappeared.  No one saw what happened, they're just....gone....
"Guest there's no =rey today."
A girl dressed in ancient Chinese customs was hunting on a grassy mountainHer name was Shi Shi, she has dark hair, around ten to twelve years old."I'll have to call it a day."
A loud noise attracted her attention.<A dear prhaps?>
She walked slowly towards the direction of the noise and found two kids around her age that's strangely dressed, laying on the grass....

"Hoe...?"Sakura woke up with a big headache.
"Ah, your awake."
"Who...are you?"
"I'm Shi Shi, who are you?"
"I...I'm Sakura....Wha...Where's Syaoran!?"
" 'Little wolf'? You mean the boy?"
"He's fine, as a matter of fact, he's sleeping right beside you."
<What....?>Sakura slowly turn around and found that ShiShi was telling the truth.
"Oh my!" All of the sudden, her headache's gone, and she jump out of the bed with a world record speed.
"What's wrong? You don't like him..."
"NO!!!ITS NOT THAT!!"She answered, breaking another world record.
"......."(you got the idea, sweat dropping)
"Well, it's just that, he's a boy, and I'm a girl....."
"It's okay, I understand."
"Ah...where are we?"Syaoran groaned as he began to wake up.
"Why, you're in my house."Shi Shi answered with a bright smile.
"I can tell, but where are we in general?"
"Mount St.Kilo .."
"You never heard of Mt. St. Kilo before????"
"No, what country is this?"
"What do you mean? This is Ometin."
" do we get here?"
"You don't belong to Ometin...?"
"No, we belong to Earth."
"Ear......"She jumped as she heard the word "Earth".

"That you must be....the legendary....." She hugged Sakura and Syaoran so tight, that they =an breath."You've finally came to safe us ledendary heros!!!!"
"I'm sorry, let me explain.  There's this legend that pass down in Ometin from generations to generations, it goes something like this...'When the devils rise from the hell, the heros from a magical place call Earth is going to safe us all....'And the time has come since you guys dropped by for you to safe Ometin.  The missioners from hell, or devil, as it says n the legend, had manged to escaped over a month ago,they're here to seek reveages because our ancestors locked them up.   They've sneaked into the city looking like a human to destroy our societies from the inside, and they..."
"HOLD IT!!Give us a chance to talk."Syaoran interrupted. "Why should we help you?"
"Syaoran..."Sakura tried to calm him, but he ignored.
"We have a choice you know, why would we risk our lives, killing devils for your people, I mean, we don't belong here!"
"But Syaoran...."
"We're going home, Sakura."Syaoran grabed her hand.
"How do you plan to get there?"Shi Shi asked.
"The same way we came, using that stupid stone."
"You mean the Ometin Crystal?Take a look."
Sakura took the crystal out of her pocket. "It's"
"The power's out, that's why, it's only good for one trip."
Syaoran really pissed off now."Alright, how do we charge it up."
"It's not a battery, you restore power by collecting souls of the devils.When it's full you can go."
"Is it all fixed up...?"
"You bet it is."
"Syaoran....."Sakura speaked softly."I...wanted to help..."
Syaoran turned aroundand saw the sad puppy face.  He signed. "Do we have a choice?"
Her face lighted up, and smiled happily."Thanks."
"Okay!"Shi Shi interrupted "you need an Ometin look so that the missioners don't recognize you as the legendary heros, because if they do, you'll be in danger.  As the matter of fact, don't let anyone know about it at all, it's safer that way.  So come this way, please."
<Lucky that I brought my sward....>Syaoran thought as he changed in to the Ometin clothes.<Now what take them so long to change....>

"So! How do I look?"
Syaoran's heart beat =ace as he saw Sakura in those clothes" looks good..."
Then Shi Shi popped out of no where." Really, but accourting to your face you love it."

<Stupid =hi Shi...>Syaoran thought"If there's devils in this world, you're one of them."
Shi Shi ignorged that"Before you go, here's some basics:1. The missioners' hide out is way south, if you destroy their leader, you destroy them all. 2. The missioners look basicly human but they all have a devil shape tatoo on some part of their bodies, that's they're weakness.  3. Each missioners has their own power so if........."
"Hold on! Let me take some notes!"Syaoran grabed a pencil and pieceof paper and started to write things down.  Sakura can't help laughing.
"It's a shame that I can't come with you."
They were all stanting infront of the door, ready to leave.
"You can't, Shi Shi?" Sakura sounded disappointed.
"No, I have to stay here."
"One more thing, how come you know so much?"
"My ancestor's the one who locked the hell's gate up, it's my duty to stay here and guide the heros-----you two."
"Oh, I see...."
"Here's some Ometin money, it isn't much but I belief it'll be helpful."
"Can we go now, Sakura?"Syaoran groaned.
They waved as she say good bye.

"Nice, I can't belief this is our first date"Syaoran complained as he talked.
Sakura smiled"And we still have a long way to go."
to be continue.......
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