CCS: The Legend of Ometin
chapter 2


Sakura skipped through the road of Ometin and sang  as she walked.

"I just don't see what's so great about being here?"

"Oh, come on, think of it as a vacation or something."

"You at least gets insurance if you get hurt on vacation.  I'm not sure my insurance will cover me I get hurt here."

Sakura felt guilty, Syaoran obviously didn't want to be here.  She remebered pulling him in to the swirl of lights, getting him to be involved, he's innocent, yet he's here, beside her, with her on her journey.  She still thinks that she's responesible for this.  She knew that she's being selfish, but she was happy that he was here with her, even....even when he didn't come volenteerly, she's still....glad that he's here.



"I'm sorry..."

"For what?"

"Well..."She was interruped by a puff of smoke that's not too far away, it cough their attentions.

It was a man on a running bird, the man looks wicked and cold hearted, and the bird look, well, like a Chocobo. They were coming Sakura's way in about a 100 meters per hour.
"What's that..?"Sakura asked.(sweat drops)
"A chocobo...I guess."
"Every play Final Fantasy before?Or Chocobo dungeons? Chocobo racing?"
"No...but look, Syaoran!"

There were someone eles infront of them, a lady that's about 17~19, she saw the  puff of smoke was heading her way, she tried to avoid it, be was tripped by a rock.

"Careful!!!"Both Sakura and Syaoran yelled.

Syaoran sprinted as fast as he can and pulled the lady out of the way, just in time.....

"Watch where you're going, jerks!!"The man yelled.

<Geese, what's his problem?>Sakura ran to Syaoran and the lady. "Are you alright...?"


The lady turned over "Than....thank you."

"No problem."Syaoran helped her up.

"I...I never seen you kids before...are you travelers?"

Syaoran frowned, he didn't like the term 'kids'."Yes, we are."

"It's almost dark, you guys should find a hotel, but....." the lady held back, and finally said"This is a farming village, there is no hotels around this area."

"Oh man...."

"But...." the lady when on "You can stay at my house if you don't mind."

Sakura's face lightened up "Really, are you sure?"

"I'll be more then graceful if you do.  After all, you saved me from that evil man."

"You know him?"

"He's...our neighbor...."


"He moved in a month ago.  Which is stranged because nobody ever moves into the farm.  People in this farm had their roots here."

<A month ago...when the missioners were set free.>Syaoran thought.

"Oh I'm sorry, I haven't introduce myself yet.  I'm Ami, daugther of the Chan family."

"My name is Sakura, nice to meet you."

"The name is Syaoran."

"Great, my house is not far away, come this way."


"Grandma! I'm home!"

An old lady come out of the door, she's short, has white hair, and was have problems hearing and walking."Great, and you brought companys." She have one of those accent that's almost impossible to understand.

"Yes, grandma they saved me from the stupid neighbor."

"They're our neightbors?"

"No, grandma!! Saved!! From Terry!!! You know, our neighbor?"

"I know Terry's our neighbor."

Ami sighed, her grandma's hearing problem gets worst everyday."I'll give you kids a room, settle down and relax alittle, I'll call you when dinner's ready.


Sakura put her back pack on the bed in the guest's room.  She looked at Syaoran, who was resting on a chair, she tried to talk to him, but amazingly fast, Ami had alredy prepared dinner and called them to come to the dining room.

They had a little conversation during dinner.

"Ami, how's your neighbor?"Syaoran asked.

"Who Terry? He's the worst! Problems started running in to this village the very minate he arrived.  First, he lives like a pig, bringing rats into the farm which is eatting up our crops.  2nd, he treats the animal in his barn so badly, I think he's abusing it.  And 3rd, we don't have any evidence yet, but I think he steals, people in the village had been losing stuffs lately, if only we have evidence....."

"Bad guy, huh?"

"Psss....Syaoran."Sakura pulled on Syaoran's sleeve."Why are you so intrested at him?"

"I think we have a little devil in the village."

"Hoe? Terry?"

Syaoran just smiled.


"Feel free to use the bathrooms to bath, I have to wake up early, so I'm off to my bed..."(yon)

"No problem." Sakura ansawered.


After Sakura took a bath she went back to her room, and found Syaoran sitting on the bed.

"Syaoran, did you take a bath?"

"Oh, yeah, I did."

She walked closer to him, and speak with a soft voice "Syaoran, you don't want to be here, do you?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean in Ometin, you don't like to risk your life and save people who live here, do you? I mean after all, you don't have to be here at all, I pulled you in here, it's all my fault.  I got you into this...."

"Is that why you said sorry today, and why you were being so sad?"


"Sakura, look at me."

And she did.  The moment their eyes meet, both of their heart beats went crazy.

"...Sakura, it's true that I don't want to be in Ometin, maybe I don't have to be here, but I'd rather be here with you to protect you than being back in Japan worrying about you.  And remeber what Shi Shi said? She said ledendary heros, right? Not one, but two.  So it's faith that I'm here, not you."

Sakura feels like crying.
"Maybe it would have been better if....I don't know....Yukito was here instead of me..."He sound....disappionted.
"No, don't ever say that, I'm very glad you're here, more than anyone eles...." And before she knew it, her tear came rushing down her face.

"Silly thing, come here."

She barried herself into his chest."Thank you........"

"No problamo."


It was almost midnight when Sakura finished crying, then they ran in to a major problem ------- there are two of them, and only one bed. <why didn't I thought of it earlier?> Syaoran thought.

"I guess, we can always share a bed......" Sakura suggested, than they looked at each other, who are they kidding, they'll stay awake all night if they do.

"It's okay, I can sleep in the floor." Syaoran reply.

"But it's hard! You won't be comfortable."

"That's alright, I sleeps at the floor some times during the summer."

"Are you sure...?"

But he's already putting blankets on the floor.  "Sorry...." Sakura  said.

"That's not what you're suppose to say."

"What than?"

Syaoran blew out the candle."Good night."

"...Good night...."She blushed alittle and went to sleep.


"I'll fight till the end for the sake of your safety....."

"Wha...who are you...?"

Sakura woke up from sleep, the sun is shinning through the window, birds are singing, she got up, and was getting off the bed........

"OOOOOUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!!"(Sakura stepping on Syaoran)

"Ah!!! I'm so sorry, Syaoran!!! I forgot that you were here!!"

"Just....Just get off me first, okay......"(in pain)

"Oh!!" She jumped off him.


"Are you alright???"

The two of them walked out to the livingroom to find something for Syaoran's back, and saw Ami's grandma.  "Excuase me, ummm, do you have anything for a tortured back?"Syaoran said in a teasing way.
"You want to go back?"
"Oh yeah, her hearing problem...YOUR GRAND DAUGTHER!!  WHERE??"
"Oh, you want Ami? She's outside, working in the stable."
They went in to the stable, and the first thing they heard was a bird scream...or making some sort of noise.  "What is Ami doing?" Sakura said to herself, and walked towards the noise, since she can't walk fast because she was holding Syaoran.  They didn't see Ami, but they did see the screaming bird, and.....Terry?
"Stupid bird! Can't even run right!"

He lifted his wipe, and was about to hit the chocobo....again.
Sakura dumped Syaoran and ran forward to hold him back.  But eventually she wasn't stronge enough to do so.
Syaoran went forward, not caring about his almost broken back, and pulled on the wipe.
"Hold it buster, this is not a nice way to treat a bird."
"None of your business, jerk face, this is my bird, I can do whatever I want to it."
"KIDS!!!"They turned arround, and found Ami standing on the door way.  "Ami?" Syaoran was kinda surprise, but still don't like the way he call them 'kids'. "Kids, this is Terry's stable!!"
Sakura and Syaoran's sweat drop, feeling alittle embarrass. "T...Terry's?"
Ami grabbed both of them , one on each arm."Sorry about that!!" Bowwed, apologized, and ran out as fast as she can possibly run.
"Drop us, Ami!"Syaoran shouted.
Ami gently put them down when they reached the safety area."You kids were in great danger, that guy's no joke, he can squish you kids like bugs."
"He's a meanie, huh?"
"And you better belief it, I can't save your butts everytime."
"Yeah, thanks, Ami."Sakura thanked her.
"No big, why are you kids looking for me?"
"Oh right! Syaoran, doesn't you back hurt?"
Syaoran stretched, turned, did a few back flips, and said"Ahhh..........I guess it's okay now..."
Sakura and Syaoran was back at their room."Okay, so that was HIS chocobo.  But I still don't like the way he treat that innocent bird."
"There's nothing we can do, even if we wanted to."
"I know, but.....the way that chocobo looked at me was...so sad."
Syaoran can tell SHE was sad too, and he didn't like it.  <If he IS the missioner from hell, thing may can be done easily.>"Let's go."
"To the devil's stable."
"But Syaoran...."
"I know what are you gonna say, so save it, we're going."

"No, Syaoran! It's just that....Ami said she made breakfast, and I'm hungry..."
After breakfast they sneeked in to Terry's stable.  They saw the chocobo laying on on top of some dried grass, it looked hurt.
"Oh, poor thing..."
"Where's that Terry."
"Why would you want him?"
"We're here to see weather or not Terry's a missioner from hell."
"I thought we're here to save the poor chocobo."
"Well, that too..."
"How do you know he's a missioner?"
"Just feel like it I guess."
"But how are we going to know for sure?"
"Shi Shi said if they are, they'll have a devil shape tatoo on them, and that's they're weakness."
"Sorry kids, sneek time's over."
They were shocked, they turned arround and saw Terry standing behind them.
"Not that you know that I'm a missioner from hell, it seems that you also knew the weakness of our kind, I guess I don't have anything choice but to kill you." His eyes brighten as he speaks. His hand was getting hotter by the minutes, until it was on fire."Prepare to die!" He shoots some kind of fire balls at them, Syaoran pulled out his sword and formed a shelid arround him, Sakura and the chocobo.
They were fighting in the stable while Sakura tried to protect the chocobo.  Syaoran was trying to hurt Terry (if that's his real name) and avoid his flame, but no matter where he cut him with the sword, the wounds always heal back."Where's the damn tatoo!?"
It seems like that the chocobo heard what he said, and jumped up from the dried grass.  "Chocy!" Sakura shouted.(it also seems like that she had given him a name)
The chocobo ran toward the fire man, trying to aviod the fire, it bit of his shirt. And there it is, the tatoo, right on his back, it's about the size of a thumb, and it's red.  Syaoran saw it, and with a quick reflex, he stabbed his tatoo.
Terry sreamed.  His body when up in smoke, all it's left is his soul, floating away.
"Sakura, the stone!"
"I...I don't have it..."
"It's in my back pack! The back pack's in our room!!!"
The chocobo was at it again, it picked up Sakura and Syaoran, put the on his back, and started dashing to Ami's house.
"Wooooo!!!"Sakura can't do anything but to hold on to Syaoran who was sitting in front of him.
The chocobo ran into the house.  Charging throw the guest room door, Syaoran picked up the back pack, and the chocobo jumped throw the window, and start running back to the stable.
The soul's still floating away, it's fainting away.
Sakura reached for her stone and..."What am I suppose to do?"
"I don't know!"They were getting close to it.
When they get to a certain distance, the soul was being sucked in to the crystal.  "I think I just figured it out..."(sweat drops)
"I guess we owe you a big thank you kids, you saved our vollage from that devil, are you sure you can't stay  longer...?"Ami asked as they say good bye.
"No...we still have to get moving."Sakura grinned.
"Well, I got you so food for you trip, and don't worry, we won't tell anyone that you're the legendary heros. Right grandma?"
"What rice? Have you cooked dinner yet?"
"So, I guess we have to go." Syaoran said.
"Sure, good bye kids!"
"One last thing....stop calling us kids."
They walked for a mile or two, then Syaoran finally asked"Why is that chocobo following us?"
"Isn't it cute?"
"We're not keeping it!"
"Syaoran.....it helped us caught the soul of the missioner, we can ride on it for the trip."
"But...."Syaoran stopped, and looked at Sakura's ultimate puppy dog face.<I just don't got the guts to say no to her, do I.>"Fine, we can keep it."<It'll at leat be nice for transportation.>
They jumped on the chocobo and it was so happy, that it start running towards the next city.
to be continued.....


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