It's heaven! Chapter 7!


"I'll fight till the end for the sake of your safety..."


Chapter 7


As Sakura and Syaoran kept traveling south for the missioner's base, the came across a teahouse in the middle of the road beside a big farm. They thought that it'd be a nice idea to have a snack before going on. They went in to the teahouse. Syaoran scanned the menu, and pick the food that sounds edible (since they use Ometin names). Chocy rested at a small stable that's beside the teahouse. The snacks they have were like a rice cake, but it's purple, and tasted different. Sakura sighed as she ate. "It tasted like the snacks that my dad used to give my when came back from school. I missed dad so much. He must be worried. How long has it been since we came to Ometin?" She asked.

"Not too long," Syaoran answered, while munching down his snacks. "About three weeks."

"Only three weeks? How long do you think we have to stay in this world?"

"I don't know, till we kill that stupid devil, I guess."

"Hoeeeee..." She sighed again, pushed the snacks aside, and turned away. Syaoran picked it up, and brought it near her mouth. "It's normal to be home sick, especially when you can't even contact them to tell them you're okay. But stop eating won't help. You'll only starve yourself; even if you get back you dad won't recognize you because you've become so thin."

Sakura laughed, and ate the snack. She looked at the sky, remembering how she call Tomoyo to go to a picnic at the penguin park at a sunny Saturday, and how Kero-chan wined about not inviting him. She missed the weekends when she used to go shopping with all her friends, weekdays when she roller blade to school, she even missed the way her older brother call her "monster". She really missed her home.

Syaoran could only feel sorry for her, there's nothing he could do, they're here now, and they can' t go back unless they've captured enough missioners' souls. Well, there is one thing he could do...

"Let's get going." He said. Sakura looked at him. "Hoe?" Syaoran went to get Chocy. He turned around to face her. "The sooner we get there, the sooner we get to go home, isn't that what you want?"

"Yes...but..." He was right, she wanted to go home, but on the other hand, she enjoyed the adventure they're having, they met Shi Shi, Ami, Leo, Len, and a bunch of other friends, most of all, Chocy. She liked the feeling of going around and helps people. "It's okay, Syaoran, I'm okay."

"You sure?"

"Absolutely! By the way, I haven't finished these delicious snacks yet! They taste so good!" Sakura replied, but she knew that she was trying to make Syaoran feels better. They're in this together; she didn't want to be selfish. They sat and finished their snacks. [But still...] Sakura thought.


After finished eating, they headed on to a road in between a huge lake and a small wood with trees no taller then Touya's height. They walked slowly in the sun, when they came near one of the taller trees, they realized that there's a sigh on it. "Caution, dangerous creature a head." Syaoran stopped Chocy as he read it. "That's weird."

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked at the back.

"They're saying there's monsters a head.

Sakura gave him a worried look. "You...don't suppose it's one of THEM, do you?"

"I don't know. But since we have to pass this road to get to the base, I figure that we have to go check it out. Keep going, Chocy." They moved on, Sakura shivered, and wrapped her arms around Syaoran's waist. Syaoran slightly blushed, and smiled.

The trees seem to get taller as they go. The atmosphere seems to get creepier, the farther they walked, the darker it gets. They swallowed at they moved on.

"See, Sakura, there's nothing." Syaoran said, but there was tension in his voice.

A creature suddenly emerged from the lake, it was at least three meters high, a mouth with sharp hundreds of sharp teeth, two eyes at each sides, a have more than twenty arms that are thin and squiggly. They all screamed as it lifted one of its arms, and tried to attack. Chocy jumped, and they were saved. Syaoran jumped off Chocy, and took out his sword from his waist. He stroke back, and it cut off one of its arms, it backed up.

The monster's eyes began to grow; it grew so bright, that it became a laser attack. It headed for Sakura. "Watch out!!" Syaoran cried. He jumped, and stabbed the sword right on it head. Just in time to miss Sakura. The creature went down the lake, creating a huge splash. Syaoran breathed quickly, he leaned back at a tree. "That wasn't so hard..." he commended. Sakura ran towards him. "Are you okay?"

But the trouble wasn't over; the creature slowly roused from the water, and gave out another laser attack. It hit Sakura.

"Noooo!!!!" Syaoran cried. Sakura saw the laser surrounded her, it looks like the swirl of light that brought her to Ometin, she saw Syaoran reaching out to her, but he suddenly became so far away. She tried to reach back, but the swirl of light covered her vision, she couldn't see anything but bright light. She closed her eyes.

[Why is this happening to me?]

[Why do I have to be here?]

[I wish I were home...where dad, Touya, Tomoyo, Yukito and everyone else are...]

When she opened her eyes again, she was surprised to find a familiar checker pattern. She looked closely, [It's my bedroom's ceiling!] She got up, and found out that she was in her own room!!

"What happened...? Am I...home? I'm home!!! It was just a dream!!" Still, she found that a little weird, the whole things seem so real, the fight, the hot spring hotel, the food. But now she's here, sleeping in her own bed, it was just a dream!!

"Oh...thank god~!" She exclaimed. Kero-chan slowly woke up beside her. "What...what's the problem...?"

Sakura hugged him so tight, he couldn't breath. "You have no idea!! I dreamed that I was in another world, and couldn't get back, but I'm home!! I'm really home!!"

"It's okay Sakura!! It's just a dream!! Not even I thinks it meant anything!!! Now will you please let me go??" Sakura let go, and he tried to catch his breath. [I'm home! I'm really home!"] She thought. ~~~~~

"Hi! Dad!" she came down to have her breakfast. "Mmmm...Breakfast smells great." She smiled brightly. "Boy, you look happy today!" her dad said. "What's the matter?" Sakura shook her head. "Oh...nothing..."

"Oh, it's the monster, how unusual, you actually woke up early today!" Touya came down with an insult. Sakura stared at him, and stomped him right on his left toe. Sakura smiled again, though it was just a long night of dream, Sakura felt like she hadn't been home for a long time. This scene really feels warm.


"Good morning everyone!!" Sakura said when she was at school.

"Hello, Sakura-san, you're not late today!" Tomoyo smiled to her, and joked. "You're always this energetic!"

"Yup! I feel especially energetic today, how about shopping after school?" Sakura offered.

"That'd be great!" Tomoyo agreed. Then, the teacher came in. "Alright everyone, back to your seats!" Every thing seems normal and like they used to. Sakura was sure glad to be out of that terrible nightmare, this is where she should be, where everything is.


"Li-kun's not here?" The teacher said when he did roll call. The words darken her day like a battle of ink. [What...? How come I feel so weird? Like I forgot something?] She tried to think. [Oh...I know, it's the entire dream thing. I dreamt that we were in a different world, I probably thought that he's not back from that dream world yet...silly me...]

But still, it didn't feel right...


After school, the two girls went shopping like they promised. Sakura couldn't keep her mind on the merchandises in the stores. [I wonder will Syaoran be okay...I mean, even thought he's not in another world, he could be sick, that's probably why he's absented today.] She wandered in a medical store instead. "Yes, I want something for a person who's...well, sick, you have anything that would make him feel better?" The storeowner gave she a bag of tea, and gave her the instruction to drink it. She bought it, and went to Tomoyo, who was in a stuffed animal shop. "I'm sorry, Tomoyo-san, but I have to go."

Tomoyo smiled gently, "You're going to see Li-kun aren't you?"

Sakura lowered her head and nodded. "I'm so sorry~" She repeated. Tomoyo laugh, and said. "It's okay, you're free to go." Sakura wave her good bye, and head off to Syaoran's apartment.


When she arrived at his apartment, she pressed on the doorbell, she could hear the ring of the bell. She waited. No one was home. "That's weird," Sakura said. She rang the doorbell again. But still, no one answered. [He's not home? Then where could he be?] She thought of the dream, then shook her head wildly, "Couldn't happen, it was only a dream!"


At home, Sakura tried to do her homework, but couldn't concentrate. She was very worry about Syaoran. [Where could he be?] She looked at the clock, it read nine thirty-two. [He should've been home by now...] She took the phone, and called him. It rang for 3 rings, then the message machine went on, "This is Syaoran, I'm not home right now, so please, leave a message after the beep." The machine made a beep sound, Sakura swallowed, and began to record her message, "Syaoran, where are you? How come you didn't come to school today? Well, anyway, call me when you got home, okay?" Then she hung up.

Unfortunately, he never called back.


Sakura was getting more worry as time passes. Syaoran had been absent for three days now, and whenever she calls or goes to his apartment, he was never there. [What if something happens to him?] The thought came into her mind.

It was time for P.E., Tomoyo tapped Sakura's shoulder to tell her to get change. Sakura went into the changing room with Tomoyo, she took off her top, and Tomoyo realized there's something on her neck. "That's a nice necklace, where'd you buy it? And the little cute bell too!" She commended. Sakura didn't know what was she talking about until she stared down at her necklace. [No...] She thought.

It was the same bell and necklace Syaoran bought for her in Ometin, it shines in the sun light like his smile. [It wasn't a dream! We were at Ometin! And I came back! Oh my god! What about Syaoran? Is he still in Ometin? What if he didn't get back? What if something happened to him in Ometin? Oh, no...Syaoran!!!] She breathed quickly. Tomoyo asked, "What's wrong? Sakura?" Sakura looked at her, and yelled. "Tomoyo!! What am I going to do? Syaoran's in Ometin, he has to be!! He didn't make it back! I was the only one who came back...oh no...and Chocy, what happened to them?"

Tomoyo looked at her in confusion. "I...I don't understand, Sakura what are you talking about?"

Sakura burst into tears.


After school, Sakura ran into her room and buried herself in her blankets. She sobbed, [Why...why am I the only one who came back? Why did I ever wished to come back?] Then it hit her. [ wish came true?] She remembered she made a wish when the lights surrounded her. " I wish I were home...where dad, Touya, Tomoyo, Yukito and everyone else are..."

[Dad, Touya, Tomoyo, and Yukito...I didn't mention a word about Syaoran!! That's why I came back to the world, where dad, Touya, Tomoyo, and Yukito are!! But no Syaoran!! I...I need to go back! I must!! I can't just leave Syaoran there! I need to go back!!] She opened her bell, trying to get the Ometin Crystal that brought her to Ometin, but it was empty. [No wonder it didn't ring for the whole time when I was in Japan...] She felt hopeless, she's here, and Syaoran's in Ometin. She didn't know what to do. [Am I going to live like this for the rest of my life? No Syaoran? That's it?] She cried again, thinking about Syaoran, his face, his voice, his smile, the way his hugs warm her inside-out, and the way he call her silly every time she feels sad. She missed him, and she can't stand a life with out him.

Yukito went into her room. "Sakura? Are you okay?"

"Yukito..." Sakura got up, trying to dry her tears.

"I came to see Touya, and he said you were feeling low. Are you okay?"

"Yeah...(sob) I'm fine."

"Do you want to go to the park? When I feel said I always pack a box of snack and go for a picnic."

[Park...] Idea hit her, the park was where everything started, maybe if she goes to the park, she can find the crystal, and go back to Ometin, or at least find some clues about it.

"Sure...I'd love to go!!" Yukito went down stairs to pack his box of snacks, "Never mind about the snack, let's go, Yukito!!" She cried. "We'll try to be back before dinner, han-chan! (Spelling?)" ~~~~~

Sakura serched every single corner of the park and still couldn't find anything, not even a clue about Ometin. She tried the washroom where she found the crystal, but there's nothing, the crystal wasn't there anymore. She gave up and collapsed on a bench. Yukito sat beside her, still munching snacks. "What's wrong? What are you trying to find?"

"A lot of things...but they're all gone...all of them..." She began to cry again.

Yukito smoothed her back. "Can you tell me about it?"

"'s weird, it's really weird...can you just hear about it, and don't ask any questions?"


She began. "I was in another world with Syaoran, we were suppose to be in the fighting missioners thing together, but after I stayed there for a long time, I started to miss my home. Then all of the sudden, I was back, I don't know why, I wasn't suppose to be back till I've capture enough souls, it's probably something that lake monster did. When that light hit me, all I wanted was to go home, and I did. But what's the point of coming back when Syaoran's still there? He was always there for me; we got in and out of trouble together. Syaoran, Chocy and I are a team! We worked together! But nowEut now..."

She couldn't go on, and cried. Yukito was really confused now. " don't know what to say."

Sakura kept crying, [I...I wish I was back...back in Ometin, with Chocy, and Syaoran...I...] "I wish I can go back!!" She said. Then her bell started to glow, the way the Ometin crystal did when she was brought to there. In Ometin...

"What?" Yukito covered his eyes; it was too bright for him.

[What...?] The light surrounded her, and she saw Yukito became farther and farther, and vision is blocked by the light. "Syaoran...?" She whispered.

She was going back.

"Syaoran...I'm...I'm coming! I'm finally coming back!"


Sakura opened her eyes; a lady came into her view. "You're finally awake." The lady said.

Sakura got up, and saw Syaoran and Chocy sleeping beside her bed. "Syao..."

"Shh..." the lady shushed her, "Don't wake them."

[I'm back, I'm really back!!] (Author: Where have we heard that before?) Sakura thought. "Umm..." she began, quietly. "What happened?"

The lady smiled. "Those two haven't slept for three days, my boy friend and I wasted a lot of energy to get them to sleep. Oh, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Coly, this is the Ometin lake village. We really shouldn't thank you boy friend here for destroying the lake's monster, now we can fish again!"

Sakura tilted her head, still wondering what was going on. "Well," Coly continued. "Three days ago, you boy friend here carried you on his Chocobo's back to this village, he had some sort of emergency, you were sleeping like a baby when they carried you here."

[I was asleep? So that was a dream?? I didn't really go home?]

"I let him stayed at my house since he destroyed the monster. He put you on the bed, and took cared of you all of that night. Our loco doctor found out that you were hurt from the monster's laser attack; he told Syaoran that these attacks would make people's wish come true, but only in dreams, so ones who were attacked will never get up." [So that's wish came dream!] Sakura thought.

"The only way for a person to wake up," Coly went on. "Was by a magic potion, made by a rare kind of plant, or, if the person wish to come back herself." Sakura gasped. "Of cause," she went a head. "Everyone was having such a nice dream that no one would want to wake up, well, except for you, though. So your boy friend here started to search for the rare plant that is used to make the potion."

"He didn't find it?" Sakura asked, smoothing Syaoran's hair.

"No, he found it."


"He got scratches all over him, but he found it. He probably got his way through some thorns. He came back, didn't bother to treat his wounds, he told the physician to make the potion right away, but..." Colty took a deep breath. "When we tried to give you the potion so Syaoran can finally stop exhausting himself, he told us not to give you the potion."

"What?" Sakura asked. "Why?"

"He said you're probably having a really nice dream, doing things you can't possibly do in the real world, he said to let you dream a bit longer. He was by you side all the time, and so is this little Chocobo, fixing your pillow, wiping you sweat, it was just an hour ago when I finally got him to have some rest."

"Syaoran..." Sakura whispered. She looked at him, and tears came down from her face. She wiped her tears, and looked at Coly. "Can you do me a favor?"


Syaoran slowly woke up. He realized Sakura wasn't on the bed anymore. He looked around; Chocy was still sleeping beside him. "Sakura?" he said. Then Sakura came through the door with a smile. "You call me?" Syaoran looked up, his face lid up. "Sakura! You're awake!!" Then he looked at Coly. "Did you give her the potion while I was asleep?"

Coly put her finger to her lip. "Oh...I had nothing to do with it."

"I just...woke up." Sakura said. "And...thank you...for all the things you've done for me..." Syaoran blushed. "You don't have to thank me, silly." Sakura hugged him; he hesitated, and then hugged back. "Don't you ever do that again, you hear me?" he said. Sakura nodded.

They let go, and Sakura said. "And, to thank you, I told Coly to teach me how to cook Ometin food. I'll cook you a nice big meal!!"

"Can I trust your skills?" Syaoran said. Sakura looked at him madly, and rose up her hand, ready to hit. "Okay, I was just joking, I'll eat every single drop, even if it taste bad."

They all laughed, then Chocy woke up, when he saw Sakura, he went berserk, and buried his head in Sakura's chest. "'s okay now Chocy..." Sakura said.


After the meal, Sakura finished washing the dishes with Coly, had a bath, and was getting to bed. Syaoran was already inside; he turned around when he heard she came in. "Sakura, um, here, you can sleep on the bed." Sakura blushed, and said. "Well, I was thinking. We're going to be having this kind of situation a lot if we have to travel together. So...I think it's time that we, you know, get use to sleeping together, in one bed."

There was a long pause, then Syaoran finally broke the silence, " mean sleeping together?? In one bed??" His face was redder then usual. "Um...that's what I said." Sakura replied.

She climbed on the bed, and looked at Syaoran, he froze, and then sat on the bed, he didn't dare to climb on. Sakura gave him the puppy face again. "Come on~" He got on the bed, his motion was very stiffed.

Well, there they are, together on one bed. (Quite far away though) Both of their heartbeats went crazy. Syaoran tried to talk, to make the situation less tense. He tried to think of a question. Then he remembered, the thing that had been bothering him all day. "Sakura...?" He said. "Why did you wake up in from the dream? Didn't you get your wish? Wasn't that dream nice?"

Sakura suddenly felt calm, and relaxed. She moved closer to Syaoran, and answered. "I've had better." Both of them smiled, and went to sleep.

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