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Part One: Coming

This was a beautiful afternoon, the clouds were floating and playing with the bright sun light in light blue sky, under the sky was Tokyo in Japan. After Eriol, Spinal Sun and Ruby moon left Tomoeda, everything turned back to the peace like nothing had or would happened.

Tokyo was being covered by peace while always busied at the same time. Narita Airport too, always had airplanes from every where in the world visited all the time. As usual, today, Narita Airport had airplanes landing in their railway and among them was an airplane from Hong Kong.

A lady was walking with a big travelling-bag, out of passenger-outward path. She wore red Chinese-style shirt matched with deep blue shin length fitted skirt matched with her black hair, pale skin, delicate made up. She was catching males' eye along the path she walked through out of Narita Airport. She called a Taxi and entered the car.

"Good Afternoon Miss, Where do you want to go?" the Taxi-rider asked in polite manner.

She looked at two pieces of papers that were written something. She considered it as her choices for a moment, "Tomoeda, please," she finally informed the rider with her strange Japanese intonation.

* * * * * * * * *

At Tomoeda Elementary School, a long ringing sound was echoing though out the school, students began to leave their classrooms. The favorite topic they chatted was about summer vacation, which coming days.

"Tomoyo-chan where are you going to go in this summer?" Sakura asked while putting her stationery in her school bag.

Tomoyo looked at her and said, waiting for her dear friend, "I still don't have any plan. What about you Sakura-chan?"

"Father's doing a research, he is very busy, may be all this summer vacation, I guess." She replied, turned to Shaolan who was behind her, about draping his school bag over his shoulder. "What about you Li-kun?"

"U-Um? I-I don't have any plan too," he blushed as he was looking at Sakura. Tomoyo just smiled at the situation as she usually was.

After saying goodbye to their friends in class, the kids were starting to walk out of their classroom together. Tomoyo stood near Shaolan whispered to him, "That is a good change for you to confess to Sakura-chan, ne?" After she finished, she walked quickly to waiting Sakura who was looking at them, her eyes was now focus on Shaolan's red face.

"Li-kun do you have fever? Your face is so red," she asked, staring at him in concerned for him.

"N-No, I'm fine," Shaolan shatteringly replied, seeing Sakura's beautiful warm eyes were staring made his heart started to feed his red blood to his face much more faster.

<I really wish I have a video recorder here, > Tomoyo thought, could not help but smiled at lovely screen in front of her.

The three kids were walking together, passing out of the school gate. They were caught and stopped by a female's voice called the name of the boy.

"Shaolan" Elder lady called out little louder than the previous one, waving her right hand, trying to call their attention. Few students looked at the beautiful elder who wore the red Chinese style shirt with long blue skirt and a pink round seem-to-be-a-fish-shape balloon, which was floating in front to her. They whirled to the voice's direction. She smiled, walking straight to the little youngsters.

"Fuutie-oneesan!?" Shaolan was surprised by untold arrival of his sister, "Why you are here?" The boy asked, gazing up while his sister approached them. Sakura and Tomoyo too, were surprised with the sudden unexpected event.

"Do business," she replied the question, light-heartily shrugged.

"When did you came here?" he asked while the two little girls were listening the conversation confusingly.

"Just for a hour," she began, "I go to your apartment but you're not there, I guess you are here so I put my baggage in and come to find you"

"How can you know the path?" Shaolan was confused. He did not notice a round pink balloon, which was floating at the right in front of the elder.

Fuutie pointed at the round pink balloon, "Shiki-chan help me to find your trace."

"Shiki-chan?" Shaolan blinked twice looked at the balloon. "Aw!" Then he patted his one hand on his forehead, started to lecture again but this time mostly whispered to Fuutie, tiny frown was between his eyebrows. "How many times I told you don't used the magic creature 'Shiki' in public like this?!"

"Don't be so serious brother, everyone will thinks Shiki-chan is just a lovely balloon, see? No one doubted my Shiki-chan." She smirked.

Finally face faulted Shaolan gave up, he sighed. He never won any augment with his four older sisters at least once. Even he always had a good reason however he also always could not talk fast enough whenever he was talking with his four sisters.

Fuutie looked at the two little girls behind her little brother, "But why don't you introduce your cute friend there?"

"Hm?" Shaolan looked up; he turned to Sakura and Tomoyo. He spread out his right hand to his sister to introduce her to the girls. "She is Li Fuutie my eldest sister," she smiled at the girls as Shaolan continued, "This is Daidouji Tomoyo and ..Kinomoto Sakura." Tomoyo could clearly perceive that Shaolan was blushing while he was introducing Sakura, she smiled.

Fuutie bowed in traditional Japanese greeting gesture to the girls, "Li Fuutie, nice to meet you." Shiki-chan mimicked her, greeted the girls too.

"Kinomoto Sakura"

"Daidouji Tomoyo"

"Nice to meet you," two girls said in union, made a greeting bow back at the young woman.

Fuutie bent down to girls looked at Sakura and asked, "Oh! You're master of Clow card always Shaolan write in the letters, right?" Sakura reluctantly nodded, "Y-Yes," this was a secret but since the woman was Shaolan's sister, it was no need to keep the story in secret to her. "So, you're Sakura-chan's friend who always recorded video tapes, right?" Young lady turned to Tomoyo who nodded, "Yes," replied and smiled gentle.

"Wow! I want to see when Sakura-chan catch the cards too, I want to know how cute she is when she catch the card." Fuutie exclaimed sharp voice in excitement.

Tomoyo's smile became bigger, she said, "If you want to, I will give the copies to you tomorrow"

"Really?? Thanks you Tomoyo-chan." Fuutie twinkled at the girls cheerfully as Tomoyo smiled back. "How cute friends you have Shaolan?" Her little brother blushed as responded. "Okay," elder lightly clapped her hands, regained kids' attention, turned her face to the girls. "For a good day likes this, do you all want some ice cream with me? I'll pay for you all. But you must guide me because I don't know where an ice cream shop is." Fuutie smiled brightly to two girls who giggled.

"Yes," girls replied

"Let's go," Fuutie cheerful said.

They walked along the side of street; Tomoyo was Fuutie's side and Shiki-chan on other of Fuutie's side, informed the way to the foreigner. Sakura and Shaolan were walking behind them.

"Your sister is so beautiful," Sakura whispered, "You're so lucky Li-kun," turned to smile at the boy. Her cute smile drove Shaolan blushed, his brain took a quick holiday.

"U-um," was he could talk, nodded once.

Fuutie peeked over her shoulder at two kids behind her, her lip made a curve up, she quickly turned back when the group arrived at a shop.

The group entered ice cream shop, which windows were decorated with various colors of flowers and ribbons with sweet smell of ice creams in the shop. Peoples sat almost all the seat the shop provided as customers, their faces were showing that they were enjoying the sweet mood of the shop and the test of ice cream they were eating.

The new comers sat down on a bench, Fuutie and Shaolan on one side, Sakura and Tomoyo on opposite side.

The fours looked at menus a waiter brought them while the four customers had not made any order, waiter looked up little staring at a round pink balloon, which was drifting still in wonder. Waiter's eye wide opened when the round pink balloon smiled back moreover bowed as if it was greeting. If it was an ordinary animal the waiter might smiled back and admired that it was so clever but it was a balloon in waiter's eye that was a problem.

Seeing that, Shaolan rapid ordered stole waiter's attention from the magic creature, the three ladies respectively ordered followed him. After took all the orders, waiter quickly observed Shiki-chan once again before left the customers.

Shaolan twisted to his eldest sister, "Fuutie-oneesan why you still let Shiki floating like this?" He asked, kept his voice soft.

"Why not? Who'll know besides Shiki-chan also wants to come to Japan for a long time, it must hide in my baggage all the time when we're on airplane. Why not let Shiki-chan have the joyful trip in Japan? ne Shiki-chan." Fuutie turned to Shiki-chan for agreeing support her comments as it nodded slightly and it wheeled to Shaolan staring, glimmer eyes, at him like a poor puppy dog bagging for his sympathy.

"Okay," Shaolan sighed in fail. Sakura and Tomoyo could not help but giggling at the cute sibling, the eldest sister absolutely loved to tease her little brother. But one thing rushed in the boy's brain when he heard the word 'baggage'

"Fuutie-oneesan, do you told me you put your baggage in my room in apartment before you find me?" Shaolan asked.

Fuutie turned to Shaolan, "Yes, why?"

"So how can you put your baggage in my room since you have not the key? I didn't lock the door?" Boy confused as the girls also started to think of that question.

"Yes, you already locked it," she shrugged.

"Then how?" For now the three kids were really confused.

"I just used my needle and added some tricks but it didn't open so I used some strength, kicked it and it easily opened . Nothing needs to worry. Thanks for your concern brother." Fuutie told as matter of face, smiled sweetly to Shaolan.

A big sweat drops appeared on the three kids' head, speechless for a minute. Shaolan stood up headache sighed. "All right I'll call apartment caretaker before she is shocked that you are a theft invades in my room."

Before Sakura or Tomoyo could say anything, he already walked for finding a telephone. <A lot of surprises hit him today make him forget that we have the mobile phone, > two girls thought. As Sakura prepared to stand up to follow Shaolan, her hand was caught by Fuutie who smiling at her.

"Let him, I want some girls' talk to you two."

"Yes, Li-Fuu..Li-san," Sakura perplexed how to termed her.

Fuutie giggling as Sakura sat down, "Just Fuutie is enough."

"Yes Fuutie-san," Sakura nodded.

Elder smiled at girls, turned to looked at Shaolan who was standing in a line with few persons in front of him that waiting for using the phone in the shop too.

"He's change so much," Fuutie began.

"Ho-e?" Sakura confused.

Fuutie whirled to the girls, "I mean he's more cheerful, not so serious, reticent like before he came here." Her face changed to show more serious expression made girls' attention focused on her, she put her two hand, laced all her ten fingers and put it on the table, took a deep breath.

"Since our father died when he was young," she began. "Mother and we as his sisters so much worry about him especially two things. One is he's the one who going to be the leader of our clan. Even now mother's the leader but it's just temporary until he grows up enough. For that he must learns a lot of things and practices terrible hard. It's much more than a ten years old boy can take."

Fuutie turned to look at Shaolan, "That small shoulders must carry all hope and responsibility of our clan. He never has a chance to live or even acts like other ordinary children in his age. He completely aware what is bounding him, always used all his effort in it, he's not even complain in addition he does things well. But I know, all we know, he feel lonely even he try to hide that feeling, doesn't want us to worry about him."

Both Sakura and Tomoyo could tell that the way Fuutie looked at Shaolan was exactly the same as the way their family looked at them. It had Fuutie's love, concern, good wish, warmth unmasked in the Li sister's eye. Smiling arisen on two girls' face as they felt warmth reached them.

Fuutie turned to smiling lightheartedly to girls, "I glad that he seems to happier here," she bowed at two girls and Shiki-chan did so. "Thank you for take caring of him and be his friends," she said.

Tomoyo smiled and bowed back accepted her Thank while Sakura seemed to little startle before she bowed at the elder. Sakura did not think that she would received a formal thank from Fuutie like this. They did not say anything, did not want to interupt what Fuutie would talk next.

Fuutie continued, "But another thing's so much important…." She paused, her face became darker.

"What's that, Fuutie-san. If Li-kun has any problems, we'll help him because he also help me a lot besides he's our friend too, ne Tomoyo-chan." Sakura turned to Tomoyo who smiling nodded to her then looked at Fuutie. "Yes, Fuutie-san," Tomoyo said.

Fuutie gave two girls a thank smile, "Thank you very much, Sakura-chan, Tomoyo-chan." Girls smiled back.

"So what do you worry about? Fuutie-san," Tomoyo asked.

"We afraid that…Shaolan…will…….." Fuutie paused again. Sakura and Tomoyo paid full their attention to young woman. They doubted what was she so much worry about it might be a really big important problem, no matter what it was they would help their friend, they thought.

"He will…." Fuutie hesitated to say the next, motivated Sakura and Tomoyo unaware bent forward slightly for listened what she was going to say.

"Be a gay."

Two girls almost slipped down to the floor for what Fuutie's clearly voice, finished. A huge sweat drops was on their each other head. Fuutie crossed her arms on her chest as she continued in serious expression.

"He's only a son out of five sibling and only male in our family. I have ever listen from television and read from a book that in his case, he has the high probability to become a gay."

"Um, that is a considerable problem for families today," Tomoyo added, she rested her chin on her thump and index fingers while another one crossed on her chest, the expressions serious think gesture.

"Ho! I can't imagine what does he look if he dress like a girl," Fuutie's located her two hands on her cheeks, shook her head slightly. Shiki-chan did too, it seemed to reflected all Fuutie gesture like a little baby.

"Well, he did, ne Sakura-chan," Tomoyo turned to Sakura who still confused and smiled, putting one hand in her school bag.

"??" Was what Sakura returned

"Did he?!" Fuutie took aback.

Tomoyo picked a photo from her school bag, laid it in front of Fuutie and pointed at the photo. "Here Fuutie-san," she said soft voice.

Fuutie, Shiki-chan and Sakura leaned forward for took a clear look. That picture had Sakura wore in traditional European costume with hat, she wore as if a prince. Shaolan wore a very long skirt, long curl wig match with a crown on his head. Not only them, fairy Naoko, Shiharu, queen Rika, witch Yamazaki, all Sakura's class members on the picture.

"That's the photo when we acted 'Sleeping Beauty' in School annuity day, right?" Sakura asked, looked at Tomoyo. She nodded, smiled.

"Wow! Cuteee, everyone's so cute" Fuutie exclaimed in wonder. "You too are so cute, Sakura-chan, I bet you're the prince, right?" she looked up at Sakura.

"Y-Yes," Sakura's face became redden.

"His role was Aurora Princess, Fuutie-san," Tomoyo stated.

"No doubt, he'll make a very cute girl if he's a gay," Fuutie said amusingly, two girls giggling

"Who's gay?" Voice from behind startled Fuutie, Tomoyo speedily hid the picture. That was Shaolan came back after finished his business.

"Nothing nothing. We're talking about you always take care of us specially Sakura-chan all the time." Distorted the truth Tomoyo.

"Ho-e?" Confused Sakura.

"Yes, Tomoyo-chan's right," confirmed Fuutie, she smiled at Tomoyo as Tomoyo could get Fuutie's joke at the beginning, they got along together so nicely though not sure for Sakura that she could get it or not.

"U-Um," Shaolan blushed intensely, not bothered to question anything further, he sat down on his seat. Fuutie glanced at Sakura then her little brother and grinned.

"What about your room?" Tomoyo asked him.

"Caretaker's really surprise, she thinks that a theft invades my room. When I called her she was about to call policeman. Good luck not thing to be damage."

"As I told you that don't worry anything," Fuutie said evenly, looked at the waiter who approached the bench they were sitting and served ice creams they had ordered.

The curious waiter gazing at Shiki-chan again, good thing that Shiki-chan did not cycled to look back because it was interesting in ice cream its master ordered so that effected Shiki-chan was looked like an ordinary balloon, which drifting motionless. Then waiter finally ended the observation, it might be partially blind, waiter reasoned, therefore the waiter turned to leave the customers.

After they finished to eat, they said good bye to each another and made their way back home

* * * * * * * * *

Fuutie and Shaolan walked along the street side, arrived to apartment where Shaolan lived. Shaolan stopped in the apartment caretaker's room for a minute said something about sorry for complicated things his sister had did and introduced Fuutie to the caretaker, this time Shaolan command Shiki-chan that it had to pretend to be a balloon and it did. After finished they left, walked to Shaolan's room.

He wondered his room's door was not damaged much as he though, it just only a door bolt that seemed to be obviously damaged but all still could be used, at least until he bought a new one tomorrow. Even it was not a right tactfulness to appreciate what his sister did, but it was proven that his sister was great in estimating of power she used in her kick to create least damage as much as possible.

"Fuutie-oneesan, which room does you want to sleep? I'll set it," Shaolan asked.

"Oh, thanks brother, you haven't to do it cause I already did it." Fuutie said in gratitude.

"You did? Which room?" Shaolan astonished his voice a bit louder.

"There," Fuutie nodded and point at a room beside his bedroom. "I want to take a bath before dinner time," she informed him. She walked to her room picked a towel and entered bathroom left Shiki-chan outside as it settled down itself on the counter bar, which was in main part of Shaolan room.

Shaolan walked to the room that now was sister bedroom, for checking what would be needed more and his sister might forgot. The room was already set completely as his sister said. A bed, bed cloth, pillows, all her outfit was put in a wardrobe in t he room, everything was more than ready for Fuutie to stay in.

<No wonder she could find a right way to bathroom, > Shaolan though before left the room.

An hour later Fuutie went out form bathroom, wearing her pajamas. Shaolan was preparing stuffs for dinner; Shiki-chan was beside him like Kero-chan drifting beside Sakura when she cooked. Young woman walked peered over one of her little brother's shoulder to see what he was doing.

"What are you cooking?" Curious Fuutie asked.

"Ramen," he replied as he almost finished cooking, just boiled noodles in soup dinner would be ready to eat. "Do you want to eat now?"

"Yes, your Ramen is very delicious, I'll set the table," joyful Fuutie and Shiki-chan started to set table…..actually Shiki-chan just drifting on its master's side looked its master set dinning table.

Shaolan carried a tray of Ramen out off kitchen walked to the table near to reach the table.

"Tomoyo-chan and especially SAKURA-chan is very cute, ne Shaolan," Fuutie said half playfully as she stressed her voice on Sakura's name.

He immediately slipped with the tray in his hand when he hard what Fuutie said however not lost his balance to allow boiling water boiled himself. He quickly placed the tray on the table, his face red.

When she saw little boy blushed she grinned and said, "I know your class performed 'Sleeping Beauty' and YOU WAS AURORA princess, right?"


"And SAKUR-chan was THE PRINCE, right?"


"By the story prince has to KISS princess to wake her up, right?"


"I wonder did prince SAKURA gave a REAL KISSED to Princess SHAOLAN?"


<It's fun to tease him, > Fuutie enjoyed, not let him a chance to protest her. "Do you like Sakura-chan?" She paused, bent down face on boy's eye level, and grinned evilly, "or.." She looked up like she thought the exactly word which named the feeling, which much more than 'like'

"LOVE?" She finished.

Shaolan blushed even deeper, now his face was the same color of tomato source that located at the center of dinning table.

"Do you told Sakura-chan that YOU LOVE HER?" Fuutie stopped, waiting for answer but answer her little brother gave her was silence and blushed even deepen. She grinned, all things was easy to obvious and understood.

"I guess you haven't told her YOU LOVE HER." She stressed, over stressed every word that enforced boy's heart danced faster and she succeeded as his face turned red much enough to make not-really-knew-what-was-going-on Shiki-chan startled.

Fuutie enjoyed the moment of terrible embarrassment of little brother for a while, she never ever seen him embarrassed till today and she knew that was meant her brother was falling in love with a girl.

Sudden her face became darker exactly the same whenever she though that what was bounding her little brother from ordinary happiness that everyone could get if that person had not to take whatever her little brother must take. This was not fun if considered of what she was going to tell him

Again Fuutie tried to control her face.

"Shaolan," Fuutie called him as he lifted his red face looked at her. Shaolan looked at the face of the woman who teller than he. He saw Fuutie's facial expression changed, to the warm smiled to him like his mother always did.

She knelt down in front of the little youngster, looked deep in his eyes as concerned on her face, she took a deep breath.

"Shaolan," she began, "All Clow cards was collected, right?" She said every word softly but totally clear, her face was serious still.

He hesitantly nodded lightly, staring still on the face in front of him.

"The judgement from Yue was done, changing of Clow cards was completed, Clow Reed's reincarnation, what was his purposes and he achieved it, right?"

He nodded again.

"Do you remember your real purpose when you came here was?" Her face was delicate like Chinese goddess soft, warm, gentle. She tried her best to do it

Chill dashed, stubbed through his backbone like he knew what was Fuutie going to tell him. He could do nothing but wryly nodded and tried to utter his voice from his dry throat. He gulped looked down on the floor his heart beat faster.

"…S-Seal Clow card to prevent the d-disaster," he replied but his voice like whisper than talking. Red color of life, of embarrassment, which was on his face minute ago, was all vanished, his face pale. His hands were clenched to be fists.

"All things was done, no any diastase happen, Shaolan, our real purpose was done, you did the excellence job. For the duty you must stay in Japan for a year, we're so proud of you." Fuutie gentle patted his head lovingly, starring in his eyes. "I know you miss home and we do. Especially mother, she really think of you so she quickly sent me here for takes you back, to our home, Shaolan."

Every word was clear, it was clear enough to cause he gasped for taking an oxygen because he felt was difficult to breath. He gasped because he heard something he did not want to.

Not like he did not miss his family, he missed his mother, all his four elder sisters, when he saw Fuutie was here in Japan, he was so glad even he did not show it out. He did not want to leave Japan because someone bounded his heart

But since he was 'Li Shaolan' who was bounded by all responsibility and hope of his clan. He must learn a lot of thing and practiced so terrible heard, as the matter of Fuutie's every word nothing less than that in ordered to be the leader of clan.

Shaolan's brain was blanked, he did not want to think but it dashed in. He knew, always knew what his sister told him would happen but it still….hurt. Hurt becaused of he was bounded by family responsibilyty as he was Li not his family.

For Fuutie, she knew lie or pretending, refused the truth would not help, It would much hurt if he knew at ending. Her naive little brother hurt, she knew went away from his friends, ……from Sakura-chan, it was hurt. He bound with Japan more than she thought.

Saw little boy was standing still, glancing on the floor, two fists lightly shook. She felt more than terrible pity to him. Her dear ten years old brother was hurt by her words. She felt herself not less than demon that made the boy hurt.

Fuutie leaned forward, used her two hands hugged him, consoling her little brother was all she could does now as Shaolan did not resisted and but not hugged back.

"When we'll go?" Evenly tone in boy's voice asked.

"One week from now," Fuutie said clammily.

"Um," he accepted. Shaolan gentle pulled his sister out released himself.

Eldest sister could see her little brother. He was crying but did not had any noise of sniffling or sobbing, had no tear on his face, no emotion, his face just blanked that was the way he cried. Lament? Frustration? Or glad for coming home? She did not know but she could understand that he……shocked. Her eyes follow the boy as he walked toward his bedroom.

"Where did you go?" Fuutie asked worrying.

"I want some rest," his voice nearly whispered.

"S-Shaolan," Fuutie paused, thought about she must talk something but what. "Wha-What about dinner?" Asked Fuutie, <Why did I say that silly thing??> She rebuked herself.

"I'm not hungry, goodnight Fuutie-oneesan," the last sentence was out as Shaolan closed the door of his bedroom faintly.

Fuutie sighed, <I want this news surprise him but it's not what I want..> She looked at Shaolan through the door of his bedroom, her eyes was sad. <Poor brother, he upset more than I though. He didn't open his mouth to protest, I guess he even didn't think an excuse to live here.>

* * * * * * * * *

In bedroom, Shaolan lied on his bed, still awake, he did not turn on the light in his bedroom. He was staring out to through window in his room, staring at stars that were twinkling, esteeming their starlight against the moon and the sky in the night. He did not think anything just staring.

For Shaolan, he was….shocking by the new hit him like a thunderbolt.

He was tied by two bounds that he considered worthily than himself but he already made his decision.

Decision that he had no other choice to choose.

The decision would be what he recognized of it for a long time, the decision that was honor and pride of the family.

Even that decision was scrambling his friend from him. He knew all his classmate in school was good person and be his friends. Not like Hong Kong that just respected him, almost feared of him because of his family's reputation, they put him on alter above their heads, that was so….lonely.

Even that decision was scrambling his heart from him tore him from his first love.

But he could not let self-fish of his own happiness enclosed his mind, his mother, his family thought of him, everyone was waiting for him to go back. He must do that decision was because he was born as Li's members but his life he got was not his life.

One thing that he thought it was good now was he did not confessed his feeling to Sakura yet, if he did it might hurt even more than he was.

-------------E N D---------------
To Be Continue Next
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