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Part Two: Thinking

The sun lingered up from horizon as every morning, shining its golden light was the sign of a new day began. Living things was wakening by the sunlight. Birds started to stretch their wings out for flying from their nest. They used their sharp angelic voices they had, uttered in enchanting rhythmical, as if they were singing a song of nature.

Tomoeda was immersed with the brightness of a new day as usual. Someone was waking up as the light traveled to, while someone would be weaken up later.

Even so Shaolan did not wake up since he had not slept last night. He just lied on his bed and viewed out the window in his bedroom. He waited for a new day in Tomoeda was tardily created.

Shaolan sat on his bed, stood up and walked to bathroom. He took a bath, brushed his teeth, practiced morning training. All his is activities in this morning still like every morning, but after his eldest sister had told him he had to go home next week….no, six days, made all things dissimilar to him.

He clothed a light yellow apron, for preparing breakfast. The boy's emotional states almost soften when his eyes snatched a piece of paper on dinning table that noted a concise massage to him.

[To My Dear Brother;
If you hungry in mid-night, your Ramen is in refrigerator.
And please don't be so sad
Love Fuutie.]

Shaolan respired, his knew his eldest sister worried about him. He did not ever want his family to worry about him, but every time he tried to hide his sadness, his family also knew every time as well.

After the meals were prepared, Shaolan walked to, now, Fuutie's bedroom, in favor of calling her to ate breakfast. When he opened the bedroom he saw his sister was sleeping comfortable on her new bed, with Shiki-chan which its stomach was encountering the ceiling of the room, lied more than comfortable beside its master's pillow.

Seeing his sister and the magic creature were resting so well, he closed Fuutie's bedroom door. The kindhearted boy did not want to disturb them.

When Shaolan finished his meal…..not really finished by eating the meal, he finished it by staring and playing his meal to full. He washed his plate and picked a piece of pager, wrote some note.

[To Fuutie-oneesan;
I am go to school. If you wake up your breakfast is on dinning table.
Don't worry anything about me, I'm fine.

He placed his note on the dinning table, grasped his school bag and opened the door in the main room. Blocked Shaolan looked at the damaged door bolt. He thought, <I have to fix this bolt. > He paused woefully, <For the new tenant who'll live here after I leave. > He gentle closed the door, went to school, which ending semester was coming in three days.

Sound of closed door woke Fuutie up. She sat up sleepily, gazed through closing door of her bedroom and then Shiki-chan, which was ignorant sleeping.

Fuutie smiled, trickled its obviously seen stomach. Her smile became a grinned when it did not wake up. Instead, it trundled itself like a rolled bucket. When she gave the trickle attacks again, Shiki-chan also trundled its round body again. Sleeping Shiki-chan want to get away from something annoyed its happy sleep.

At last, she gave up, allowed the drowsy magic creature performed its happy sleep. Fuutie stood up, stretched out her arms and opened her bedroom door, rode to the main room. She picked a note Shaolan left to her to read the massage.

Young woman's face saddened after she read the note. <You hide yours feeling all the time Shaolan, but you are not good in it. Even Shiki-chan won't believe you that you're fine as you say. >

Fuutie closed her eyes to think. She had to take him back. Everyone in family missed him. 'Li' clan needed him to go back and he knew he must. She did not expect the situation to be like this. When she had arrived here she had not told him the reason why she came, she wanted this news was surprised, the happy surprised for him that he could go home as his all duties had done.

Yes, this news surprised the little boy, as she wanted to. Only surprising that she got….

Since she realized that someone, who was in Japan, bounded her brother's heart, she was hesitated to take him back. For Fuutie's point of view, she still thought that Shaolan should go home. He was only a ten years old boy, even he acted as if he was not. He stilled was a kid that should go home, go back to the clan, go back to their family.

She sighed, put the note down on the table, gazing at the door that her little brother had left. She shook her head to clear her thought, reached to her handbag. She plucked two piece of paper note. One noted Shaolan's dwelling in Japan. Another one was noted an address she was going to go.

She walked to bathroom for taking a bath, she thought, it was time to wake sleepy Shiki-chan up to go out with her to find the traces of the place she was going to go, made sure she would not get lose.

* * * * * * * * *

Shaolan was walking lazy on street side; it was the way to go to school. He looked at the side of the path he walked to school every day. Trees ornamented all along the path, all it was cherry-blossom trees.

He remembered, the first day he had walked through this path to Tomoeda Elementary School, he had not much paid attention to it. He, on the contrary, had had a strong attempt that he must gather all Clow cards as quick as possible. For preventing the disaster that would occur if the card scattered, because he was 'Li', Clow Reed's relative.

When the first time he had met the girl who had been card capture, he had coerced her to give all cards she had at that time to him. Coercing girl was a thing he never wanted to do.

But since capturing the cards was the really dangerous task, for certain if she still had doing it, the cards might injure her someday. He had suspected what Cerberus though, why that guardian had chosen a girl to do such a dangerous thing?

If he had hesitated, and the cards had showed up, the girl might be in dangerous. Indeed the reasons had driven coercing seemed to be the best choice, for making the girl gave Clow cards to him as quick as possible. For a stranger girl's safety, if she had hated him for coerced her, he would have to accept.

But the girl's big brother had darted in the way. The guy made his plan failed. May be, it was the starting point that phlegmatically brought the boy's attention on the girl who had been the captor of Clow cards.

For many times that she had nearly been injured by capture the cards, what would happen if he had not been there at that time?

But the girl had not seemed to dread of several dangerous she had faced. He did not understand, even today; whether she was a stubborn girl or due to Cerberus instigated the girl.

He guessed it might be last one.

For him, could not only stand and looked a girl was in dangerous, even that person was a stranger. It was an automatically reaction, as a male, that he had to protect this stranger girl.

Subsequently many things had happened, drove his mind to consequence of unknown slowly changing. From protecting the stranger girl as it was male responsibility, maturated to yearn, by his volition, to protect this girl…

He did not know when she had started to encircle his heart. However since he had known his heart, his feeling for her became so much stronger than he could ignore them.

As something arose in his heart, for now, Shaolan always gazed at the cherry blossom trees whenever he passed them. He could not help, but the trees made him thought of the girl. The girl who had been the capture of Clow cards. The girl who was the master of Clow card. The girl, who was named alike the name of flower of the tree. The girl named Sakura.

Once he could regain his mind again, he found himself was going into the school's gate. Abruptly, A boy whose eyes were appeared to be curved lines on his face, Yamazaki, calling him, cut off Shaolan's commemorations.

"Good morning, Li-kun. You come so early today." Yamazaki approached him

"Um," The chestnut hair nodded.

"Ah," black hair boy inhaled morning fresh air. "I love morning," he turned to Shaolan as they enter the school's building. "You know, the ancient Egypt said children have to wake up in the morning, because children need power to survive from the god of sun. Do you know why? It because of children in that era was so easily died if they got a disease. Their parent believed that if children could get power form 'Ra', which was the god of the sun, in the morning, they would not died if they got a disease. So that was why children have to come to school in the morning."

While babbling boy was saying the story, Shaolan was only starring at his friend still. He did not listen. He would always curiously listened, as well as totally believed what Yamazaki often told him, in case of he had a nothing to think.

He thought back that Yamazaki was the first one who offered friendship to him. As friend, Yamazaki always took care of him, when he earlier was a student of Tomoeda Elementary School. Besides Yamazaki always told him many interesting things, and he enjoyed to listen the stories. Yamazaki genuinely was a good person.

Not only Yamazaki. Tomoyo and all in class also was good person. Before Shaolan came here, he never had a chance to make friend with others kids in his age. When he had a chance when he was in Japan, nonetheless he did not know how to react with them, how to make friend with them. It was entirely new to Shaolan.

On the other hand they seemed did not care, they walked to him, asked him to be their friend voluntarily. This was the first time he had a friend who not fear of him like persons he knew in Hong Kong.

He would miss all his friends and everyone in Tomoeda…a lot.

Then he decided that he would used this three days before summer vacation, before he went home, to be an ordinary kid. To talk, to smile, to laugh, joined with his friend before the chance with them left him.

When Yamazaki ended his bubbling, he noticed that his friend did not listen to him but thought something, gazing at his face. Black hair boy send suspicious looked to Shaolan.

"Hm? What Li-kun?" Yamazaki asked.

"Hm?" Shaolan's brainwork was alarmed back to the reality. "Nothing, just thinking," he smiled delicate warmly directly to Yamazaki.

The black hair boy's mouth hung down in shocked. Yes, Yamazaki used to see Shaolan's smile before, but when the cinnamon hair did he did not aware himself that he smiled. This was the first time Shaolan intentionally to smile directly straight to Yamazaki.

The boy put one hand on Shaolan forehead. "Hmm… no fever. Li-kun, are you okay?" Yamazaki asked worrisome.

Shaolan send confused blinked twice to Yamazaki; "I'm fine. What wrong?"

Yamazaki drew his own hand from Shaolan's forehead, "N-No, nothing." Yamazaki did not instructed anything further but thought, <May be, it is going to rain. > He turned his face up to the bright sky of the morning. <Poor thing, I'm not bring an umbrella with me today. >

When Shaolan entered classroom, he paid his delicate smile and greeted all students in class. Doubtless, they all were shocked, and did exactly the same what Yamazaki had done, patted Shaolan's head, checking for his pyrexia and thought. <Today is going to rain, > they thought.

"Good morning," two sharp cheerful voices greeted everyone in class. It was Sakura and Tomoyo who held a paper bag in her left hand.

"Good morning," Shaolan smiled, greeted the girls.

It took few seconds for Sakura and Tomoyo to gather each other consciousness back to the occurrence, when they saw the boy was smiling to them. He might be happy because his sister came in Japan, the girls thought, before they greeted him back.

"Good morning, Li-kun." They said, as they sat on their seat.

Tomoyo gave the paper bag she brought to Shaolan. In side it was videotapes, certainly, it was the videotape Tomoyo had promised to give to Fuutie.

At the same time that Shaolan took the bag, Sakura said amiably, "You look very happy today, Li-kun. I guess because Fuutie-san's in Japan, isn't it?"

"U-Um," He stammered uncomfortable.

"Li-kun, what business Fuutie-san has to do in Japan?" Tomoyo beautiful voice asked.

Shaolan's face saddened but he quickly hid it, by his smiling mask, smiling to the girls. "N-Nothing, just travelling."

Shaolan did not know how to tell Sakura that he was going home. He did not even know that how could he bring himself to tell her. Sakura's sad face was what he never ever wanted.

However the boy's mask could not cover what he wanted to hide from Tomoyo's excellent eyesight. She perceived Sakura through the lens of video camera for a long time. As if a photographer, she could snatch something, some tiny emotion that others could not.

<Something wrong with him? > Tomoyo could assure Shaolan tried to enshroud something. He was, same as Sakura in this point, not a good liar.

During the bright fresh morning of school day, summer drizzly rain fell.

<As expect, > all students in Sakura's class commented for the natural phenomenon, which had given a presage they could betoken it was going to happen. Excluded three persons, Sakura, Tomoyo and the last one, who was a presage of the natural phenomenon, Shaolan.

Rain fell throughout of the morning before stopped. No one, but only God could comprehend whether Shaolan's extraordinary smile or his sorrow that caused the rain.

* * * * * * * * *

At the apartment, in afternoon, young woman opened the door of Shaolan's dwelling, this time she did not used any of her special techniques, but used a key her brother gave her.

Fuutie and Shiki-chan just came back from business, she had gone out in the morning. She dressed a white suit with long brown shin length fit skirt. The outfits she wore today appeared more formal. Depleted of energy Fuutie eyed down to her wristwatch. It was one twenty six o'clock.

<Ah! What's climate in Japan?! Rain in morning, burning hot in afternoon! I'm tied, tied, tied. I want to take a bath! Want to have a nap! >

Fuutie quickly grasped a towel, walked to bathroom left Shiki-chan outside. Climate-Hot and humid made her mood spoiled. Taking a bath was the wonderful cure for her mood. Every woman loved to bathe.

For a period of time, joyous and relax Fuutie came out from bathroom with a scent of fresh clean perfume soap. She glanced at Shiki-chan, saw it was playing something. She curiously peered over Shiki-chan's fin, wanted to know what it was playing with. That was a paper note Shaolan had left to her before she had out. Instantaneous, the note drove her to a memory of her sorrowful reaction of little brother.

She slumped herself down on a sofa in the main room, she thought that she knew what was the cause of her little brother sadness…departing from Sakura-chan. No one on the earth wanted to see to cause of unhappiness of person they loved, unless they were somewhat psychopaths.

Should she take him home? She thought about it, since she saw the reaction of her little brother on last night.

Shaolan had to be the leader of 'Li' clan. This was the most heavyweight thing and Shaolan had strong intention to do it by himself, by his own will. He got hold of it as his duty that he had to do.

Notwithstanding in account to be the leader, he was going to departing from the girl he loved. Was it fair for him? She thought. Fuutie cogitated she had to do something but what?

If she insisted to bring him back home, ripped him from Sakura, no doubt he would be sad, and she did not want to destroy the picture of her brother happiness. But if he did not go back home, It was disgraceful to the clan. Even Shaolan himself, certainly did not to disgrace to the clan he cherished.

What she could do? She thought.

She rested her head on her both hands behind her neck, gazing to the ceiling of the room. <If I know more about the situation…> On the spur of the moment she jumped on her feet, <That's it! For helping Shaolan, I needed more information, may be I can make some solutions out, > she thought.

Corresponding with the situation, a detective spirit haunted her. She clapped her hands in determination. Little boy did not come yet. It was a great opportunity to perform her investigation.

"First rule of detective Fuutie," she held her right fist straight up to the air, "Search the data I needed form things near the target." She quickly gripped Shiki-chan's fin, "Come on assistance Shiki-chan. It's time for looking for an information."

Detective Fuutie and temporary assistance Shiki-chan moved stealthily, swift entered Shaolan's bedroom, starting her investigation.

In Shaolan's bedroom, everything were arranged and clean, easy for the temporary detective Fuutie to ransack… no, not ransack, to search for more s elective information that would be support her plan to help her little brother.

She expertly searched for the selective information she wanted every centimeter in the bedroom. All a sudden her eyes arrested a notebook, which looked like a diary, on a desk. <It might be Shaolan diary, > she thought, while grasped the diary in quick curiously.

<Shaolan, I don't want to pry your private things. But for your sake, I can't let trifling things be hindrances in helping you. > Fuutie reasoned out before excitedly opened the diary. What she excused appeared manifest opposite with what she was doing.

Fuutie and Shiki-chan sat down on Shaolan's bed and began to read things the boy had written in the diary. What events he had passed through. What was he thought. What was in his mind. How he lived in Japan. The school, teachers, his friends, his fight with Cerberus, his glaring fight with Touya and…Sakura. All was put down in to his diary.

For many times while she was reading, Fuutie would had distracted smiles were garnished on her face.

How much Shaolan wanted to make friend with other. How many times he tried to smile, but his dead strenuous face did not obeyed to him. Fuutie too, could not imagine how do he looked if he had a cheerful smile on his little face. She could sense Shaolan's rosy burnished red aura. This aura same as yesterday she had teased the little boy, when she read what he had described about Sakura. Fuutie laughed softly when she read his thinking in the diary. How much Tomoyo teased him about Sakura. His dramatic bad luck every time, when he tried to confess his feeling to Sakura.

She was surprised when she knew that someone in Japan dared to have glaring fight with Shaolan. No one in Hong Kong dared to do it, specifically that person was Sakura's big brother. Kero-chan was not count. However, by what the boy had written, he did abominate neither Kero-chan nor Sakura's big brother.

Fuutie beamed lightly. Everyone in Tomoeda was good person. Her brother had much good memories, while he was here.

The last page had been read. Fuutie closed the diary, let a downhearted breath out. She lied her back down on the bed she sat, still holding the diary in her hand.

She coiled her head on a side, observed the diary. <Poor Shaolan, now I all understand, why he looked so much hurt. > Fuutie closed her eyes, tried to think how to help the pathetic boy.

What could she do? She recalled to herself. Told their mother that Shaolan did not want to go home now, because Shaolan loved Sakura?

In case if Fuutie told her, unequivocally their mother absolutely would help Shaolan, as much as her all effort could. Though the effort their mother had, not much enough to break the long chronicled rule of the clan. May be what their mother could do was only extended the time, allowed Shaolan to stay in Japan longer

So what? Postponed the day to go back?

And Shaolan loved Sakura, in precocious case, if he wanted to marry her.

So what? Shaolan still had to go back, to be the leader of the clan, and not to mention he had to marry another girl that the honor elders of 'Li' clan would arrange for him. .

As the family that had long tradition history, 'Li' family still endured the traditional Chinese custom. Everyone of 'Li' clan had to married by arrangement by honor elders of clan, who would make the consideration. For maintain pride, high-mightiness of the clan. No one could reject. Leader or not, they all had to follow, no matter whom…

Their Father also had married their mother by arrangement of honor elders. However, very good and lucky things that drove their parents had fallen in love with each other at the first sight they had met.

She really wished Shaolan would get that lucky. But since her little brother would faced the problems some day. Would Postponement be a good choice? That only pushed all various unresolved problems away.

For Fuutie herself, she already had a secret plan for this problem. If she had to marry someone she did not love by arrangement of honor elders, she would elope… That only was a plan among innumerable emergency plan she had on her head.

Nevertheless, this plan did not work with Shaolan, she fully understood it.

Shaolan was only one son from five siblings. He had been being tough that himself was bone for the clan, since he was a little boy than he was today. Congratulation for the excellent teaching, that thinking was etched on his brain, in his innate character. Shaolan always thought of the clan before himself. He always valued the clan worthier than himself; he would never abandon 'Li' clan, for his own happiness…

It was not meant Shaolan cherished 'Li' clan more than Sakura he loved. It was meant he cherished 'Li' clan, treasured 'Li' clan as the same he cherished treasured Sakura. He treasured the both of them more than his own self. However when he had to chose one form the two. When the line of love and the line of duty were parallels that would not intercept with each other, he chose 'Li' clan.

Not odd for Shaolan if he would make that decision. Sakura herself according his diary seemed not aware of his feeling, as long as he did not tell her.

It was clear visible. He meant to kept his feeling, not let the girl knew, and left the girl who was his beloved as a friend. If he left her as a friend, it would not hurt Sakura. Like the teacher named Mizuki and a part of Clow recantation, Eriol that the girl missed them but not hurt.

Withal if someone asked who would be hurt most? That person was Shaolan. No one but him… Only him….

Shaolan still was Shaolan Fuutie knew. Shaolan that kinder than anyone. Shaolan that gentler than anyone. Shaolan that honest than anyone. Shaolan that…altruistic than anyone, and that also made him hurt than anyone.

The thought of the question that should she took him home, was wrestling around and around Fuutie's head. She knew she should and had to bring the boy back home.

<You always want him happy like other ordinary person could get, but you're going to ruin his happiness with your bare hand? > Another part was screaming to protest. She closed her eyes lift her palm of her free hand to cover her eyes, to think. How could she do?

Then flicked herself up to sit, <Hey! But consulting mother was not a bad choice. I might get some good idea. >

She peeked at an alarm clock on the top of Shaolan's bed. It was three forty o'clock, which was close to the time school ended, she guessed it was. She jumped to stand up. She had a plan to remedy sorrowfulness of the youngest brother, even this could not help much, but it still worth.

<Today I'll make a wonderful dinner for him. But before that I have to call mother... > She paused, as she realized that she had a little problem now.

<How 'Collect money at terminal' was pronounced in Japanese? >

* * * * * * * * *

The rest of the day, Shaolan acted as usual, but one thing was added, his smiles. He seemed to very cheerful today, talked and smiled like an ordinary kid, which was odd to his ordinary behavior.

Almost all students in class inquired the cinnamon hair boy, worried that he might be ill. Yamazaki tried to drag him to school's nursing room when seeing the Chinese boy soft laugh, but the boy affirmed them that he was all-fine.

Even everyone was shocked by his absolutely new behavior; however they also appreciated that Shaolan had a good smile, which was good thing. If he did not smiled because he was not to be ill, it meant he happy, and they loved to see their friend happy.

Although everyone had that positive thought, but only Tomoyo did not think so. Something dead wrong with cinnamon hair boy, and he was trying to, somewhat, enshroud that thing under his smiling mark. No one could point out for the reason that they too busied to surprise with the new things Shaolan did. Albeit the new behavior induced Tomoyo's attention focused on him all day, despite the fact that not much as attention she had on Sakura.

The last period of today was ended with an acquainted long ringing sound echoed implied as a signal. Everyone said goodbye and separated form each another, made their way home.

Sakura, Tomoyo and Shaolan, who was holding the pager bag in his hand, walked out from the elementary school.

"Good bye, see you two tomorrow, Tomoyo-chan, Li-kun." Sakura smiled, waved her hand to the kids behind her.

"Good bye, see you tomorrow, Sakura-chan." The long black hair girl smiled backed to her dearest friend.

When Sakura was turning to her own way, Shaolan called her. "S-Sakura,"

"Ho-e? What, Li-kun?" The girl responded as she smiled adorably, looked at the boy in front of her.

Shaolan uncomfortable lightly blushed. He had a full talent to increase his blood pressure whenever he faced his beloved. He looked at the girl meaningfully a second, hesitated to say something to her, but for some reason, he changed his mind.

"N-Nothing, good bye," Shaolan said, his face turned to presence a gentle smile to Sakura, grief, pain were under his mask.

"Ho-e?" The boy's gesture baffled Sakura, however she smiled brightly back at her two friends. "Bye, see you tomorrow." She swirled, and disappeared quickly on her path, left the two kids.

View of Sakura disappeared, Tomoyo's grievance calm face revolved to Shaolan who was staring at an image of unseen Sakura in front of him.

"Li-kun, are you all right?" Tomoyo asked.

Shaolan turned to looked at her, <Why today I've been asked this question so many time? > He suspected. "I'm all right, not sick," he said with equally voice, turned to look at the path Sakura had left.

Tomoyo shook her head slightly and said, "That's not what I mean."

Perplexed Shaolan looked back to the long hair girl aside him, as she continued by using her gentle tone in her voice. She gazed straight to his eyes, delicate expression, as if she could read his mind. "Yes, you don't get any sick, but you are upsetting."

Her statement forced Shaolan's eyes widen, looked at her again, as she did not break the eye contract. Beholding the boy reaction made she knew she got in right way. "Is it associates to why Fuutie-san come here?" Tomoyo paused, waiting for the boy's answer.

"U-Um," cinnamon hair boy, standing still, nodded. His melancholia was revealed.

From Shaolan totally new odd behaved all school day, his melancholy which to be seen now, and if all of it was annexed with why Fuutie came in Japan. Only one thing could pop up on Tomoyo's intellect.

"Is it about going back to Hong Kong?"

The words made Shaolan stunned. He twisted his face away from Tomoyo, void eye contract. What he tried to enshroud was hauled out by her intelligence. However, he thought, recently they would know this, even if he still did not know how to tell them. It was not bad if Tomoyo could find out by herself.

"Um," he lightly nodded.

"When?" Little surprised Tomoyo asked. She, now rightfully anxieties over anticipated events.

"Next six days," he said evenly tone. His pair of sad eyes was staring along a path in front of him.

Two kids were under the magic spell of silence of a while. Tomoyo could only stared at Shaolan. He was a very kind person. His kindness seemed to extend unlimitedly if it was associated with Sakura. Tomoyo knew Shaolan did not loved Sakura less than she did. He ceaselessly protected Sakura. He infinitely thought of Sakura first before his own, ready and willing to do anything for Sakura's happiness, for Sakura who he loved.

Separating from the person who was beloved was truthfully hurt, and now…. Shaolan was confronting with that hurt. She could feel pain and hurt were furiously burning under his utterly tranquil facial expression.

"You're going to tell Sakura-chan, but you change your mind, because you don't want to make her sadden for what you are going to tell her, don't you?"

Shaolan heartless swayed his head, his face was drank down slightly. "That's one part, I rather don't know how to tell her that's another."

"Do you… really have to go?" Tomoyo's orate was more like requested him for reconsideration than a question.

The boy gave her a nod, his eyes becalmed, miserable calmed. "I must."

His two words caused Tomoyo's persuading ability knocked off. It was the truth that he must go back to his clan. It was the truth that she could not debate. But…

"What about your feeling for Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked. Shaolan felt like he was galvanized by the name, emotionless stunned, as he already prepared himself to took this pain. Tomoyo continued, "Would you going to tell her your feeling?"

The girl gasped, flapped the tip of her four fingers to shut her mouth when she saw the boy face darken painfully. His jaw was clinched tight, appeared like this was a big unassailable wall he built to defend; not to countenance his emotion was detonated. His both hands that were clenched stringent into fists were grappling all control he had, and arrested it into him. Not to lose his all control he was endeavoring to maintain.

The cinnamon hair boy took air into his lunge, used his all strength to open his mouth to answered the interrogation.

"No," Tomoyo's eyes widen reacted to the answer of the evenly voice replied her, as he went forward. "I'll leave…her as a friend."


Shaolan's totally insensate voice of composure interrupted. "Do you remember what we talk in latest festival?"

Tomoyo thought back to the festival that Sakura had made Yukata for Shaolan as a gift for thank. It was after Sakura realized that who Yukito loved most was not herself. At the time when Tomoyo had gave comment about Sakura's new feeling to Yukito, the feeling that he was one of her family now. Along with it, Tomoyo's question that asked Shaolan that he had not told Sakura how he felt yet?

But Shaolan had said, [I saw how hard she was trying to be strong, trying not to cry, around him. If he saw her cried, he would trouble because he hurt her feeling. She knows how it feels when the person you love isn't the person that loves you. If I told her how I feel, she would think of my sadness. It would cause trouble for her... So I will not tell her. ]

However Tomoyo had convinced him that Sakura was not a person who would be sad so long. If Shaolan told Sakura how he felt that his feelings would get through to her, she thought, he would get a very Sakura-like answer. Shaolan seemed more convinced by her words, not to give up to tell Sakura his feeling again.

Ended the flashed back, Tomoyo nodded quietly, "Yes," she said

"You said Sakura isn't a person who keep sad for long, so I would mean to tell her after she finished her observation at Tokyo Tower, but many incident happen. I still have not told her yet. Sure, I mean tell her if…." His words trailed off, trying to clear his throat. "I'm not going to leave…"

"But if she know later, she'll terrible sad." She protested

"She'd not know," he said made Tomoyo stunned, she was going to make another protest, but was cut off. "Because if I tell her now, it would make her more sad. On the other hand, if I'm not saying anything and…leave as a friend who goes back home. She'd only miss me as a friend, but not hurt or keep sad so long."

The returning of her word made Tomoyo speechless. The situation changed, he was going to leave Japan, going to leave Tomoeda, going to left Sakura.

Shaolan took another deep breath and turned to look at Tomoyo, "You love Sakura too and you don't want to see her sad, do you?" Tomoyo nodded, he was staring in the girl's eyes still. "So, don't tell her what I feel about her," he said without emotion, "This'd be the best for Sakura."

Again that the girl's eyes was widen. <He meant it, > she thought. It was understandably seen like she was looking throughout a transparent plastic that covered his thinking.

Still Tomoyo did not argue as a sharp keen pike of cunning that was protracting on his face, radiance of elegant emitted from him, was piercing her. No any sight of embarrassment when he was around Sakura, or when Tomoyo teased him. Nor character of a sinless boy that easily believed all the not-all-matters-were-the-truth stories form Yamazaki.

All Tomoyo could sense was power. The power of the great leader that could lead people, undeniably and willingly to do in that way he wanted. The power of the future leader of 'Li' clan named Li Shaolan.

Seeing she silenced, Shaolan took that was her acceptation for his request. Then his facial expression switched to be a forced lightly sad simpered to Tomoyo, "Thanks for Videotapes, I'll return it to you before I go."

He did not gave Tomoyo a chance to talk, as he walked away, even she had, she still did not know what to talk. He did not say why he must go back to Hong Kong, but the reason could be know.

[Shaolan must carry all hope and responsibility of our clan. He never has a chance to live or even acts like other ordinary children in his age. He completely aware what is bounding him.] Fuutie's speech was echoing in the girl's head as she began to walk home.

Tomoyo could not frigid with the situation. It was a right thing that he had to go home, to his family even his clan did not bind him.

<He means to keep it and hurt his own heart? > Tomoyo thought

Although he was true, when things went in this way, if Sakura did not know, she would not hurt… but could Tomoyo do that? Could she let he left while things still clouded? What about Sakura? Longhair girl thought.

She let her quiet sigh out. Even she did not know what to talk, but she felt she wanted to have something to talk with Fuutie.

* * * * * * * * *

Fuutie was in kitchen, wore an apron, making her wonderful dinner she planned for delighting her little brother. However she seemed dead purely absenting mind, pondering something, something that could help her poor brother.

Meanwhile sleeping Shiki-chan was got away from awful hot climate of summer by comfortable dipping in pot, which had poured some water, beside its master. Although Shiki-chan was a magic creature but fish still was a fish, as natural instinct, all fish loved water.

Sound of the door in the main room was opening cause Fuutie to gaze who was coming. It was Shaolan came back from school, holding the videotapes paper bag and a new door bolt. She walked to him with a delicate smile dressed-up on her face.

"You're back Shaolan," Fuutie cheerfully greeted him.

"U-Um," cinnamon hair boy replied. For Shaolan, he had living alone for a while, undoubtedly that he did not used to have someone welcome him when he was home. He took off his shoes, handed the paper bag to his sister. "It's Videotape you want to borrowed yesterday, Fuutie-oneesan"

"Really??" Fuutie excitingly took the bag form him, "Wow! Tomoyo-chan is a very good girl." Mild smiling, as she placed the bag on sofa and said, "Shaolan you look tired, why don't you take a bath or have some rest?" She covered the pot, which Shiki-chan was sleeping in, which was beside her by its cap, while gave her dear brother kindly look, beaming at him. "I'll cook dinner today and will call you when all is ready."

"Um," he hesitantly stepped to his own bedroom. A little while later he peered out from his bedroom, "Fuutie-oneesan," he called, "if you need some help you can call me."

Fuutie reversed to see anxious boy, while put the pot on gas stove in the kitchen. "Oh! Brother, you always concern about me. Thanks, don't worry anything, I can do all myself." Scintillating beamed she lit fire to boiled water as she planned to make some soup, unaware that her magic creature was in the pot that now on the gas stove.

"Um," he gave a nervy responded, shut his bedroom door softly.

Shaolan never saw or knew his eldest sister could cook, at home in Hong Kong, they had a chef to cook. Her fingers might be cut by a knife she held…nay, he did not think so. His eldest sister was an expert in using knifes, even used as sharp weaponry, she would do not let herself injured. Test of her food? … Just ate and knew, he thought. For himself, he had occasionally learned from the chef. It helped him lots while he was living alone in Japan.

He threw himself on his bed, blanked gazing at the ceiling of his bedroom. <Sakura…> that was what he thought before he was catching some Z's drifted his consciousness.

Still in the kitchen, Fuutie walked through, to sofa looked in the pager bag. There had a photo album and four to five videotapes. She took videotape and read its title. "Sakura-chan's rival appears." She grasped another, "Sakura-chan and Li-kun in festival, Sakura-chan in School's annual festival [Sleeping beauty]." Fuutie laughed softly when she thought of Shaolan princess. "Sakura-chan confronted Yue, final judgement, wow!" Fuutie exclaimed. "It's arranged like a videotape rental shop."

Fuutie smiled, arranged all she had dismantled in the bag, placed it beside an armrest's side of sofa. <Tomoyo-chan is really love Sakura-chan.>

She propelled her own body sat down on the sofa, sigh. She had already told their mother, as expected, what mother could do was only delay the date Shaolan had to go back, but not so long. But unexpected from their mother was she said that as a leader of clan, Shaolan had to sacrifice.

<Sacrifice…> she broke, <Yes, he have to, but Baa!! I've never thought mother have that thinking! > She rocked her body back and forth for a moment, frowning, as she annoyed herself that could not make anything out to help little brother. <May be, you would only heart broken, Shaolan. > She sighed, let egg-shape chine fell down to her clavicle.

All train of though blocked Fuutie to be alerted by the rattling sound that came from the pot. Minutes later the pot turned to silence. A minute later again, Fuutie started to search around, something that always on her side missing.

<Where is Shiki-chan? > Fuutie stood up, walked for checking over her magic creature.

She headed into her bedroom, "Shiki-chan?"


In her bathroom, "Shiki-chan?"


She carefully opened Shaolan's bedroom. Catching Shaolan was sleeping, she took a quick seek around the room, did not want to bother the sleeping boy.


She closed the door quietly.

Panic began to cover her as she could sense a bad omen. She thought that her Shiki-chan was facing with something dead horror. Who could prognosticate what was the magic creature's fate would be? Fuutie wandered around the main room, peered under sofa, table, each cupboard, and each drawer.

"Shiki-chan, Shiki-chan, Shiki-chan, Where are you??"


<Shiki-chan never goes far from me, where's Shiki-chan?!>

Panic began to rise more and more became to be angry, but was cut off by the sound of boiling water. She opened the pot's cap, still looked around for her magic creature, let the snort sound of threat out, "Hmmp! Go out to wander alone and did not tell me, make me worry. What's a punishing fish!"

Fuutie scooped the raw stuff to make some soup she planned to make a wonderful meal for Shaolan. About to put in to the pot, but stopped when she looked in to the pot and found…

Shaolan's bedroom was tided in the steam of silence. He was sleeping deeply peacefully on his bed. He felt dire tried, as he had not slept since yesterday. What was he dreaming? All things. His family, 'Li' clan, Hong Kong, his friends in Japan, the day he had to go home, the day he had to leave Sakura…

His sleep was interrupted by Fuutie's shrillness sharp voices like fire-engine's siren when they had to extinguish somewhere that to be on fire.

"AHHH!!!!!!!!!! SHIKI-CHANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He sudden was wakening up with a start. His sister had screamed, what were dangerous things happened to her Shiki?! He jerked himself up from his bed to rush out of his bedroom to the kitchen where his sister was.

"Fuutie-oneesan!" He saw his sister was safe but crying, "What happ-" his interrogative sentence was skipped when he saw his sister taking the red-like-boiled-shrimp magic creature up with a ladle.

Sobbing Fuutie turned to him with her wet eyes. "S-Shi-Shiki-chan's already be a boiled fish, Shiki-chan already die" she burst out of crying to end her words, which the boiled fish, Shiki-chan was sprawling still on a ladle in her hand.

Shaolan was speechless a second, before he could collect his own consciousness and began to comfort his sister. "F-Fuutie-oneesan c-clam down, I think Shiki didn't die yet." <I hope so, > he added last comment to himself.

Shaolan ran rapidly to his sister. He poured some cool water to the sink in the kitchen, and set the boiled magic creature from ladle soaked into the sink. Shaolan and sobbing Fuutie observed Shiki-chan. Shaolan used his right index finger prodded the fish, which kept afloat still.

No reaction.

The sibling was dismayed in the first try. Fuutie was sniffling as Shaolan's palpated Shiki-chan again.

No any reaction.

Fuutie started to cry, harder than previous one. Their performing to rescues the magic creature's life did not work. "Shiki-chan already die!" She cried out, used her both hand covered the wetness of tear from her eyes.

Shaolan used the last method, he could think to revive Shiki-chan, he lifted his hand up, slapped the coma magic creature hard as he could.


No any reaction at all.


Hopeless, Shiki-chan was still floating, motionless…Fuutie sank into her knees cried even harder. Cognizing that the efforts were useless, Shaolan put his hand down, the magic creature had gone. It was cooked to death…

He stared grieving mournfully at Shiki-chan who was floating on the water, but on the spur of the moment blinked. He felt he saw the magic creature was stirring lightly.

He shook his crying sister beside him, "Fuuite-oneesan! Look! Shiki still alive!"

Hearing the news, Fuutie dashed to hug the magic creature, which was now drifted fast as it could to its master, scared of nearly-die-experience it had faced minute ago. Both of them were crying.

"I thought you're cooked!" She cried out.

Looking the magic creature was safe he sighed in relieved. After the minute of agitation passed, he brought back the horror event to reconsider. Did it funny? A magic creature could be cooked to death?

He shook his head, however, <I guess I won't want to eat fish for a long time, > he thought.

As the consequence, Fuutie's plan for wonderful dinner was ended with two cup-noodles. Shiki-chan was lied peacefully on Fuutie's bed, recuperating itself. Still, Shaolan imagined he would love to eat a cup-noodle than Shiki-chan self-sacrificed soup.

Today was another the most fatigued day in Shaolan's life. He did not hungry, more than eating he needed a sleep. He ate only half of noodle.

"I'm full," he said, stood up to clean his chopsticks. He headed to his bedroom, reappeared terrible weary.

"S-Shaolan," Fuutie called him, her little brother turned to responded her. She felt guilty her plan failed furthermore made the boy looked more badly. She had to say something to bring up the boy's emotion but what. Anguished sister was seeking something to say awhile

"W-What about your dinner?" <Aw!!! I said that silly again!! Why can't I say something better than this?!> She reproached herself. "I-I mean you just eat little," she salvaged her statement.

Shaolan was standing still, staring at her, listening to his sister patiently. "I'm not hungry," he replied glacial tone, opened his bedroom door and entering but then he stopped. He whirled to Fuutie, "Fuutie-oneesan," he called his sister by applying serene voice caused her face looked at him. The face of cinnamon hair boy pacified his sister. "I'm fine, really. Thank you," the door was shut smoothly after the words were spoken out.

Fuutie simpered gratefully, Shaolan was a very good boy, she thought. It was her brother who comforted her, for her failure. Nonetheless her failure still clung on her mind, <Tomorrow! I swear I'll cook the wonderful dinner for you, Shaolan! > She clinched her fists staring out at the night sky of Tokyo with the fire of her full intention, as the sky was the witness.

After she cleaned all things she messed, she picked the videotapes she borrowed. Turned on the television and video player, put a video in the video player, lowed the voice volume of television. She did not want to disturb her little brother's rest.

When the tape was played, she sat down on sofa, survival Shiki-chan drifted out from the bedroom to its master. Fuutie held her two hands out took hold of its round body to her arms. She caressed its seemed-to-be-forehead fondly, smiled to the magic creature.

"Are you okay?" She asked in concern.

Shiki-chan rolled its own body side by side implied that 'Yes master, I'm all right, see?'

When Fuutie appeared that she did not truly believe, it rolled quicker and quicker tried to reassert her it was all right, till caused it felt dizzy. Shiki-chan's adorable act induced Fuutie giggled.

"Okay, okay, stop roll yourself, I believe you."

Dazzled Shiki-chan dropped down on Fuutie's lap softly, as it saw the world around could spin. Fuutie patted the magic creature, while she watched the video, one by one.

Watched Sakura captured the 'Shadow' card, it seemed this event had occurred too soon after Shaolan come in Japan. <Wow! Sakura-chan's so cute, Tomoyo have the excellent talent in making outfit. Bah! Why Shaolan was so serious pretentious? Oh! That yellow rat door might be Cerberus, how cute! >

Watched Sakura in annual school festival. Everyone was so cute, especially the boy who was the witch, he was very well acquainted with the plot of a story, she thought. She could not help but burst out to laugh when she watched princess Shaolan footslogged out to the platform, he was so cute. But he acted not like a princess. He acted like he was bluffing, and ready to punch the king and the queen. Sakura was so good and well acquainted with the role of the prince! Regrettable the kissing screen was interrupted, according to the videotape and Shaolan diary; it was the Clow card.

Fuutie watched the final judgement form Yue, <Cruel, > she commented.

When she watched Sakura and Shaolan were confronting with the large pitfall in the penguin king garden and the invisible threads. Fuutie was surprised she saw another Shaolan's picture that she had never seen before, exploding of his emotions like this. Anxious, worry, panics about Sakura's safety.

She used almost all the night time watched the videos one by one while Shiki-chan gave up in during mid-night, sleeping on its master's lap.

Watching the last videotapes, Sakura and Shaolan in Japanese festival. <These guy might be Sakura-chan's big brother and… another one…. He is another form of Yue?! What's total dissimilar personality?! >

She could foreknow them all form Shaolan diary. Seeing Shaolan was wearing yukata Sakura made, and he blushed whenever he was around her, Fuutie could assure her little brother was in love with Sakura, ascertainable profoundly truly in love with Sakura.

Fuutie, instead of want to tease her brother, she sympathized with him. She stared at her little brother through his bedroom door. She sighed in pity. As much as he loved the girl, as much as he hurt.

When she finished to wash all the videotapes, the dark night sky was nearly over by visitation of the sun. The new morning was setting.

Fuutie yawned, felt asleep. She arranged all videotapes in the paper bag and head to her bedroom, brought Sleeping Shiki-chan with her. She threw away her body to lay on her bed.

On account of Shaolan would never abandon the clan, would never throw off the chain of his responsibility to 'Li' clan. This was one thing he chose to accept by his decision, 'Li' clan needed Shaolan, needed him to be the leader of the clan. And Shaolan she knew would never do anything that he would consider, as it was egoistic, even for other perceives was what they had their right to get.

Forthwith she thought she knew what was she could do for him. It might be only one thing she could do for him now in Japan. In addition for achieving her plan, she needed someone to collaborate, and she knew who could be the best to help her.

"That's it!" Fuutie exclaimed softly like she was whispering. "If that person collaborate, all will succeed."

She quickly lied down to flop, sneaked herself under blanket, as she planned for the new project for her brother.

-------------E N D---------------
To Be Continue Next
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