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Part Three: Going On

Times went by since the day Tomoyo had found out that Shaolan was going to leave Tomoeda going back to Hong Kong.  Today was the last day before the summer vacation all students were waiting for would begin.

Every students of were in their classroom.  Sakura, Tomoyo, Rika, Naoko and Shiharu were talking as usual.  Shaolan was talking and smiled with Yamazaki and a group of boy, as few days had passed, his absolutely extraordinary behavior was become familiar to everyone. But now he was under Tomoyo's eye focus.  It did not appear like he did not aware that Tomoyo was keeping her eyes on him, but he did not paid his attention so much, as he knew the reason why the pair of deep chromatic purple eyes were keeping on him.

As the school bell was reverberated through out of Tomoeda Elementary School, implied that the last school day in this semester began, Tarada-sensei entered the classroom.

"Everyone take your seat," Tarada-sensei told his students.

"Yes," students replied cheerfully.

Tarada-sensei walked to the table, that located on the front center of classroom, put his teacher file on the table, when he saw his all students took their seat he began in little oppressiveness.  "Today we all have a sad news."

"En?" What was the sad news their teacher would tell them?  Would their dear beginning date of summer vacation was deferred? Class suspected.

"Li Shaolan will go back to Hong Kong," Tarada-sensei said.

"ENNN???" Students turned to look at Shaolan, who smiled woefully back to them all.  Entire students in class were surprised to this news especially Sakura who appeared shocker than everyone.

"Li…kun," Sakura's eye widened and staring at him in shocked reflection.

Shaolan turned to the girl he loved, and tried his best to look at her face, forcing his lip to make up an upward curve, however for Tomoyo, she perceived that smile was his saddest facial expression she had ever seen.

Rest of the day all attentions of entire students of the classroom was on him, they all came to his seat and either asked or spoke to him, when did you go back and what day? Write back to us, we all would miss you a lot.  All they spoke out was the woebegone speeches depicted their grieving of the leaving of their dear friend.

Shaolan only smiled wryly to them and ingested words of farewell, which were streamed from them; he, likewise, would miss them a lot.  Even he was busing to take all questions of students was shooting him but his mind was keeping on Sakura.  The girl who was his beloved, even so he was leaving her…..

Sakura, on the other hand, did not join with others students.  She solitary sat on her seat, twisting her upper body to stared sadly at the boy behind her and listened to farewell words others said to the cinnamon hair boy, who was going back home.  Meanwhile Shaolan could not looked back to her sad emerald eyes, he could not stand to look at the girl's unhappy eyes, which was staring at him.

After the last school day of this semester ended, as usual all kids walked out of school, separated from each another, and made their way home.

Tomoyo had just went home early today for some reasons, leaving Sakura and Shaolan who were standing outside their classroom.  They both were in uncomfortably silence, even they wanted to talk to each other, but they did not know where to begin.

Sakura was the first one who broke away the silence.

"L-Li-kun…u-um…it-it's so sudden……." the words broke off, her dolorous eyes were facing directly at him a second before looked down on the floor.

"U-Um," he soft sadly replied her, gazing away slightly down

"Well, I…I want to thank you, you help me a lot.  Thank you."

Shaolan gasped disheartened.  Thank you, why now these two words were hurt so much.  "Um…You're…not need to thanks me, I haven't done anything."

"N-No it's you--"

"You do things all by yourself, so you're not need to thank me," Shaolan used his clam voice, cut off.

The boy and the girl were in silence again.  To Sakura, she felt so doleful, her dear persons departed from her one after another, first Mizuki-sensei and Eriol.  In these times Shaolan was leaving her.

When she thought that her friend was leaving her again, she felt like warmth of tear found on her eyes.  No! She should not cry, crying would only make Shaolan worried about her.  Sakura was trying to restrain her tear, looking slightly down not to let any droplet of tear come out from her deep green eyes.  She could not be able to look at his face, if she did, she might cry.  Shaolan as well could not looked at Sakura's face as he was gazing lightly away.

<He's leaving, it's too bad>, she thought.

[Sakura-san…]  Instantaneously Eriol's voice scudded into the girl's memory of the day Tarada-sensei had informed about Eriol was going back to England.  [When you heard I was going back to England, what did you think?] He had asked gently, mixed with shadow of worry.

Sakura had been confused by his question, [I think it is too bad]

[I have a question to ask.] Eriol asked,  [When the same thing occurs again…when a person who is close to you end up by going some place far away, please think hard about how you feel then, and how it different with how you feel about my going.] The part of Clow's reincarnation had continued generously, [Because if you do that, you'll know who is the person you truly think of as your 'number one'.]

At that time the girl seemed not to understand what Eriol meant.  What did he mean, she had asked, but by now….

<A person who is close to me ends up by going some place far away, or the person Eriol-kun meant is…> Sakura's deep green aquamarine eyes widened.  She turned her face up to look at the boy who was standing in front of her.  Shaolan's face flashed rosy color, and still gazing slightly away from her.

[Please thinks hard how you feel, how it different with how you feel about my going,] Eriol's voice echoed in her head

Sakura's brain went blank by the memory as confusing crawled over her.  She was in silence as Shaolan did so.

To Shaolan, he did not know what to talk to her, nowadays he could not confess his feeling to her even he wanted to.  He knew if he confessed his feeling to the girl, it would cause her sad.  He could not even say two simple words, 'good bye'.  He, by now, only wanted to spend his time he had to be by her side as long as possible did not want to leave this girl who was his dearest.

Both of them were in silence still, they did not know how much time went by.  They were in silence, while confusing of the girl and sadness of the boy were submerging in the place, until a masculine voice interrupted their time.

"Hey there," it was Tarada-sensei, he waved his right hand over his head, catching their attention.  "Why are you two still here?  It's 5:30 p.m. now, it's time to go home."

The kids turned to their teacher, "Yes, sensei," both replied.

When they about to leave Tarada-sensei called Shaolan to stop a second, "Li-kun," the elder walked close to the boy and stopped in front of Shaolan.  The man put his one hand on the boy's shoulder; "You are my dear student, Li-kun, pay attention in class as you usual do when you go back to Hong Kong.  I am going to miss you so much,"

Shaolan only nodded for replying of the teacher's benignant compassion statement.

'Go back to Hong Kong,' when Sakura heard words she felt her body trembled, her vim was draining away from her body, and she did not know why.

Sakura and Shaolan left their school after the teacher finished his mournful words to his leaving student.  They walked together quietly to the school gate.  When they have to separate from each other to their way home, they both paused hesitatingly to leave each other, and hesitated to say a word that was so heard to say this word now.

Finally Shaolan brought up his left hand to grasp a strap of his school bag which draped over on his left shoulder, and took all of his strength he had. He looked at her face still gravely and pains that to be hidden.

"Sakura…" he called her sedately, gripping the strap tightened with determination.  When Sakura looked at him directly by his called, he smiled lightly and delicately at her, "Good bye."

The words caused Sakura's eye widened.

Shaolan turned back and trotted to his way home.  With his back was facing her and his face hid from the girl, the pain of leaving the person he loved was clearly obvious now, <…Goodbye …Sakura, > he thought and disappeared on the street way in the orange color of the sundown.

To Sakura she was stunned by his last words.  'Good bye,' he said the words firmly as if this were farewell word from he to her, and the words made her gasped, her heart was beating fast, she felt her eyes were warmed, warmed by un-shed tear was forming on her both eyes.  Perplexing Sakura skated tardily to her way home, <Li….kun,> she though as Eriol's speech was static echoing in her head. .

* * * * * * * * *

At Daidouji resident, Tomoyo came back home earlier than she ordinary times.  When she had arrived home, a servant informed her that her guest was already waiting for her since half-hour ago.  It was the time before school day ended.

Tomoyo had got a phone call from her visitor yesterday, and they made appointment to meet each other today after the end of the school day.  This was the reason why Tomoyo hurried to go back home ahead of time today

With great haste, Tomoyo moved to the room her guest was waiting for her, and opened the door to meet her guest in the room.  As if the visitor could sense the girl's arrival, she placed a magazine she had read before Tomoyo came on the table in front of her.

"Hello Tomoyo-chan," cheerful sharp but smoothly voice greeted Tomoyo at the first steps of the girl came in the room.

The visitor smiled at Tomoyo smiled at her guest, "Good afternoon Fuutie-san," and turned to the round pink fish that looked at Tomoyo by greeting eyes "Good afternoon, Shiki-chan."

It was Fuutie, who had called Tomoyo yesterday.

To Tomoyo she had been little surprised when she had got the Phone call, how Fuutie could get the telephone number of her home, and furthermore posterior of making their appointment the young woman had said that she would come to her home by herself, and had said 'don't worry'.

Nevertheless there was not the real matter to worry about, Tomoyo cogitated, after arriving to Japan only an hour the young lady could find the way to Tomoeda Elementary School by using Shiki-chan searched for her little brother's track.  Nothing to be suspected if the young lady could find her home without lost the direction.

Tomoyo gave Fuutie a greeting bow as the young lady and her magic creature, Shiki-chan, did so, and then the girl called a servant to give some orders of beverage and cakes for serving her guest some more.

After receiving order, the servant nodded in acceptation of the order and left the two girls in the room.

When the servant had walked out Shiki-chan drifted around Tomoyo; as if it was happy to meet a person it knew or its friend again, caused Tomoyo giggled.

"Fuutie-san, does Shiki-chan is so friendly like this to everyone?"  Smiling Tomoyo asked, taking hold Shiki-chan's on the right fin and led the magic creature to sofa.  The long black hair girl sat down on the other side of the sofa Fuutie was sitting.

"No," Fuutie said as a matter of fact, "Only with persons who have a 'good spirit'," she smiled at Tomoyo whose lap Shiki-chan was curling up, smiling back at her.

Before the two ladies could go more to their conversation, they heard a sound of knocking the door of the servant who came into the room for serving the cool beverage and cakes to Fuutie and
Tomoyo, and went out.

Stroking Shiki-chan on her lap, Tomoyo was sitting quietly.  For certain the girl wanted to talk with the woman in front of her about Shaolan, as she knew that the boy was afflicting because of leaving his beloved.  However this was their family's story, as an outsider how could she bring herself to dissent in taking the boy home?  Tomoyo thought.

Depression of silence was tiding in the room.  Calmly, Fuutie lifted her glass to sip her cool beverage, then smiled at Tomoyo to decrease the uncomfortable silence.

"Tomoyo-chan, you're already know that Shaolan's going back to Hong Kong, right?"  Fuutie said first.

The girl was little surprised by the beginning of their conversion, as if the young woman could read Tomoyo's mind, but lastly she replied to the question, "Yes, I already know."  Shaolan might tell his eldest sister, she thought.

Fuutie smiled still at her and continued, "And you want to talk to me about Shaolan's going back to Hong Kong, right?"

The last statement evoked Tomoyo's deep violet eyes widened, "How could you know?"

Fuutie shrugged softly, "Girl intuition," she said.

Tomoyo marveled how could young woman knew what was in her thought, even Fuutie spoke like not-thing-special-just-girl-intuition-everyone-could-know but what the young woman did was on the far side of not-thing-special-just-girl-intuition.  Fuutie had called to her first yesterday, then went to her home by herself, and hurtled straightaway to the point the girl wanted to talk with her as if the young woman could read her thinking thoroughly.  Even so it was not much dubiousness since the young woman was 'Li' and Tomoyo herself wont to unordinary things she had faced before.

"Yes Fuutie-san, that is what I want to talk about" Tomoyo said.

"Me too that want to talk to you about this."  Fuutie smiled, placed the glass she held on the table, "He's falling in love with Sakura-chan and you know this, right?"

Again that the young woman's speech made Tomoyo surprised but nodded.

"I think I don't have to worry about my little brother would become a gay," Fuutie gave a joke drove a little smile was decorated on the girl's face.  "He's felling in love with Sakura-chan but he still haven't told her he love her and Sakura-chan seem not to know his feeling too" said young woman.

"You know all?" The girl asked.

"You know, Tomoyo-chan, my young brother's not a good liar, all things he thinks especially about Sakura-chan are written clear visible on his face."  Fuutie said half playfully.  She did not tell the girl that some of the things she knew were the result of her 'ransacking for the selective information', and then she looked at Tomoyo's light concordant smile and followed with a big sigh. "But anyway he has to go back home now, it has a high possible that he'll not let Sakura-chan know his feeling."

Tomoyo nodded and said, "He have already told me to keep this in secret because he doesn't want to hurt Sakura-chan."  Girl paused, reluctant to say next sentence, "Fuutie-san, do you…really have to take him home?"  At last she could come up herself to ask, Tomoyo thought while waiting for Fuutie's answer with patience.

Instead Fuutie shook her head, disagreed, "No I have not, it is himself that must go home, and he knows he must.  He knows all the time 'Li' clan depends on him, and he knows what he has to do.
Even he has to sacrifice his own happiness."  The young lady said.

'Sacrifice,' the word made Tomoyo gasped, this was not fair, only a ten years old boy likes Shaolan had to sacrifice himself for his clan, Tomoyo thought.

Seeing Tomoyo's eye became darken, Fuutie's face was abrupt saddened and her eyes were pleading the girl.   "Tomoyo-chan, this is his duty for our clan and he is willing to take it all by his own will.  I hope you would understand his situation."

"I do, Fuutie-san," Tomoyo replied gently.

"And sad thing is I could not help him either, not matter how many times I thought about it." The elder's voice went distressing even more.

"Fuutie-san…" Tomoyo tried to find some word to comfort the young woman.

"So I think that during he's still in Japan, I want to make this time to be his best memory for him before he'd leave and I need your help.  That is what I want to talk to you."  The young woman leaned little forward to the girl, said earnestly  "Tomoyo-chan, would you please help me?"  She asked.

Fuutie needed her help? Tomoyo wondered, "My pleasure, Fuutie-san, but how could I help you?"

"You are a very good girl, Tomoyo-chan," Fuutie smiled satisfactory, bent down to whisper to Tomoyo to her ear as the girl listened to her plan intensely.  "I plan to…"

Two ladies whisper a second before Tomoyo exclaimed in exciting, "It would be a lovely scene!  I would love to help, Fuutie-san."  Then she paused a second before continued, " Beside tomorrow is a very good day too."

"Good day?" Fuutie suspected in the girl statement.

"Yes, very good day," Tomoyo repeated and smiled to the young woman. "Wait for me a minute and I would settle all for you."

Tomoyo put Shiki-chan on sofa.  She jogged excitingly from the room then came back a minute later with her Computer Notebook, and then sat on sofa she had sat before.  Started to perform some computer works

Curiously Fuutie and Shiki-chan moved to sit beside Tomoyo while the girl was dexterous performing some works to her computer.  Poor things the language that showed in computer screen was wholly Japanese language, she could not interpret all excepted some Kanji words but only few words could not make her understand what Tomoyo was performing anymore.

Lastly looked like Tomoyo had made some purchasing order, she went out to a fax machine in her home as it was sending some papers of the purchasing order to the girl.  Minutes passed by Tomoyo returned to the room that Fuutie and Shiki-chan were inside.

"Here Fuutie-san," the smiling girl handed Fuutie the papers which were faxed to her as she had made the purchasing order minute ago.  "The date is tomorrow," she said

The young woman took papers from the girl.  Nevertheless the papers totally contained with Japanese alphabets; predictable, Fuutie had come to Japan days ago, how could she understand all alphabets were written in Japanese Language?

Realized that reading Japanese language was a big problem for Fuutie, then Tomoyo sat down next to the young woman and begin to explain all things in the papers.

When understood all matters in the papers Fuutie promulgated, "Wow! How great you are, Tomoyo-chan!"  Young woman turned to looked the girl and grinned, "You're right Tomoyo-chan, tomorrow is very good day"

Tomoyo smiled and nodded in correspond.

Fuutie rose one of her slim hand up to her face level, pointing to Tomoyo with frolicsome as if this was a sign.  "And don't forget."

"Video camera," two ladies said and giggled together as they plan began.

* * * * * * * * *

"I'm home," said Sakura dully when she reached her home.  She opened the door and entered.

"Oi Kaijou, you came home very late today," Touya greeted his little sister drowsy, he was in the kitchen as today was his turn to prepare dinner.

"Um," Sakura replied inattentively

Touya stuck his head out from the kitchen to look at his little sister.  <Why this time she did not contradict me to call her Kaijou like she ordinary would do? > He wondered.  Seeing his unenthusiastic Sakura walked completely absentmindedly upstairs aroused the big brother to worry about his little sister.

<What's up with her now? > Touya thought apprehensively.

At the Sakura's bedroom, Kero sat on the floor, and looking at pictures of several types of cake in a cooking book while day dreaming that he was eating all those appetizing super giant cakes.  The day dreaming blinded him not to aware of the coming of his master and coming of a door panel attack.

"Ack!"  It was all Kero could talk after the door panel attacking.  He groaned as the pain hit his forehead.

Poor Kero-chan…

"En?" Kero marveled, <Why doesn't it hurt as much as it used to be? > He doubted, rubbing his forehead and looked up to the person who was entering the room.

It was Sakura

"I'm home Kero-chan," the girl said with a dreary face.

Kero saw Sakura gently closed the door without said anything.  She slumped to her bed not as exuberance as she ever used to be.  The girl only immersed her face on her own pillow.

<What's up with her? >  Kero thought the as similar as Touya's.

Kero flew slowly near the girl and observed her. She merely buried her face on her pillow and clutched the pillowcase firmly as if she were crying but tried to keep the weeping noise from breaking through to be heard by others, at least by Kero.

"Sakura," Kero called to her worriedly, concerning about the girl.

The girl had no answer from his call.  She buried her face on her pillow still, not paying her attention on him and her handgrip on the pillowcase tightened.

"Oi, Sakura what happened?"  Kero tried to comprehend the girl in concern and care for her.

The girl only shook her head, "No, nothing," she muttered to the pillow, "Nothing."

Kero did not ask or bother the girl any further but worry for her was still adhering on him, he knew she was sad.  Though Sakura did not want to tell him, she might need some times to be alone right now, he thought to himself.

"Sakura, I am going to Tomoyo house, and I would be back awhile later," Kero said

The girl simply nodded but did not asked any question, why he would go to Tomoyo's house, but she murmured about thanking him.  She genuinely wanted some times to be alone.

Then Kero sent a worried look at the girl once before he winged away from the girl out of the window of the room, leaving the girl alone.  The best place now for Kero was Tomoyo's house, which had a lot of delicious sweet things for him, and then he flew from Sakura's room to Tomoyo's house.

To Sakura, she did not really needed times to think but her brain, rather, went blank as a voice was recalling in her head

[Sakura-san… when a person who is close to you end up by going some place far away, please think hard about how you feel then, and how it different with how you feel about my going.  Because if you do that, you'll know who is the person you truly think of as your 'number one',] was what Eriol's gentle voice had said to her before he left from Japan.

<Thinks heard how I feel and I would know who is the person I truly think of as my 'Number one.'>  Sakura repeated the speech of the boy.

When Sakura brought it up, trying to think about the different between the leaving of Eriol and the leaving of Shaolan, she still thought that the leaving of her both friends were too bad awful bad.

Shaolan who, at first, had appeared as her rival for Yukito and the Clow Card, but whatever happened he always protected her, and always helped her.  From that time she had captured the Shadow card, the erase card till the final judgement, and all the incidents that Eriol had set.  The boy always was by her side, protecting her, helping her and encouraging her when she was frightened or despondent.

She remembered when she had confessed her feeling to Yukito, but Yukito already had the person that he loved most.  She had not cried in front of others especially in front of Yukito, fearing that Yukito might be burdened by hurting her feeling.  She had not cried in front of others not even Tomoyo or Kero but she had cried in front of Shaolan and had said all things she thought.

She remembered when he had handed her his handkerchief and the warmness of the boy's shoulder when she had leaned and had cried on his shoulder, his hands that had embraced her to comfort her when she had sad were so sooth.  The warmness of his hand and his shoulder helped her to ease her sadness--

<W-w-what am I thinking???>  Sakura's thought was cut off, when she realized she thought about when Shaolan had embraced her.

Sakura felt her face grew hot and she made a motion to her mirror that was located on the table beside of her bed to take a look at her face, then she realized that face grew flushed crimson.  Thanks God Kero had left now, she thought.

Withal the girl face converted to discolor again when she thought of Shaolan was leaving her. She felt her breath was ceased, and her chest was being tore away. Shaolan was leaving her, she thought; Shaolan was leaving her…

Sakura could felt a droplet of tear ran down from her eye to her smooth cheek.  She dropped herself to her bed and sank her face on her pillow again, as she could not stop her tears and the hurt that was inside her chest.

[Thinks heard how you feel and you would know who is the person you truly think of as your 'Number one.'] The question Eriol had asked her was repeating again and again in her head

Shaolan was leaving her.  Shaolan was leaving her, she could not threw the thoughts away her head, while she tried to restrain not to let any sobbing sound out as much as she could by buried her face, which was wetted by her teardrops into the pillow.


* * * * * * * * *

At Shaolan's apartment, the boy was standing in front of his own room.  He took a deep breath, trying to shake the melancholy on his face off.  If his sister saw him like this, she would worry about him very much and he did not want his sister to worry about him.  After the moment of simmering down, Shaolan opened the door with a stone-cold expression on his face.

"I'm back," he said evenly.


There was not any sharp voice of greet him from his sister the previous days before.  Shaolan took off his shoes and entered.  He looked around, searching for his eldest sister and her magic creature.  He walked to his sister's bedroom and knocked the door


<Maybe she is sleeping, > he thought, then he opened the door for confirmation of his thought.

No one was there …

Then the boy wandered to the bathroom, which was his sister's favorite place.  He knocked and called.  "Fuutie-oneesan, are you in there?"


Using his one hand, he pushed the door of the bathroom and it was not locked and no one was in there.  After the boy had walked around for find his sister and her magic creature, he began to worry about the young lady. Where could she have gone? She had just arrived in Japan for a few days, even though she had Shiki to show the way to where she wanted to go, but Japan was still estranged to her.

Finally Shaolan walked to Sofa in the main room to sit, but all sudden a phone ring called him up.  Shaolan stood up and moved to pick up the telephone receiver.

"Hello?" Shaolan began.

"Hello Shaolan," the young woman's sharp voice came from the other side.

"Fuutie-oneesan? Where're yo--"

"I am still shopping with Shiki-chan and I might come home late.  Don't worry anything about me, and I would go back and make dinner for you.  Bye"


Before Shaolan could finish a sentence, Fuutie had already hung up.  The words 'Don't worry' and 'Make dinner' of her made him became more worry in some way, but at least he knew she was safe.  He sighed and hung up his telephone receiver.  He hoped that his sister would not put any strange ingredients in the dinners like she had done, since after the day Shiki-chan had been boiled, and kept telling him that it was nourishing for his health, he must eat it all, and he had to eat it all.  Even he absolutely did not want to eat the stuff..

Again, Shaolan threw himself to the sofa to sit comfortably.

He looked around his room.  Almost all furniture and things, which were his, were bundled to ready to move out from this apartment and to leave FROM Japan, leaving Sakura.  When he thought of these things, he would feel like his stomached was wringing, his head ached and there was a hurt inside his chest all the times.  Even now he was feeling all that pains washed over his body.

May be some rest would make the aches disappeared, although he knew only one ache that could not disappeared with only rest, the hurt in his heart.

He walked to bathroom to take a bath.  After he had finished, he walked out from the bathroom with a towel on his head, drying his hair, and he dressed his pale green pajamas.  He headed to his bedroom to have some rest, he felt very tired in this week, really tied.

To go back to Hong Kong, Shaolan was extremely busing; he had to do many things in order to prepare to go back home.  Telling teacher that he would resign, and he need to manage many documents.  Telling the caretaker of the apartment that the room he lived on would be returned, which the door bolt was already repaired.  Nevertheless his mind was still with the girl that he loved.

Shaolan entered his bedroom, which had some things that he had not packed them yet.  Among of them were his sword, Sakura's handkerchief that she had aided him after she had captured the shadow card, and the yukata she had made for him.

He lied on his bed in his bedroom and his both feet touched the floor, staring at the things until sleep quickly took the tired boy to fall asleep.

* * * * * * * * *

"Thanks for letting me use your telephone, Tomoyo-chan," Fuutie said after she had hung up the telephone receiver.  She smiled to the younger girl thankfully.

"My pleasure, Fuutie-san," Tomoyo replied gently and smiled back.

The truth was Fuutie did not go to shopping, though she was at Tomoyo's house all the time since before Tomoyo had arrived and they had just finished the proceeding of the plan minutes ago.  The young woman looked at her wristwatch; it was 6:00 P.M., and it was already late, she still had a place to go to.  It was the important place that she had to go today.

"I have to go now, Tomoyo-chan," Fuutie said to the girl.  She went to the sofa and bent down to pick a paper bag that had the videotapes and a photo album she had borrowed from Tomoyo days ago inside. She handed the paper bag to the girl.  "Here Tomoyo-chan, these are the videotapes and photo album I borrowed from you."

The girl shook her head as she pushed the paper bag in Fuutie’s hand back to the young woman gently, "It's yours Fuutie-san, I said that I give it all to you.  It is yours now."

"En? If you give me your collection would not be in the full set,"

Tomoyo gave the elder lady her bright smile. "I have many copies in my video theater, so don't worry about my collection."

"Oh! Thank you very much Tomoyo-chan," Fuutie beamed cheerfully at the girl, who smiled back at her.

Fuutie turned to call her magic creature, "Shiki-chan, it's time to go," but did not had any response from the magic creature, "Shiki-chan?" Fuutie called again but she still did not get any response or any sign of the magic creature.

Fuutie and Tomoyo began to walk around the room to find the magic creature: under the table, the side of the sofa and every corner in the room, but Shiki-chan was not found.

Once again, the worry crept to Fuutie.  The situation like this had happened before; it was the day that Shiki-chan was boiled nearly to death.

Suddenly Shiki-chan flew quickly from the big garden of Daidouji resident and passed from a window of the room, which was opened, to its master with excitement, and the magic creature also had something was lying on its round back.

Fuutie turned to face her magic creature, which was drifting in front of her but slightly above Tomoyo now.  The young lady was relieved from the worry, now her magic creature was safe, Fuutie asked, "Shiki-chan, where did you go?"

Shiki-chan turned its back happily to the young lady, wanting to show her what it had found outside.

"Um? Let me see, what's on your back," Fuutie said kindly.  She took a good look to what was laid on the back of her magic creature.  She found a yellow doll, which had two little wings on its back, was lying sprawly on the back of Shiki-chan.  The yellow doll looked a little dirty, like something had trundled on it.  Fuutie used her both hands to gather the doll up from Shiki-chan's back, "Wow! How cute! Is he your friend?"  Fuutie asked the magic creature.

Shiki-chan nodded jubilantly.

To Tomoyo, she thought that the doll on Fuutie's hand looked like…

Abruptly the yellow doll sat up on the young woman's hand, "Whose friend?!  That balloon trundled on me!!"  The doll yelled with anger, and then gasped when he realized that he was sitting on a stranger's hand, the young woman might be startled that a doll could talk.

"Kero-chan??" Tomoyo surprised.

"Kero-chan?" Fuutie looked at Tomoyo then Kero.  She lifted Kero, which was using his full effort in pretending to be ordinary doll stuff, up by her both hands to the level of her face and stared at him nose to nose. "So you're the guardian Cerberus, right?" Fuutie said and smiled at Kero.

The young woman speech made Kero jumped on to his feet with surprise and followed with his serious expression, "You know me?  Who're you, lady, I can sense power from you."  He asked tensely, frown between his eyebrows.

Fuutie smiled sweetly still at him, "No need to be suspicious of me, I'm Li Fuutie, nice to meet you."

"Li?" Kero repeated her last name in wonder, looking at the young woman.

"She is Li-kun's eldest sister, and she already knows all of us " Tomoyo told confused Kero as she smiled at him.

Fuutie put her one hand to dust gently some dirt from Kero's forehead with concern and said, "My Shiki-chan trundled on you, right?" She turned to glare at Shiki-chan and Shiki-chan itself seemed to be startled by her glare.  She used her one hand beat Shiki-can on its forehead softly.  Though her beat was not hard at all, but the beat was much enough to make the magic creature's droplet of tears fell from its big round eyes.  With a sorry expression, Fuutie coiled her face back to Kero, "My Shiki-chan just excited to find another magic creature, you might be hurt a lot.  As I'm Shiki-chan's master, I'm so sorry."  The young woman kissed on his yellow forehead gently and smiled at him, causing him blushed.  Later on she looked at the crying Shiki-chan, "Come here to apologize to Cerberus," the young woman commanded.

Shiki-chan drifted slowly to Kero, which was standing on Fuutie's hand, and bowed to him guiltily.

"Would you please forgive Shiki-chan?" Fuutie begged him for his forgiveness for her magic creature

Kero was speechless, beholding the crying magic creature.  He also felt guilty that he caused the magic creature to cry.  Kero nodded, forgiving the magic creature.

"And would you please be Shiki-chan's friend?" Fuutie asked him in gentle tone.

Kero turned to gazed at Fuutie and then Shiki-chan, which was staring at him hopefully. Kero nodded.

Immediately after Kero had finished his nod in agreement to be Shiki-chan's friend, the magic creature threw itself to him, caused them both fell to the floor.  Shiki-chan tried to use its both fins to hug Kero as if it was so happy that it had a friend.  Poor thing, the fins were too short, the fins could not even reached Shiki-chan’s big round eyes.  When Shiki-chan tried to hug Kero, it looked more like Shiki-chan were wrestling and trundling on Kero than trying to hug him.

"Get off me!!!"  Kero-chan yelled but Shiki-chan did not listen, the happy magic creature was still trying to hug him.

Watching the two magic creatures were wrestling on the floor made the two ladies giggled.  To Tomoyo, she was amazed Fuutie could manage the angry Kero very well, and moreover, without using any food to calm him down.

Looking at the two magic creatures, Tomoyo asked "Kero-chan, why do you come here?"

Being trundled on by Shiki-chan, Kero who was laying with his stomach on the floor and Shiki-chan on his back said "Sakura, she look sad and I think that she wanted some time to be alone, so I left her alone and went to you"

"Sad? Sakura-chan sad, how?"  Fuutie asked, she and Tomoyo became worry.

"I don't know, she's like that after she came back from school."

Worrying about Sakura, Tomoyo turned to Fuutie and said, "May be because today Tarada-sensei informed the our class that Li-kun's going to go back to Hong Kong"

"That Li boy’s going back to Hong Kong?  What's going on?"  Kero made a question.

The two ladies had looked at each other before they decided to tell Kero what was really happening.

A moment later, they all sat on the sofa in the room, Kero was eating a piece of cake and listened to Tomoyo and Fuutie, who now Shiki-chan was on her lap, told him about what was going on.

Lastly, the mouthful of cake, Kero let a big sigh out and said, as if it was silly thing, "That Li clan always have silly thoughts.  Poor that Li boy."

"Kero-chan!" Tomoyo suddenly cut him off.  The girl knew what was Fuutie thought about the matter of 'Li' clan and the young woman’s little brother.

"W-what what??" Startled Kero asked.

Seeing Tomoyo turned to look at Fuutie worriedly, then he followed the girl's eyesight direction to look at the young woman.  All Kero saw was Fuutie was sitting calmly, but sadness was on her face and her deep black eyes.  Realizing that what he had said made the lady was saddened; he slapped his hand on his mouth, feeling himself was culpable.

Shiki-chan stared at her and tried to put both of its short fins wrapped around her small waist, wanting to comfort her.  'Master please don't sad,' could be read on its round eyes.

Stroking Shiki-chan forehead lovingly, she gave her lamenting smiled to the magic creature on her lap, Tomoyo and then Kero.  "Cerberus's right…all," she said sadly which made Kero’s felt more guilty of his thoughtless speech.

Uncomfortableness and silence was extended in the room, lastly Kero broke the silence and said stammeringly, "Er…do you…what me to help you anything? Er…Li lady?"

Fuutie looked at Kero her face was softened. "Call me Fuutie," she said and gave him a delicate smile, "Thank you a lot, Cerberus.  I'd want your help too but it has to be after you finish your cake."

"En? Why?" Kero was perplexed.

"Well, I want you to go out to guide me, and I don't think that you’ll want to startle others on the street if you hold the cake and eat it outside.  Besides you also want to finish this cake, right?"

Kero looked down on the delicious cake he was eating.  The young lady was right.  He would has to pretend to be ordinary doll stuff when he went outside, furthermore, he could not bring the cake outside with him and ate it while he was leading her the way on street.

Kero was Kero.  He would not let go of eating any delicious food, especially if it was confection.  He began to eat his cake quickly, forgetting to ask her where she wanted to go.

While Kero was eating his cake, Tomoyo turned to Fuutie and asked her in whisper as the girl did not want to disturb Kero's happy times.  "Fuutie-san, you could use Shiki-chan to find the way but why do you still want Kero-chan to guide you?"

"It's social relationship," Fuutie whispered back and smiled to the girl, "And Shiki-chan is happy that has a new friend, I can bet, Shiki-chan will not leave Cerberus so easy if I don’t go with him."

Tomoyo turned her face to look at the magic creature.  She saw that Shiki-chan, which had drifted from Fuutie's lap, now cuddled near Kero.

"I see," Tomoyo smiled to the lovely scene of the two magic creatures were snuggling to each other, although the one of them seemed more like annoyed.

Beholding Kero, who Shiki-chan cuddled by his side, was trying to speed up in eating his cake.  Fuutie smiled beautifully at him.  "You're really cute, Cerberus," she said as a matter of fact.

Again, the young woman made Kero surprised and choked the big piece of cake that was in his mouth.  His face turned from yellow to green and then purples, as he could not breathe, because a big piece of cake he was eating was lodged in his throat.

The change of color on Kero's face made the two ladies and one magic creature startled. They ran around to find some water.

Tomoyo grasped a glass of water and handed to Kero, "Kero-chan, here, drink water!"

Kero quickly dunked his head in to the glass, which Tomoyo had handed to him, and took a big swallow of water for clearing his throat, which was filled with a big piece of cake.  A second later he emerged his soaking head from the glass of water, gasping for oxygen.  "You almost killed me!"

Holding a vase as if ready to throw the water inside the vase to Kero for giving him a rush of water, Fuutie said, "Just because I said you’re really cute?" She put the vase on its place, could not help but giggled when she saw his soaking face.

"What are you laughing about?!" Kero said out loud with annoy.

"Oh! Nothing nothing, I am sorry if my word made you choke, but you look really cute."  Fuutie bent down to Kero with a bright smile, "But your true form is really smart too, even I only have the chance to see your true form from Tomoyo-chan's videotapes," she said half flattery.

Some times flattery could help in many situations, and now too.  Kero's anger had been vanished and to be replaced by his pride and ego.  He jumped on his feet, both of his hands on his hip and smirked with full level of confidence in his physical appearance.

"Of cause! My true form is smart, even this form is cute too," Kero said proudly with Tomoyo, Fuutie, Shiki-chan were cheering behind him.  The good mood Kero twisted his body to Fuutie and asked her eagerly, "And where do you want me to guide you the way?"

Fuutie smiled attractively at him, her flattery gave her little more effective result than she expected.  <What Shaolan wrote in his diary is right after all, > she thought and little wondered what the situation, that she was going to face, would be if what Shaolan had written in his diary was completely accurate.

She bent down to Kero, and her pretty smile was on her face. "I want you to guide me to Sakura-chan's home," she said gently.

"Ennnnnn?????"  Was all Kero could response.

-------------E N D---------------
To Be Continue Next
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