The Wizard of Oz: The CCS Version

      Once upon a time there was a young girl named Sakura. She lived in Japan with her Auntie Nakuru, Uncle Spinel, and her pet..... "thing" named Kero-chan.

    One day Sakura was on her way to school when suddenly...

     " Hoe the wind is getting really strong isn't it Kero-chan?" Asked Sakura.

    " Now that you mention it, it really is."

    Even though the wind was blowing really hard, Sakura tried to ignore it.

    " Windy!" An anonomous voice called out of no where. Then the wind started blowing so hard it pick Sakura up higher & Higher into the air.

    " HOOOEEE!" Sakura scrame,

    " What the hell's happening?!" Cried Kero-chan. Soon they were so high into the air they both passed out.

    When Sakura woke up, she found her-self in a strange place. It was very colorful. She got up.

    " Uh-oh Kero-chan looks like we're not in Japan anymore."

    " That's for sure." Kero-chan added. There was a sudden shaking in the flower bed behind them. Kero-chan hid in Sakura's back pack.

    " Who's there?!" Sakura sharpley asked. A little munch-kin came out. Sakura felt a bit sheepish for being so suprised at a dwarf.

    " Uh, excuse me can you help me?? I'm lost, and I need to get to school." Said Sakura kneeling down.

    " School?? Hmmm, I don't know any School here, but I bet the wizard does." Replied the dwarf.

    " Oh really, where can I find him??" " He's at the Emerald City." " Hoe where's that??" " Just follow the Yellow-Brick Road." Sakura looked around, then down at the ground. She realized that she was standing on yellow bricks.

    " Just follow the path, and it'll lead you strait to the city."

    " Oh, thank you Mister Dwarf!" Said Sakura, starting to run on the path of yellow bricks.

    While Sakura was walking she wondered what time it was. As soon as she came her watch stopped." I bet Auntie & Uncle are worried about me." Sakura thought to her-self.

    Kero-chan was sitting on her shoulder," Ah, Sakura look!"

    Sakura looked up," Oh no! A fork in the road!" She looked both wayz." Hoe, which way do I go?" Sakura felt so helpless.

    " Well you could take the path going east but that's a very dangerouse path, because tigers, and flying squirles eat people."

    " Hoe?" Sakura got up and looked to both her sides then got up," Who said that."

    Then she turned around, and saw a scarecrow.

    " Konichiwa!!" Called the happy scarecrow.

    " HOOOEEEE!!" Sakura cried frightenly.

    " That's rude! Making that kind of sound after seeing my face!" Retorted the scarecrow.

    Sakura then turned around to face the scarecrow, and he smiled again.

    " Can you help me down?" He asked politely, then Sakura noticed that he was tied up to a pole.

    " Ah, only if you promis you won't attack me or anything."

    " You don't have to worry about that. I won't hurt you or your dog." He said looking at Kero-chan.

    " I AIN'T NO DOG!!!" Shouted Kero-chan steaming.

    Sakura walked up to the scarecrow and began untieing him.

    When he was down he said," Thank you! I've been stuck up there for weeks!"

    " Oh you poor thing! Who would be rude enough o do such a thing?" Asked a shocked Sakura.

    " The evil witch of the west. You see I wasn't always a scarecrow. I was a normal human, but with high amounts of knowledge. Then 1 day I bet this girl at a History Test, after I won she turned me into a scarecrow, and after that, she tied me up here. But what's worse was at my village, I had a fianc'ee, her name was Chiharu. I'm so worried about her!" After he finished his story, he saw Sakura woth tears in her eye's.

    " That's so horrible!!!" She said sobbing, then got up," Don't worry Mr. Scarecrow!! I'll help you get back to your village & reunite you with your love!!"

    " That's great, oh by the way my name is Yamazaki! And my village the path to the east!"

    " Nice to meet you Yamazaki-kun, my name is Sakura, and my pet is named Kero-chan!"

    After the introduction, they both ran down the path to the east not knowing the dangers ahead of them.

Author's note: Ack I forgot to add that in this story Sakura is 17!!! I had to change a few things in the TWoO story so it would sound more like a CCS fic, and not some.... Well I hope you get the piont. I'm very excited about finishing this fic, tho it may be a bit long tho. Well now onto the legal stuff:

CCS is owned by Clamp, not me. And the WIzard of Oz is owned by it's own respected company. I did not make the movie TWoO so don't sew me alright.

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