The Wizard of Oz: The CCS Version

      As the trio walked along the path, they found themselves comming to a dark forest." H-hoe, are we really gonna walk through this?" Asked

    " I guess so, but we've got to be very careful, because during the night, huge man eating monkeys come out to play chess with each other."

    " Hoe? Man eatting monkeys'???"
    " This sounds a bit fishey." Replied Kero-chan, and they continued on into the forest, exept tip-toeing this

    After a while of walking," We're almost out." Said Yamazaki quietly.

    " GRRRRR!! I'm going to eat you!!!!" A lound voice shouted, they all turned around, a big " thing" poped out of behind the trees.

    " HHHHOOOOOEEEEE!!" Sakura scrame, as the " thing came poncing right at her, but then she realized that the "thing" wasn't going for her, but for Kero-chan.

    " AAAhhhh, help meee!" Cried a horrified Kero-chan as the " thing " was chasing it. Sakura pulled out her baton out of her back pack and threw it athe large thing.

    " OUCH!" Sakura stomped up to it saying," You should be ashamed of yourself! Attacking a small poor  creature, why don't you pick on someone you own size!?"

    And to their suprise, it started crying. " I'm sorry, I was just trying to scare you all." It sobbed," You see this everyone here calls me a sissy, but I wasn't alway so sad like this. It all happened, 1 day, when I was prowling through the forest, and I saw this girl who was killing tiney helpless mice. So I pounced at her hoping it would scare her away, but it didn't she just turned around an shot me with some spell. And after that, I became afraid of everything."

    When he finished his story he looked at Sakura, she had tears in her eye's.

    " You poor thing! Who did this to you?"

    " The witch of the west!"

    " I don't know what I can do for you, but you can come with us!" Sakura replied happily.

    " Really?"

    " Yeah! We're heading twords Yamazaki's village, maybe you can find some help there!"

    " Alright then, oh by the way, my name is Touya."
    Soon the thick dark forest was Begining to clear." We're almost to my home town!" Yamazaki cried happily," It's just over this hill!"

    Then they all began running up the hill, but what they saw horrifying! The village was under attack, by these huge birds, and it was on fire.

    " KYAAAAAAAAA!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!" A loud shrill vioce called,

    " That's Chiharu!" Cried Yamazaki, then he ran into the burning village.

    " Wait Yamazaki becareful!! Your made of straw!!" Sakura shouted running after him.

    " Sakura!!" Cried Kero-chan.

    Sakura stopped for a second," Kero-chan, you and Touya, try to get all the villagers out of here! I'll try and help Yamazaki!"

    " Right." Replied The 2.

    Sakura ran along burning houses trying to look in all directions, trying to see of she could see Yamazaki. When she reached an alley she saw Yamazaki holding a staff, with a girl about her age right behind him looking horrified, it was probably Chiharu. And another woman on a broomstick with grey hair. She pulled out her baton, and ran tord Yamazaki.

    " Yamazaki be careful!!" She warned.

    " He, he, he! Are you going to try and stop me!? You're fools!!" Cackled the witch throwing a fireball in their direction, they all dodged. Now they were surrounded by a wall of fire.

    " You damn witch, you'll pay for what you did to my hometown!!"
    " Watch your self!" Warned the witch, and within a blink of an eye Yamazaki's arm was on fire!

    " Yamazaki!" Cried Sakura. Yamazaki & Chiharu fainted.

    " Hoe!" Cried Sakura, looking for some water, luckily she found a barrel of water right behind her, she dumped the whole thing on Yamazaki's arm, and it put out the fire.

    " You little wench!" Scrame the witch.

    " Why are you doing this?!" Asked Sakura.

    " Because I'm evil, burning down pathetic little villages is what evil people do."

    Swet rolled down the side of Sakura's face, she desperatley looked around her to see if anything could help her." Let's see what I've got, a baton, a barrel, a backpack, make-up, hair spray, extra change of clothes, books, and home work... What can I do with these things?"

    Sakura was quickley trying to think of something," I got it!"

    " Hey you ugly witch come down here!" Sakura called in a mocking tone.

    " GGGGRRRR, you've got guts calling me out kid, but this is the end for you!!" Sakura pulled out her hair spray, praying she had a lot left. The witch threw a fireball at her, Sakura took a step back and began spraying hair spray at it like a crazy person. As the hair spray went through the fire ball it was like a fire gun, the fire reached the witche's dress wich caught on fire.

   " AAAACK!" The witch made a horribal noise, like a banchey. Sakura covered her ears. The witch was shaking herself so hard she lost balacnce & fell off her broomstick. Sakura really tried hard not to laugh, because the witch was rolling around in the dirt like a retarded person.

    The witch saw the puddle of which came frome the barrel, and soaked herself in it. As soon as the fire on her clothes were put out.." You, now you are going to get it," The witch said in a low voice, glaring at her. The suddenly, the witch was....melting," Oh shit!! I forgot!!! I melt in water!!! AAAHHH, I'M MELTING!!!"

    In a few minutes there was nothing left of the witch exept for her clothes and a puddle of goo." Hoe?" Sakura walked up to the puddle," Are all witches like this??" Suddenly all the fire disappeared. Sakura sorted through the clothing, and found a wand. She picked it up and slipped it into her back pack, for she may need it... Someday.

    "SAKURA!" Kero-chan called, he flew up to her," You alright?"

    " Yeah, are all the villagers' safe?"

    " Well some couldn't be helped, but some were saved, because a few minutes before I got here, the birds suddenly flew away. It's probably because you killed the leader."

    " That's good." Kero-chan looked at the puddle of goo.

    " Is that the-" Before Kero-chan could finish his question Sakura responded," Yes."


      ( 3 hours later) " Thank you for saving us." Said Chiharu.

    After Yamazaki & Chiharu woke up, they gathered the rest of the villagers' and now were all grouped up in the center of the village.

    " Chiharu what happened?" Asked Yamazaki.

    " Well 1 week after you left the witch started demanding we give her food or else. Of course we did, until.. There wasn't enough crops left to get us through the winter.."

    " And what about your mother & father?" Asked Yamazaki," I noticed they weren't 1 of the survivers' or 1 of the dead ones."

    Tears rolled down Chiharus eye's " Well 2 days before you returned... They were burned at the steak.... As an example of what would happen if we didn't do what she asked."

    Chiharu burst out crying shortly after she said this. Yamazaki put his arms around her comforting her.

    Sakura looked at Yamazaki, she felt so sorry for him, here he was with his fianc'ee in his arms, and he couldn't really touch her. Only with stuffed hands, but not his own warm hands. She wondered if Chiharu even minded that he was a scarecrow.. She hit herself on the head," Of course she doesn't, BAKA!" She thought.

   " By the way Yamazaki-kun, isn't there anyway to turn you back into normal again??" Asked Sakura.

    " I don't know." Replied Yamazaki, at this Chiharu shot her head up.

    " I bet the Wizard of Oz knows!"

    " That's right, I needed to go there too! Come on Yamazaki, Touya, and Kero-chan!!! Let's go!" Said Sakura determined to help her friend out.

    " I'm comming too!" Added Chiharu.

    " You can't! The village needs you!! Besides it's too dangerous!" Protested Yamzaki.

    " NO! I'm comming!! You need me even more!!"

    " But Chiharu you're the daughter of the mayor here, if you leave this place, the village will fall apart, without a leader!" Chiharu looked fustrated.

    " Fine then." Chiharu turned around, and pointed to a little boy standing in the corner," You there!" The child pointed at himself and asked," me?"

    " Yes you! You're the new mayor here, take care of this village while I'm gone."

    After she said this she walked up to Yamazaki." Now that it's settled let's go." Yamazaki stared at her, with his mouth wide open, he wasn't able to speak, so Sakura did for him." Right!! Let's go then!"

    Then they all set off for the Emerald City, where the mighty wizard wuz.

Authore's note: Yay I'm done!! I'm soo happy. So what do you think of this fic so far, boring, a little interesting??? Come on people talk to me!! I want to make these fics. perfect!!! Oh I know, you want Syaoran in this story don't you???? Don't worry he'll come in the 3rd chapter, I'll make sure it's more interesting next time, alright??? So just stick with me alright. Thanx a lot!!!

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