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konyanyachiwa~ minna~! this is Hitomi~ and this is my 3rd i think time to make a  fanfic so it might be a stupid fic. and the other thing "(this i means they're thinking of something in there head)" ************************* means Flash Back(if there's any)~~~~~This means someone's house or somewhere~~~~~ well i think that's about it well enjoy~

Sakura's Last Battle

       Sakura stood at the penguin kouen all by herself thinking of the boy who went back to Hong Kong, Li Syaoran.
"(Syaoran-kun......)" Sakura's mind is full of Syaoran.

"Sakura" said a boy's voice. It sounded familier. Sakura looked back. Then it was the boy she was thinking of.

"Syaoran-kun!? I thought you were at Hong Kong...."

"Yea I was but I talked to my mother and she said yes."


"Mother may I go back to Japan? I really want to be with Sakura Please mother!"

"Will you promise me to take care of her?"

"Yes. I will."

"Yes you may go."

"That's what happened."

"To take care of me....." Sakura and Syaoran stared at each other. sakura and Syaoran hugged each other but suddenly.........

"What? what's happening!?" Sakura started to get frightened.
#These characters are not mine… They belong to CLAMP and a bunch of other companies. I’ll return them eventually… well maybe I’ll keep Syaoran ^_^ He’s soooooooo cute!#

Anyway… on with the fic

Oh… last warning… If you like Meilin don’t read this…

Cherry Blossoms   an S+S fanfic by Sere-chan…

<Oh God… I’m so happy Syaoran has come back from Hong Kong> thought Sakura looking at the young man sitting in front of her in class. They had met that morning outside her house. It had been 6 years since she had last saw him that day when he was leaving for the airport, sure they had sent each other letters but it wasn’t like having him here. <He promised he’ll never leave me again…> Sakura sighed happily drawing the teacher’s attention to her. She blushed and tried to concentrate on the maths problem in front of her. She had always hated maths…

< Oh my god! She looks more beautiful than ever> thought Syaoran while gazing in the window pane at the reflection of the girl sitting behind him. < Oh Sakura… I’ve missed you so much…> What he hadn’t told her was that he had had to threaten his family to let him come back to Japan. He was not a member of the Li clan anymore. But he didn’t care. All that mattered was being with Sakura. He slipped his hand into his jacket pocket without thinking and touched the ring box in it. One of his rare smiles painted his face. <Sakura… I threw it all away for you… but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Just to see your smile, your eyes… makes everything worth it> The bell that signalled the end of the school day rang interrupting his thoughts and he was startled when he felt a light hand rest on his shoulder.

Sakura smiled when Syaoran turned round, especially when she noticed he was smiling too. He took her hand with a slight blush but it disappeared when her hand grasped his tightly.
“How about a walk in the park?” Syaoran finally managed to blurt out. “I’d love that” Sakura answered, her turn to blush now.

They walked out of school hand in hand. They didn’t say much, content just with being with the person they cared for. Just as the sun began to set they found themselves next to a little lake. “It’s beautiful…” murmured Sakura gazing at the setting sun reflected in the calm waters of the lake. “Not as beautiful as you are…” whispered Syaoran in her ear. She blushed and turned round to face him.

“Syao…” she started “Shhh… don’t say anything” with that he tilted her chin up and their lips met. Her arms went round his neck and her fingers started playing with his hair while he held her tight, his arms round her slim waist. Sakura had never thought that Syaoran’s lips could be so soft and warm and melted in his embrace. Syaoran felt Sakura part her lips slightly and deepened the kiss accepting her invitation.

After a bit they unwillingly broke the kiss and Syaoran lost himself in Sakura’s green eyes. “Wo ai ni Sakura” he whispered “Ai Shiteru” she answered and they lost themselves in another kiss.

It was nearly dark when Syaoran got down on one knee and asked Sakura the question she had wanted to hear since she was a kid. “Sakura… will you marry me?” he asked handing her a box that contained a gold ring decorated with delicate sakura flowers. “Yes” she whispered and a single tear fell from her eyes matching a shooting star that flew across the night sky.


Authors notes:
I’ve only looked at the final chapter of CCS on the internet. I found it on a Chinese site and guess what… I don’t know a word in Chinese.
So (on my knees and begging…) please don’t kill me if I made any mistakes… I just guessed what was going on by looking at the pictures.
The part where Syaoran-chan says he threatened his family and got kicked out of the Li clan I made up! So nobody worry… It doesn’t happen in the manga… at least I hope so ^_~.
C&C’s always welcome and don’t worry I’m very heat-resistant so flame me… I don’t care.
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