This story is like a Cinderella story exept with CCS characters in it. This fic is called Cinderella: A Card Captor Story.

        Once upon a time there lived a sad lovely young girl named Sakura.She was sad, because her mother had died when she was only 3, so she never knew her mother.

       And when she was 8 her father re-married another woman, her name was Nakuru. Nakuru was a widow with 2 daughters named: Meiling & Usagi. Nakuru didn't like Sakura at all. Soon after Fujitaka married Nakuru, he died.

        Nakuru never treated Sakura like a daughter. Nakuru only loved her daughters, and treated Sakura like a maid. Nakuru made Sakura work all day non-stop, along with the other maids: Rika, Chiharu, and Naoko. Rika, Chiharu, and Naoko had been Sakura's nursery maids when Sakura was a baby, but now they were all friends.

       The only time they would have to rest was at night. At that time Sakura would go into the kitchen and sleep by the fire place with Kero-chan. Kero-chan was Sakura's secret pet nobody knew about him, Sakura's father had given Kero to her on her 4th B-day. Every night Kero would listen to Sakura feeling sorry for her, wishing he could do something for her.


        (One Morning) Sakura woke up before the sun came up to do her chores, just then she hears someone at the door," Don't worry Sakura-chan I'll get it." Noako said rushing to the door, so Sakura just continued on with her chores. Naoko returned with 2 boxes.

       "Hoe, Naoko what's that?" Asked Sakura.

       "Oh don't you know? It's the prince's 20th birthday, and he's throwing some big party where everyone dresses up like a Clow Card. It's funny though. Only girls alowed."

      Chiharu said with a bit of worry in her voice. " Silly, haven't you heard? It's no ordinary birthday party. It's by law that when a prince/princess turns 20, that they are to be married."


     " So, that means tonight Prince Syaoran will be looking for a queen!" Everyone in the room was quiet for a brief moment.

     " Wow! That would be so great." Naoko said with stars in her eye's.

     " I think not." Sakura said still sweeping, all the girls stared at her.

    " Eh, why's that?" They all asked.

    " Because it'll only be one night." Everyone stares." What I mean is, if the prince is really looking for a bride there should be more time. What I mean to say is after only 1 night could the prince really know you're the one and only. If he's really
serious about this he would know that it takes more than 1 night to get to know a girl. It would be like, marrying a stanger."

   " That's why the party will be going on three days. You see Sakura, Prince Syaoran's real birthday is on July 13. The party is held on the 11-13. During the 3 days he will have time to look for his bride, and on the final night of his birthday he will have to announce the girl he chose to be his bride, and then the next day they get hitched." Rika explained.

  " So in those 2 boxes are costumes for the party?" Sakura asked

  "Yeah it's for Nakuru's daughters." Chiharu answered.

  " So his party begins tonight, huh?"

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