Act  2

            (After Nakuru & her daughters leave for the party. Sakura is by the fire place in the kitchen with Kero)

            " You really wanted to go, didn't you Sakura?" Asked Kero-chan.

           " Well.... apart of me didn't, but something inside me did. It was begging me to go, as if..." Sakura pauses " No it couldn't be. Anyways who ever heard of a maid going to a royal party."

          " Yer no maid, Sakura. You are the daughter of a noble man, which makes you a noble as well, not no maid!"
         " Well that is true, but even if I wanted to go I couldn't. I don't even have a costume!"
        " That's no problem!" A light gentle voice cried, then there was a bright light in the kitchen. The light was so bright Sakura and Kero-chan had to cover their eye's.

        When the light faded away, there was a beautiful fairy like girl standing there. She had wings, her skin was pale, she had long black wavey hair." Good evening Sakura!"

        " Uh, who are you?"

        " My name is Tomoyo, your fairy god-cousin."

        " Hoe? Why are you here?"

        " Because, I have to get you ready for a certain party, I'm sure you know which party I'm talking about."

        " Uh, you want me to go to a  party?"

        " It's fate that you go there, come with me I think I have the perfect outfit for you."

        Tomoyo waved her magic wand (which looks like Sakura's want from the series), and then a big van appeared in the kitchen.

        " Hoe?!"

        " Come on Sakura time to get changed."

        Tomoyo grabbed Sakura's hand and pulled her into the van, where there were lot's and lot's of dresses.

        " See all these dresses here? I Made them all for you!"

        " Hoe!" Sakura only stared stunned at how many lovely dresses there were.

        " Which dress do you want to wear tonight?" Tomoyo's hand scanned through all the outfits, and finally pulled one out. "Perfect! Tonight you can dress up like The Mirror! What do you think?"

        " It's pretty." (Sakura changes into her costume.)

        " Oh you look so cute Sakura! Now all you need now is something to get you to the party." Tomoyo looks around and sees Kero-chan.

       " Perfect!" Tomoyo waves her wand around and says, " Release!"

        Then Kero-chan is transformed into real form Ceruburus, the loin thing. Then Tomoyo put a saddle on his back.

        " Here Sakura, if you use Ceruburus as transportation, you'll be there in no time!"

        Kero-chan looks at his new body." Wow! This new look sure beats the old stuffed animal look."

        Tomoyo helps Sakura onto Ceruburus's back." Thank you, so much! How can I ever repay you?"

        " Oh don't worry about that, Sakura-chan. You just have a good time." Ceruburus spreads his wings and flys off to in the direction of the palace.

        Tomoyo waves good-bye, then just when Sakura and Cereburus are soo far away, Tomoyo takes out the wand again. "Realese!" Then a camcorder appears out of nowhere. Then she teleports herself to the palace.

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