Act 3

        (In the palace) Syaoran was board to death, all night he had been wasting his time talking to girls!

        He hated the whole idea of this stupid party. What's worse was there was some girl that always folowed him. Her name was Meiling or something like that, he forgot and he didn't care.

        " Ack!!! Someone get me outta here!!!!" Syaoran thought.


        Ceruburus landed, they finally made it to the palace. Sakura got off him.

        " I'm so nervous, Kero-chan!"

        " There isn't anything to be nervous about. Look at yourself, you're so beautiful, I'm not even sure you're you!"

        " Hoe!!" Sakura's turned red. She turned around and started walking tords the entrance of the palace.

        " Sakura." Sakura tuned around.

        " Break a leg." Ceruburus said.

        Sakura smiled and continued walking.

        " How beautiful.."


           When Sakura first entered the ball room. Everyone was quiet, as they all stared in awe at her, especially Syaoran. Meiling was holding tightly onto Syaoran's arm and noticed him staring at that girl. Syaoran got his arm free from Meiling's grip, as he began walking tords Sakura. Sakura saw him comming to her.

        " The rumors are true, he is Cute!!!" Sakura thought.

        Syaoran kept on walking twords her. His eye's staring into hers. She had such pretty green eye's.

        Syaoran was probably only a few inches away from Sakura, he took her hand and knelt down and kissed it. Sakura was shocked, and so was everybody else in the room.

        Meiling just stood shocked, angery & sad at the same time, she was just about ready to go over there and strangle that girl, when Usagi grabbed her arms and restrained her back.

        Syaoran still holding Sakura's hand, lead her to the dance floor. Then a young girl with short black hair, named Gumi
began to sing Super, Duper Love Days.

        Syaoran & Sakura began slow dancing. Syaoran had his hand's around Sakura's waist, Sakura had her hands around Syaoran's neck.

        Sakura saw her sisters and mother, and wondered if they knew who she really was, but the looks on their faces told her otherwise. Sakura rested her head against Syaoran's chest, and closed her eye's.

        Sakura left the dance early so she could get home before her mother and sister's.


        " That was beautiful." Tomoyo said stopping her camcorder. She was so happy, now she had a good tape of Sakura, what should call it??

        All the girl's at the dance were so disapointed, Prince Syaoran had speant most of his time with the myterious girl, nobody had any idea who she was.

        Every time Syaoran asked Sakura for her name she would always say," Why does it matter? After tonight you'll never see me again."

        But she was wrong.

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