Act 4

        (after the party)

        " Really? That's nice to hear that you found a girl  you're interested in. What's her name?" Asked Queen Kaho.

        " I don't know, she left without telling me!" Prince Syaoran said in rage." And she also said that after tonight I won't ever see her again!"

        " No,I don't think that's true."Kaho said smilling.

        " Huh, why do you say that?"

        "........"Kaho just smiled sweetly at her son. Syaoran didn't get it.

        " How was the party Meiling?" Sakura asked while serving breakfast.

        " It went wonderfully if you must know." Sakura looked at Meiling." Yes, he couldn't keep his hands off me. He was like a puppy."

        " Well I'm glad youk had a good time." Sakura said smiling.

        "What's your problem, this morning?"

        " I just had a nice rest, that's all Meiling-chan." Said Sakura as she happily went into the kitchen to finish her chores.

        " Well, at least she's happy, unlike someone I know." Usagi said.

        " Shut-up!"

        " Really Meiling telling a lie, I never thought you would  sink that low. Everybody saw how you were groping the prince. He probably forgot you existed after that girl came. He couldn't keep his eye's or hands off her."

        " Grrrrrrrrrr, if I ever find out who that wench is,I'm gonna KILL her! Prince Syaoran will be mine no matter what!!"

        (In a magical place so far, far away) " You did well, Tomoyo." A voice said.

        " Thank you Master. You know how much I adore Sakura-chan! It was my pleasure to help her out, and now I have a wonderful video tape of her! Oh please master, please may I have anouther chance to help her?" Tomoyo begged.

        " No, this time I'm sending anouther one of my serents to help Sakura. She's going to need a little more of a push to get her to go to the ball this time. Last night she went by her own will, that's why I sent you, but this time....."

        " I understand my Master...... But can I at least video tape her?"


        " Thank you Master you're so kind."Tomoyo said and faded away.

        ( Back at the Kinomoto Manor)

        " Oh yeah I when I went to the market today, I over heard a group of girls gossiping about last nights party." Rika said.

        " Really what did they say?" Asked Chiharu.

        " Well they said that at the dance, a really lovely girl showed up. She was dressed up as the Mirror card. They also said the prince really fell for her, but nobody knew who she was."

        " Oh what a shame."

        As all the girls were gossiping, Sakura was quiet and doing her chore, and thinking about stuff.

        " I wonder if I can go back... Nah, I mean the prince really can't love me like they say he does, we really didn't talk much.. He doesn't even know me. And I really can't love him, because I really don't know him either. Plus, I can't risk going back, because if I do my sisters may find out who I really am, and the whole thing would be a total mess. Hoeeee, why does everything have to be so complicated, I want to see him again, but I can't."

        Sakura was so deep in thought, she didn't even hear Chiharu ask her a question.

       " Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan can you hear me?? SAKURA!!!"


        "Well you were ignoring me!" " No I wasn't, I was just thinking."

        " Thinking?? It looked more like day dreaming to me."

        Rika added," What were dreaming about Sakura-chan? Love?"

        Sakura blushed,"N,no! I, I was.."

        " Oh I was right!! You're in love aren't you?!" Rika exclaimed.

        " Who is it?" Asked Naoko,

        " What's his name?" Asked Chiharu.

        " No, no I'm not in love! We just met, and it wasn't even for that long! It was just for 1 nn," Sakura stopped and realized all the girls staring.

        " Never mind." Sakura said and walked out of the room.

        After she left Naoko asked," Was it just me, or was she about to say night?"

        " Hmm, ya know Naoko I think you're right." Said Rika.

        " Now that you mention it, I have'nt seen Sakura at all last night, until this morning." Chiharu said.

        " That must explain why she looked so dreamy today."

        " Yes, but who did she meet last night, the only guy I can possibaly think of is...."

        Sakura stood listening by the door," Hoe, have they figured out my secret?!" Sakura thought in fear.


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