Act 5

        (At the Kinomoto Manor at nightfall right before the 2nd party)

        Sakura was in the dressing room helping her sisters get ready for the ball.

        Meiling was preping herself up in the mirror, while Sakura was fixing Usagi's nice long dark brown hair.

        " Tonight that girl better not show up if she knows whats good for her." Meiling growled.

        " Tonight you won't have her to worry about Meiling." Usagi said smilling.

        " And whys that sister?"

        " Because tonight you'll have to worry about me. Today I stoppped by the town witch, and asked her to make me a love potion. So she did, and she told me to add a drop of my blood in. Then put it Prince Syaoran's drink, and then when he drinks it he'll fall madly in love with me."

        " Do you really believe that garbage will work?"

        " Yes I do! And you'll believe it too when you see Prince Syaoran drooling all over me! The witch told me if it didn't work I could just trade it in for a stronger potion, with no extra charge!"

        " Well then, I'm sorry to crush your moment of joy sister, but today I also stopped by the town witch'es house, and I also asked for a love potion.. But unlike foolish you, I asked for the STRONGEST love potion there, it was really expensive though, but she says if it doesn't work she'll pay me 10 times than what I payed. I'm sorry sister, you lost."

        "Dammit" Cried Usagi in fustration, and then calmed down,

        " Here's your sash Usagi-chan." Sakura said," Meiling-chan,  here's your brooch."

        Meiling looked down at Sakura with sympathy." Poor Sakura I wish I could take you with me so you can see how much Syaoran loves me."

        " Excuse me Meiling-chan, but I need to ask you, if Syaoran-sama loves you, why do you need a love potion?" Asked Sakura.

        " So nobody can take him from me."

        " Girls time to go!!" Nakuru called.

        " Bye Sakura."

        (At the palace)

        " Do you think she'll show up?" Asked Syaoran.

        "Maybe. Hey this reminds me of a story my mother used to tell me, it was called Cinderella." Said Takashi.

        Takashi & Syaoran grew up together, and became friends. Takashi came from a really famous noble family, not really far from the palace.

        " Yeah and what about Cinderella?"

        " Well she used to be rich and all then her father( Well we all know the story to Cinderella, right? So let's just skip on!)"

        " Really, well this is reality not some fantasy story." Syaoran said.

        " Yes but she did leave kinda early, and why else would she not want to come back? Because she's ashamed, cause she's a peasant!" Explained Takashi.

        Syaoran thought about it, then his father poped in," Ah Syaoran there you are! Come on it's time for your party."

        "Oh hell, here I go again, come on Takashi." Takashi followed Syaoran into the ball room.

        ( Back at the Kinomoto Manor in the kitchen)

        " Sigh, its 9:00." Sakura said looking at the clock.

        " You look sad Sakura. Did you want to go , to the ball?" Kero asked.

        " No."

        " Oh I don't think you mean that." Anouther voice said when Sakura & Kero looked to see who it was. They saw a young man with white hair he was pale white and wore glasses, he also had wings, and wore a white tux.

        " Konichiwa Sakura-chan!"

        " Who are you?"

        " I'm your fairy god-friend Yukito and I came here to get you ready for the dance."

        " No I can't I'm sorry." The man just smiled at her, Sakura looked down.

        " Why?" Asked Yukito.

        " Because, there wouldn't any use in wasting my time going. My sister Meiling already won."

        " Why do you say that, you don't know that for sure."

        " Yes I do, today my sisters bought a love potion from the witch."

        " A witch?" " Yes, and right now Meiling and Syaoran are probably doing..."

        " Are you sure?"

        "....Probably, and if I went there he probably wouldn't even notice me."
        " Yes, but wouldn't you like to know for sure?"

        " No!"

        " Why."

        " I'm..I'm afraid of what I might see." Sakura said.

        " Would it help if somebody went with you?"  Asked Yukito.

        " There's no guy's allowed."

        " Who said I'm going, I'm sending Tomoyo!"

        Then out of  nowhere Tomoyo appeared.

        " Sakura-chan!!" Tomoyo said running tords her, "Why aren't you dressed up?"


         Tomoyo cut her off," I made the perfect dress for you its made out of really nice fabric! You haven't heard of it yet its called silk!"

        " But!-" Tomoyo took out her wand," Release!"

        In a bright flash Sakura was wearing a beautiful shiney pink kimono and her hair was tied up with roses of all colors.

        " Oh your soooo, beautiful! I knew pink was your color!"

        " Tomoyo are listening?..."

        " Oh yeah Sakura, I also made these lovely slippers to match! Look it's glass. Come on put them on!"

        Sakura sliped them on her feet they fit perfectly.

        " Come on we're late Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo then pulled out her wand and teleported with Sakura & Kero-chanoutta the kitchen.

        Yukito smiled he knew Tomoyo could do the job, he didn't know why Master said she couldn't. Then he teleported outta the kitchen.

        Yukito then reteleported in fron of Master.

        " Yukito what are you doing here? You're suppost to be helping Sakura."

        " Master it's okay Tomoyo took care of it.She's with Sakura right now."

        " TOMOYO?! Yukito I sent you for an important reason!" Yukito looked up with a confused look on his face.

        " I sent you because Tomoyo hasn't had all her magic restored yet, it at least takes1 more night until she does. But if she still keeps on using up the rest of her magic, it'll run out by midnight tonight and then Sakura will look like a peasant once more, and my plan to get  my relative together with Sakura, will be destroyed!"

        Yukito stared over at the Mortal Clock. It was 9:25 on earth. He still had time.

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