Act 6
         (When Tomoyo, Sakura, and Kero-chan arrived at the ball on the balcony)

        " We're here!" Tomoyo said.

        " Uh, Tomoyo-chan what are you going to do about your wings?"

        "Don't worry about that, people will probably just think it's part of my costume."

        Sakura looked at Tomoyo. Tomoyo looked like a fairy wearing that nice white dress, and those almost transparent wings.

        " What about me?!" Cried Kero-chan.

        " You'll be with me." Said Tomoyo, as she put Kero-chan in her pocket.

        " Wait, before we do anything else." Tomoyo said, and pulled out her wand again," Release!" Then a camcorder apeared in her hands.

        " Could you please stand over there Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo said and pointed to a spot where some cherry blossom trees were.

        Sakura walked over to them, and stood there.

        " Oh you're so pretty, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo squeeled as she pointed the camera at Sakura.

        " Those glass slippers were a great idea, Tomoyo. They make her look more unique." Kero-chan complimented.

        " Oh come on you guys I'm-"

        " There you are!" Sakura was cut off by a man's voice.

        Sakura whirled around, and saw Prince Syaoran.

        " Who were you talking to?" Syaoran asked.

        " Oh, them." Sakura said pointing to where Tomoyo and Kero-chan WERE.

        " Hoe!! Where'ed they go?" Sakura asked.

        (Tomoyo had teleported at a distance, right before Syaoran could show up)

        Syaoran looked around,"I don't see anybody."

        " Oh how could you guy's leave me!" Sakura thought, and just nervously just started laughing,

        Syoaran just stared at her, then noticed what she was wearing." You, look nice."

        " Thank you."

        " How did you get up here, I didn't see you come in?"

        " I, I'm sorta a sneaky person. What are you doing out here? I thought for sure you would be in there dancing or

        " I snuck out, when I found out some girls were trying to put love potions in my drink."

        " You didn't drink any, did you?"

        " No."

        Sakura sighed in relief.

        Then Sakura walked over to the railing and sat down, and looked up at the stars, Syaoran walked over to her, and sat next to her.


        (Up in the clouds) "Nothing's happening! What are they doing, they should at least be kissing by now!?" Kero-chan said disapointed.

        " This is so romantic!" Tomoyo said still holding the camcorder.

        " Yeah right, can't you do anything to spice things up?"

        "Well it wouldn't hurt." Tomoyo waved her wand around a few times.

        (Back down at the balcony)

        " What's that music?" Syaoran asked.

        "It's called Eye's on me sung by Fay Wong." Answered Sakura.

        " Want to dance?" Asked Syaoran standing up.

        " I'd love to."

        Syaoran helped Sakura up, and began slow dancing, closer this time.(Eyes on Me is a nice romantic song.)

        (Back up in the clouds)

        " Slow dancing, now that's a start." Said Kero-chan more satisfeid.

       " I knew this would do it! It's just likle the first time they met." Tomoyo said smilling.

        " Do you have that on video, too?"

        "Yes! It's so cute!"

        " You gotta show me that later."

        " TOMOYO!" Yukito cried.

        " Yukito-san, what are you doing here? I thought I was going to take care of things tonight."

        " Tomoyo you got to stop using your magic before it runs out." Yukito warned

        " But I can't do that! If I do, Sakura-chan will change back into her maid clothes!!!"

        " Well then, by midnight Sakura has to get out of the palace."

        " Why!?" Asked Kero-chan.

        " Because, at midnight Tomoyo-chan's power will be all worn out." Explained Yukito.

        " Oh I forgot all about that!" Cried Tomoyo.

        " But why will the dress disapear?!" Asked Kero-chan.

        " Well you see, Kero-chan I made that dress out of my own magic."

        "Oh I see. Well we have to find a way to tell Sakura!"

        "Oh don't worry about that leave it up to me." Yukito said, and snapped his fingers.

        (Back down at the balcony)" Syaoran, I need to talk to you!"Takashi called from inside the ball room.

        " Uh, I gotta go, I'll be back though. Please wait here." Syaoran said and pulled away, and ran inside.

        Yukito materialized beside Sakura. " Sakura-chan I need to tell you something!"

        " Yukito-san, what is it?"

        " It's about the dance. Sakura-chan you have to leave before midnight."

        " Hoe? Why?"

        " Because at midnight Tomoyo-chan's spell will wear off on you, and when that happens you'll look like a maid again."

        ".......I see, but will I be able to come back tomarrow?"

        " Yes, of course you will Sakura-chan. When you decide to leave Ceruburus will be waiting for you out front, and he'll take you home."


        (Behind the balcony curtains)" So Sakura, you're the mysterious girl." Meiling said, she had been watching Sakura and the Prince the whole time.

        " Tomarrow night I'll make sure you won't come to the ball. Syaoran will be mine!!!! But what to do about those fairies, I'll have to see the witch about that. Ha, Sakura you don't stand a chance of winning Syaoran, against me!"Meiling thought and walked off, she had seen enough.


        " Sorry I had to leave you for a while, Takashi just wanted to talk to me." Syaoran said walking up to Sakura." You know you still haven't told me your name yet."

        "I know, and it's better that way." Sakura said smiling.

        " Why won't you tell me your name for, last night you said it was because you said you wouldn't come back, but you did."

        " I can't tell you my name because..." Sakura paused and thought," What should I tell him... If I tell him my name he'll tell everybody, then my cover will be blown! What should I do?" Sakura thought some more then said," I'll tell you tomarrow."

        " Why tommarow?!"

        " Because." Sakura said playfully, Syaoran didn't understand, but smiled anyways.

        " Well at least tell me something about yourself."

        " Like what?"

        " Anything." Sakura talked to Syaoran about her life, she cried when she talked about both of her parents dieing, but Syaoran comforted her by putting his arms around her, and encouraging her to tell on, and laughed about other things. She also had to lie about parts of her life so the prince wouldn't figure out she was a maid.

        (After Sakura was done talking)" Wow, you sure have an interesting life." Syaoran complimented.

        " Now that I'm done, tell me about your life."

        " There's nothing to tell about it."

        " What do you mean?"

        " All my life I was told what to do, and to think only of what's best for my country. I never get to do what I want to do."

        "...." Sakura didn't say anything, just looked up at the stars. A bright flash of light streaked across the sky.

        " Make a wish." Sakura whispered in Syaoran's ear.

        Syaoran closed his eyes for a second, then opened them.

        " When I was really young my father told me that when you wish on a shooting star, your wish will come true." Sakura explained." Every night I would climb up on the roof of our manor, and look up at the stars. I would wait every night to see a shooting star, and every night I would see 1, then I made a wish."

        " Would it come true?"

        " No, it hasn't yet." Sakura said sadley," It would be impossible."

        " Why, what did you wish for." " I can't tell you, or it won't come true."

        " Okay then i'll tell you mine." Syaoran said , Sakura just stared into his amber eye's with a look of confusion on her face." I wished I could spend the rest of my life with you."

        " Hoe?"

        " You, whatever your name is I want to marrie you." Syaoran said passionately looking into Sakura's eyes.

        " Prince Syaoran I-" Syaoran put his finger up to Sakura's lips.

        " Please just call me Syaoran." And with that he kissed her.


        " Oh how sweet." Said Tomoyo still up in the clouds.

        Yukito and Cereburus were in front of the castle front door waiting.

        " Oh Sakura-chan hurry up, you only have 2 minutes left until midnight!" Yukito said, he was getting more nervouse as the seconds passed.

        " What if she doesn't get out in time! Then the Master's plan will be ruined!" Thought Yukito."

        Cereburus only looked up at the balcony.

        " Sakura please hurry."


        * DING-DONG!!* Sakura's eyes widdened, that was the sound of the clock.

        " Only 1 minute until midnight." Thought Sakura as she pulled out of Syaoran's warm embrace," I gotta go now!"

        Before Syaoran could say anything Sakura ran into the ball room and was heading for the exit.

        Syaoran tryed to follow her, but was having a hard time because of all the women there.

        Sakura raced down the front steps, there were so many that Sakura tripped, and got up so fast that she didn't even notice she lost one of her glass slippers.

        Yukito helped her onto Cereburu's back, then Cereburus spread his big wings and flew off.

        By the time Syaoran was out on the castle steps, nobody was there. Then he noticed on the steps was 1 glass slipper.. Syaoran picked it up.


        By the time it was midnight Sakura was already home, her beautiful pink kimono had faded away, and Cereburus transformed into his other doll looking form.

        " What a rush." Said Kero-chan,

        " You can say that again. Come on let's go inside now."

        Sakura began walking then noticed there was something on her left foot.

        " Hoe?" Sakura looked down and saw a glass slipper.

        " Hoe, why didn't this dissapear?" Sakura took the glass slipper, then turned around to look at the sky,

        " Thank you." She said, knowing the fairies would hear her, and then turned around and walked inside.

        " Your welcome."

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