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The Final Act
"Even in my dreams,
Even through my tears,
Even though I'm being hurt,
Reality is approaching now, frantically..
What I want now is to find out
Just where I belong,
And my self-worth,
Up through today." from the Utena opening

        (The next morning Meiling woke up early, and went walking to the witch's house.)

    " So, what can you do about the fairies?" Asked Meiling.

    " Well that depends on what class they are." Replied the witch.

    " What do mean?"

    " Well if the fairies you're talking about, are first class then , we'll need a really strong barrier to keep them out."

    " Hmm, they may be first class, but I'm not taking any chances. I'll buy the strongest fairy barrier you have!"

    " Okay, and what about the love potion? Did it work?" Asked the old witch raising her eye brows to look at Meiling.

    " I don't know, the prince did't drink his drink."

    " Well, do want something else to help you win the heart of the prince?"

    " No, I don't need anouther potion." "No, this time you won't have to make the prince drink anything. This time I'll make a special perfume."

    " Hmmmm. How much will that cost?"

        ( When Meiling finally got home) Meiling went around the manor placing red orbs by each 4 corners of the manor." There. That ought to keep those pestering fairies out." Meiling said.

    " What are you doing sister?" Usagi asked.

    " None of your buisness." " Did you go see the witch today?"

    "..No." " Where did you go then?"

    " Why, are you asking me so many questions!?" Meiling asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

    " Well sister if you must know. I was in town today and I heard some people from the palace talking."

    " About what?"

    " About Syaoran finally finding his future bride."

    " You mean that mystery girl?"

    " Yes so if you still want to go after Syaoran, you should quit now." Meiling stood up with a smirk on her face.

    " Oh, I wouldn't about that girl." Usagi gave her sister a confused look.

    " Yep, I really took care of her!"

    ( What is she talking about? )Thought Sakura. Sakura was working in the garden when she "accidentaly" heard her sister's talking. ( Could she know? But how?)

    " And with this," Meiling said holding up a red heart shaped perfume bottle, " Syaoran will surely fall in love with me!!"

    Sakura covered her mouth to prevent any noise from comming out. Then she retreated back into the kitchen, where she let out a gasp. Sakura clenched her fists." Somehow I got to get that bottle out of Meiling's grasp, before tonight!"

    " Got that Kero-chan?" Whispered Sakura. Sakura had finally come up with a good plan to get that bottle.

    " I got'cha Sakura!"

    " SShh!"

    Sakura walked into Meiling's room. Right now Meiling was in the bathroom taking a bath. Since Sakura always came into Meiling's room to clean it up, she knew no one would be suspitious of her.

    Sakura began dusting off Meiling's things, then began picking up her cloths. When Sakura finally got to Meiling's bed, she knelt down by it's side and pulled out some incense, an incense-burner, and a match out of her appron's pocket." Rika-chan gave me this when I couldn't get to sleep at night, it worked for me. I hope it works for Meiling too." Sakura thought as she lit the incense and inserted it into the burner, and put it under Meiling's bed. Then walked out.

    She left the door a crack open so Kero-chan could fly through. Sakura gave Kero-chan a piece of her appron to put over his nose so the incense wouldn't effect him.

    Kero-chan flew into Meiling's room and hid in one of her many drowers. Sakura, then rushed off to finish the last part of her plan. The incenses effect would only last 30 minutes, so she had to hurry.

        " Ahh, that felt wounderful, now I smell like roses for my darling Syaoran." Meiling sighed walking out of the bathroom with a deep red robe on. When she got into her bedroom, she felt a little odd, but ignored the feeling. She walked in front of a large mirror in front of her bed and began brushing her hair. After a while she fell right asleep. That was Kero-chan's cue.

    He flew out of her drowers and started searching for the perfume. After Kero-chan dug through about half a million drowers he was pooped out." Man I've never seen so many clothes in my life! Oh man, where could that stink'in perfume be!Hmmm." Kero-chan thought for a while." That's it!"

    Kero-chan flew up to Meiling, and searched her robe's right pocket." Wai!" He cried and pulled the heart shaped bottle out of the room and flew across the hall and into the closet, where he found Sakura waiting, with 2 bottles. 1 was empty, and the other filledwith some kind of liquid.
    " Good job Kero-chan!" Sakura praised Kero-chan patting him on the head.

    "It was a piece of cake!" Kero-chan proudly said, and then began watching Sakura. She corked open the perfumes lid, which was shaped like a cupid, made of gold and with ruby hearts. She dumped the perfume into the empty bottle, and refilled it with some other liquid from the other bottle.

    " Hey Sakura whats that stuff made of?"

    " Oh just honey, and some dew off the mornings flowers, mixed with a few drops of Mothers old perfume, it smells nice. This should fool her." After Sakura was done she put back on the top, and gave it back to Kero-chan, who put it back into
Meiling's pocket. Then picked up the incense stuff and made a mad dash outta there.

    ( That night )" Sakura! Sakura! Could you come in here!" Meiling shouted impatiently.

    " Yes Meiling?" Sakura said panting.

    " It's about time! Oh well anyways I need you to get one of  my old sashes in the attic."

    "The attic?" Sakura asked frightenly. When she was a child she hated going up there, especialy at night.

    " Yes the attic! Go get it now!!" Meiling shouted. In fright Sakura ran out of the room and dashed into the attic.

    " Hoe, it's so dark." The floor boards squeaked as she took each step.

    " Okay I'm almost there, and there's no ghost in sight!"

    As Sakura aproached the old attic door she took big triumphit steps." This isn't so bad." She pushed the old door with both hands, and when she went inside, she saw a table with bread and water on it. There was also a little chair and a folded old quilt.

    " Hoe, there's no old sash in here." Suddenly a pair of strong hands pushed her inside the small room.

    "Ah, Meiling what are you-"

    " Listen up you wench! I don't know who you think you are, playing with faries, and stealing the heart of my Syaoran! But after tonight, it'll be a whole diffrent story! By tomarrow you, and everyone else in Japan, will be calling me queen!"

    " Meiling you can't. You're not gonna get away with this!"

    " Oh and you're gonna stop me? I don't think so, if you're planing to call on your farrie friends I'll tell you now they're not going to come!"

    "Meiling how do you know-"

    " I know everything Sakura. How foolish are you Sakura, did you seriously think you could hide the truth from me? Well not that it matters anyways, tonight Syaoran will finally be mine. And he won't even remember worthless, old you!"

    Sakura had finally had it, she charged at Meiling with all her might, but Meiling ran out and shut the door. Sakura hit the hard cold door, feeling a rush of pain go through her body.

    Then she heard a sharp click, and got up and tried twisting the knob on the door, but she wasn't going to make her quit. She began pounding on the door screaming," Meiling!Meiling! Open the door!" But it was too late, she could hear Meiling walking down the stairs, and she knew no one would hear her calls for help. Her only hope was for Yukito- san to come.

    ( At the ball ) Syaoran was sitting on the balcony waiting for that girl to come, Takashi was waiting with him. Syaoran talked so much about her, he wanted to meet her himself. Syaoran just sat there staring at the stars.

    " Syaoran-kun, what are you thinking about?" Takashi asked with both eyes open.

    " Nothing." Syaoran said,

    ( doesn't look like nothing to me) thought Takashi,

    He looked worried, or more like nervous. It must be that girl, well he couldn't blame him. Tonight he was going to announce his future bride tonight, in front of the whole nation. It would be a shame if she didn't show up.

    Oooh, he didn't want to think about that. Syaoran would be so furious, he probably wouldn't know what to do. Like on his 13th birthday, his dad had to go away, Syaoran was soo, mad that he locked himself in his room for many days. Of course Takashi knew this because Syaoran locked Takashi in with him. But Syaoran looked a little more mature than that. Suddenly they heard foot steps behind them...

    ( Back at the Kinomoto Manor) Yukito descended down from the heavens floating down in the form of a bright light. Luckily Sakura saw him.

    " Hoe? Ah is that you Yukito-san?" The bright light stopped and changed back into Yukito.

    " Sakura-chan what are you doing up here?"
    " It's a long story but please! You have to get me out of here."

    " Okie-dokie." Yukito began flying twords Sakura, but when he came 4 ft. of the manor, he was got electricuted.

    " Aurrgh!"

    " Yukito-san!! Are you alright."

    " Uh, I think so? But what was that?"

    " I'm not sure!"

    "It felt like a barrier of some sort."

    " A barrier?"

    " Yes, I can't come in unless they are removed. Sakura-chan, do you know who did this?"

    " Yes, it was my step-sister Meiling."

    " That girl?! But how?"

    " I'm not sure, but she knows everything that has been going on until now."

    " I had no idea... Sakura, somehow you have got to remove those barriers!"

    " But how? I'm locked in!"

    " Get Kero-chan."

    " He's in the kitchen, and I know he won't find me here. Can't you use your magic to get me out?"

    " I'm sorry, I can't. This barrier won't allow any kind of magic to pass through it. I'm sorry to
say this, but there's nothing we can do."

    When Sakura heard this she broke out in tears.


        (Back at the castle) Syaoran, and Takashi whirled around in hopes that girl would be there.

    " That's her?" Takashi asked in a dissapointed voice. Nope, it wasn't her, it was Meiling.

    ( Oh, I hope that the potion worked!) Hoped Meiling, walking as lady-like as she could to Syaoran.

    " Good evening Prince Syaoran, waiting for some one?" Asked Meiling trying to give out the most sweetest smile she could.

    "Well, actually-" ( I knew it the potion did work!!)

    " I was waiting for the some other girl. You know the girl with amber hair, and the green eye's. Have you seen her?"

    ( HER??!! He's still lookeng for HER?! Oh well, maybe I should try standing more closer to him, so he can smell it.) Meiling walk 3 steps closer and waited.

    " What's that perfume your wearing?" Asked Takashi.

    ( It's working!) " It's called Love Potion #9, why? Do you feel any different?"

    " Yes, acually I do." Squeaked Takashi covering his eye's."

    " Uh, can you please stand over there?" Asked Syaoran covering his eye's too.

    " Okay." Meiling walked a few feet away." But why?"

    The two guys sighed, took deep breaths, and uncovered their eye's.

    " Well, your perfume was so over powering, it was burning our eye's. Now can you please stay that far away frome us for the rest of the night." Asked Takashi.

    ( WHAT?!) In rage Meiling stomped back into the ball, but turned around for an instance," Well, good-luck with that girl, but I'll tell you now don't be disapointed if she doesn't come!"

    Syaorans eye's widdened," Why, wouldn't she show up?"

    " Well lets just say she's Locked up in her own matters tonight. Just remember this, she's not what she seems. Not at all."

    And Meiling continued back into the ball room.

    " What?"


        ( 4 hours later/After the party was over)

    CRUNCH!!! Syaoran's fist smashed a big hole in the wall.

    " Now, now Syaoran-kun!" Takashi calmly said trying to get the prince as not angry as he could get.

    " Don't now, now ME Takashi!!! Why didn't she come tonight!!! She knew I was going to propose to her tonight!!!" Syaoran shouted in anger.

    " It probably wasn't her fault-"

    Syaoran cut off Takashi," Why wouldn't it be!?"

    " Well, she probably had cold feet."

    " WHAT?!"

    " Well you know how girl's are."

    " No I don't!! And I really don't care anyways!!! I knew this party was stupid idea!!! Why does father always push me into these things!! And why would I need a queen to be a king??!" Syaoran's throught began to hurt so he stopped shouting. He pressed his hands against the cold window pane. It was raining.

    Syaoran looked down and thought," Why didn't you come tonight? You knew I was waiting for you... Or was it maybe you were being held back? What did that girl mean by, you're not what you seemed?"

    Takashi put his hand on the Princes shoulder. " Syaoran-kun what are you thinking about? Is it about that girl?"

    " Yes, I need to find her, Takashi. Will you help me?"
    " Of course!"

    "All we need now is a plan to find her."

    " Well in the story Cinderella, they used one of Cinderella's glove to find her. The Prince went all around the kingdom finding all these girls to try on the glove. And the girl who fit the glove was the Prince's real bride! But we don't have a glove now do we?"

    " Uh, no, but I do have one of her glass slipper's! Last night she left one of her slippers here!"

    " Wow this really is turning out to be a real love story isn't it?"

    " I guess so! Come on lets not waste any time!" Syaoran shouted. The 2 men ran down the hall to make an announcement.

        ( The following morning a message was sent out to the whole nation, that the prince will be going out to every maidens home to try to find the mystery girl that stole his heart. Now back at the Kinomoto manor in the attic.)

    " He's trying to find you, you know. Poor fool, he doesn't really know what you are." Meiling said with her back in front of the door.

    "What?" Asked Sakura.

    " Lokk Sakura today, I'll be doing you a favor."
    " What kind of favor?" Asked Sakura.

    " Since today the prince will be comming over, I'm going to keep you in here."

    " What?! What kind of favor is that?!"

    "Well the way I see it is, you stay up here when the prince is here. And save yourself from total embaressment. I mean look at you Sakura, your not exactly the princess type." Sakura looked at herself and knew for once, Meiling was right. The last 2 nights she went to Syaoran looking like a princess, but if he sees her now...

    " I understand Meiling you can go."

    " Good."

    " This isn't good Master!" Cried Tomoyo watching Sakura.

    " I see that Tomoyo. Let's just wait and see what happens."

    " But if we wait, then your plans of your relative getting together with Sakura-chan!-"  Tomoyo realized what she was doing and who she was talking to and covered her mouth, and looked down." I'm sorry Master."

    " That's alright Tomoyo I understand your feelings."

        2 hours passed since Meiling came. Sakura looked out the window. She saw two houses down the dusty road, and also saw," Syaoran! You're comming for me?"

    Sakura's heart flew at the thought, but when she thought of what Meiling said it totally ruined the moment." You fool, don't waste the effort on me. I'm just a poor commoner." Sakura said hoping Syaoran would hear that."

        " Master what are you doing?" Yukito asked his master.

    His master stood up," It's time I had a talk with Sakura."

    " You mean you're going down to the mortal realm?" Asked a suprised Tomoyo.

    " Yes, it's about time I told Sakura my plan."

    And with that he faded away.

        FLASH! A bright light starteled Sakura.

    When she turned around to see what it was, she saw a man in a long wizzard looking robe, with stange symbols on it.

    " Who are you!" Asked Sakura standing up and backing up to the wall.

    " Dear child you need not be affraid of me, I'm a friend. My name is Clow Reed."

    " Clow Reed? Uh, have we met?"

    " No we haven't. But I do belive you have met my servants, Yukito, and Tomoyo."

    " Oh the kind fairies that always came by."
    " Yes, and I have been sending them to you, and only you for a reason. And that reason is so you can marrie Syaoran, my relative."

    " Syaoran's your relative? But tell me how are you able to pass by the barriers, and why me? I'm just a common girl?"

    " These barriers won't keep me out because I am not a fairie, I'm a spirit. And I chose you because I've seen into your heart, and it is the purest in all of Japan. Syaoran needs you by his side, he needs you to help him rule Japan, because deep inside he's still just a little boy who's screaming for affection, love, and help that can only be given to him by you."

    Sakura was shocked by hearing all of this." But I'm affraid. If he sees me like this he might get angery, and hate me."

    " Sakura, do you think he fell in love with what he saw, or what he saw inside you?"

    Sakura was speechless, she really didn't know. When they first saw each other it was like magic!

    " Sakura you need to tell him."

    " But I'm locked in here, so I couldn't tell him, even if I wanted to!"
    " Call Kero-chan."

    " He's in he kitchen, he won't be able to hear me."

    " You and Kero are connected. You 2 are closer than you think. Call him with your heart."

    After that Clow faded, there was nothing more to be said.

        Sakura dashed to the window, the prince was at her door steps. So Sakura put her hands together tightly and thought, " Kero-chan, Kero-chan can you hear me?"

    Kero-chan got up," Sakua is that you?"

    Sakura was thrilled to hear Kero-chan," Kero-chan I'm the attic. Help me get out of hear!"

    Kero-chan stood up and began flapping his wing, and started his way up to the attic.

    When he finally got there he looked through the key hole." Sakura there you are!"

    Sakura ran up to the door." Kero-chan!! Where's the prince?"

    " He's in the living room talking with your Mom. But don't worry I'll get you outta here before he leaves."

    " Please hurry!!"

    Kero-chan started picking the lock with his tail. After 3 minutes.

    " Kero-chan !! He's leaving!!" Scrame Sakura in horror.

    " I almost got it! Quick Sakura distract him!"

    Sakura began pounding on the window and screaming but it wasn't working. So Sakura picked up a peice of wood and trew it at the window. The wood broke the window's glass and hit Takashi on the head.

    " What the hell was that!" Asked Syaoran, and he could faintly hear a females voice crying his name. He listened a little longer.

    " Takashi that's her!" Syaoran said happily, and went back up to the front door.

    " I got it." Kero-chan said, and the door swung open.

    " Thank you Kero-chan!!" Sakura cried. And ran down the flight of stairs, but half way down she ran into Syaoran. Their eye's met for a moment.

    " Syaoran I." Sakura looked down shyly. Syaoran put his right hand under Sakuras chin, and lifted it up so he could look at her. He stared into her green eye's, and realized she was the one he had been searching for! With one swift motion he scooped her into his arms, Sakura wrapped her arms around Syaoran's neck, forgetting everything she had been afraid of.

    Takashi had to hold back Meiling.

    Syaoran carried Sakura out of the manor and onto his horse.


        (The next morning, at a chaple)

    " You may now kiss the bride." The priest announced. Syaoran lifted the white vail off of Sakuras face, and gave her a deep passionate kiss. The crowd cheered and threw rice at the happy 2 newly weds.

    Syaoran helped Sakura into a carriage, that would lead them to the new castle, where they would spend the rest their lives together happily.

    As the carriage was about to leave, Sakura turned around one last time. And to her suprise she saw Clow Reed, Yukito, Tomoyo carrying Kero-chan and a video camera (who was wearing a white tie), her fater, and her mother all standing next to each other. They were all dressed in white and waving to her. She waved back with tears of happiness in her eye's.

    " I love you all." Thought Sakura as she blew a kiss in their direction.

    Well of course Sakura took Rika-chan, Chiharu-chan, and Naoko-chan with her to the new palace, just in a diffrent carriage.

    In the future Chiharu-chan got married off to Takashi. Then later on Rika-chan fell in love with a school teacher, and then they got married. As for Naoko, she stayed single, but became the perfect nanny for Syaoran, and Sakura's child.

    As for Meiling, after Sakura's wedding she had suddenly vanished, and was never heard from again...... Or was she??

The End??
  To be continued, maybe..

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