The Sequel

It was a rainy night, the air was cold and damp. Sakura sat by the fireplace looking out the window.

"I wonder what happened to my family?? Step-mother, Usagi-san, Meiling-san."

She closed her eye's, and sighed. She hadn't seen them since... four months ago. Also she hasn't seen Clow Reed-san, Tomoyo-chan, Yukito-san, or Kero-chan. She missed them so dearly.

*knock, knock*

"Come in," said Sakura.

"Here's something for you to drink." Naoko said as she placed a tray she was carrying on a little table next to Sakura's chair. Naoko sighed and sat next to her." Things have really changed for us, haven't they?"

"Really. I would have never dreamt that this would happen to us." She replied as she got up and walked over to her window." This palace has a great view. I can see everything.... I just wish I had more freedom around here. You know Naoko-chan, if I had known I was going to be cooped up like this. I would have asked for a little more time before I got married to see the world."

"Sakura-chan, are you not happy??"

" I'm... not used to this that's all."

Sakura pressed her hand on the glass. She felt the last of the sun's heat on her skin. As she gazed outside, she longed to be free to run outside with other people; just like she used to.

"So is that what you want?"


"Sakura... Now I have the power to avenge myself. I'll make you pay for what you did to me! My life, my dreams, it was all because of you that they were destroyed!!!! But now.... I'll turn the tables around! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"


Author's Note:

Ooooh~ creepy! I know, I know, it doesn't make any sense right now, but in the next chapter it'll all come together!!! For all you Meiling lovers, uh, don't be too offended by this fic. Somehow I'll make a justified ending so that we'll all be happy, k??? And now it's time to give credit to some important people: first of all, thank you Icepixi for correcting me on my bad grammar!!! ^u^, and thank you to all those people who took time out of their precious lives to e-mail me asking me to make this fic. Well that's all, thank you for reading another one of my S&S fics!! God I luv those 2!

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