Always and Forever -Prologue
by: Strawberr Cheesecake

Hi all! Well, this is gonna be a S+S fic. And there's not gonna be any yaoi/yuri couples in here (sorry Hashbrown), like T+Y. Kay. In my fic., Sakura, Li, Tomoyo, etc. are... 14. Okay. Well, this is my first romance fic. of Card Captor. So be nice to me. I'm gonna use Syaoran as Li. Kay. Except if Meiling is in there (you know, since she calls him Syaoran. So I'm call him Syaoran if she's in there). Well, that's about it. And if you were wondering (probably not...), but I did change my name. It was Spunki Gurl, but now, it's Strawberry Cheesecake. Kay. Now, on with the story.


"Sakura! Wait up!" Tomoyo yelled, as she was she ran up to her best friend, as they were going to school. "Hoe? Oh, hi Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura said, happily. "What happened?! Why are you so happy?" Tomoyo asked, seeing all happy. "Umm.... Nothin'...." Sakura said, turning her head away, as she blushed at her dream she had, about dream guy, Li Syaoran. "Sakura... You are so bad at lying...." Tomoyo said, knowing whenever Sakura would "try" to lie. "Hoe?! I'm not lying!" Sakura said a bit louder, trying to deny it. "Riiiight. That's like saying I hate to use cameras" "Fine! Okay. Please, just don't tell him....." Sakura said, looking down... Knowing that Tomoyo knows. "Don't have to worry about me. I won't tell him." "Thanx. Now c'mon. We're gonna have to hurry now, or we'll be late!" Then Sakura, and Tomoyo ran their way to school.


(Later, Sakura was in Math, the period before lunch break, and Sakura was starting to day dream, about Li) "Umm... Ms. Kinomoto? Hello? Ms. Kinomoto? Wake up! STOP DAY DREAMING IN MY CLASS!!!" Sakura's math teacher began to yell, after how many times Sakura was< day dreaming (which, is practicelly (?), every single day). "HOOOOOOEEE!!!" Sakura yelled out, and jumped out of her chair. "Now, that you are awake, you can tell me the answer." Sakura's teacher was. looking at her. "Umm... ummm....." then she looked at Li, who sat, in front, diagnoly (?) of her. And figured out what he was saying. "Yes Ms. Kinomoto?" "It's... l=16." "Good." then she walked away, and went to her chalkboard, and started to write the homework. 'Good.... Now I get to thank Li today at lunch, for helping me...' then Sakura heard the bell ring.


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Always and Forever- Chapter 1

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"Li! Wait up!" Sakura said as she tried to catch up with him at lunch (a.n-doesn't that part seem like the Prologue?)
"Huh? Oh. Hey Sakura" Li said, as soon as he heard her calling him.
"Hi... (trying to catch her breath) I just... wanted to... thank you... for helping... me today... In math." she finally, was able to say.
"Oh, it was nothing...." then he turned his head in blush (a.n-ohhh!! It's he so kawaii whenever he blushes?!).
"Well, I thought it was something. Thank-you." then she hugged him (just like usual), then he starts to blush, deeper.
"Hoohohhooh!! That was SO kawaii!!!" Sakura and Li, knew who it was, the same person, with her video camera, Tomoyo. "And I caught Li and Sakura hugging, and Li started to blush all red!!" And as usual, clueless Sakura...
"Huh? What? Li, you were red? Are you okay? Are you start to have a fever?" Sakura started to ask.
"Wha! Ummm... Nothing... I'm okay." then Li ran away from them, as he blushed even harder.
"Hoe? What's wrong with him?" Sakura asked with her clueless face.
"Oh nothing.... Except that he likes someone..." Tomoyo murmured under her breath.
"Oh. Nothing. Let's just go and meet up with everyone else. I think Yamazaki is
telling his little stories again, and Chiharu playing with her mallet again (There HashBrown!)."
"Okay. Let's go!"


'I can't believe she actually hugged me! I mean, over nothing! All I did was barely help her out in math, and now she's hugging me!' Li thought, as he was sitting at his favorite tree. Then other voice came in.
'C'mon Syaoran (I dunno what the heck he would call himself, when he's talking to himself like that), you know you enjoyed that! So just tell her!! Tell her now!'
"But I just can't...." he said (out loud).
"Can't what?" Li looked up, and saw Yamazaki looking at him.
"Oh, nothing... I guess."
"You know. Back then, in Turkey, when people say that they can't then they... OOOWWWW!!!" he screamed as soon as he felt a big 'ol bump on his head.
"Chiharu!! I told you not to hit me with the mallet again!" he yelled, holding onto his newly bump.
"And I told you not to make up stories! Especially to Li and Sakura!"
"What? Why?" Li asked as soon as he heard "Li and Sakura".
"Umm.... Nothing... (and murmured under her breath) you two are just really gullible..."
"Nothing! C'mon Yamazaki, we gotta go. Bye Li." Chiharu said, dragging Yamazaki.
"Umm... Bye.. Those two would never change.."


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Always and Forever -Chapter 2

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(Sakura and Tomoyo walking towards Sakura's House)

"Sakura! You were so great on video!!" Tomoyo yapped and yapped on about her hugging Li-kun. "Tomoyo.... C'mon... I was just thanking him for helping me!" Sakura said. "Then when he helps you again, this time, you can say "Oh Li-kun! Thanx for hugging me! And did you know that I love you? C'mon let's date!" then she began to giggle. "Well, first of all, riiiiight. You wish. And second, I don't even know if he feels the same way about me...." "Of course he does Sakura!" "Well, yeah, he likes me as a friend..." "No Sakura. I mean he does feel the same way!" "Hoe?"
"Umm... Never mind.. C'mon hurry get to your house!" "Okay. I'll race you!"
"'Kay." Then Tomoyo started to run. "Hey! No fair! Cheater!" Then Sakura started to run, but caught up, since she's
one of the fast runners at her school.

(a.n-I don't remember if she is... Oh well. But in here, she is)

"Ha! I win!" Sakura yelled. She tagged the door, and leaned on the door.
"Ahhhhhh!" Sakura screamed. Then suddenly fell to the ground. "Sakura! Are you okay?" Tomoyo caught up with her. "Yeah... Oww.." Then she looked up, and noticed that her Onii-chan opened the door. "Hey Kajiuu (however it's spelled....). What are you doing on the floor?" he asked, then chuckled a bit. "Oh shut up, 'Nii-chan!" then playfully slapped him. Then turned to Tomoyo. "You wanna a snack?" "Sure!" then Sakura and Tomoyo went past Touya, and headed for the kitchen. "Oh! Konichiwa Yukito!" Sakura said, as she and Tomoyo entered the kitchen. And as you know, he has his head in the frig. "Konichiwa Sakura, Tomoyo." he said. "Hello Yukito." Tomoyo replied. "C'mon Tomoyo, let's go get something, and go to my room." "Okay." they grabbed a few things, and was about to leave, but Sakura noticed she left something. "Oh! I almost forgot!" "What is it?" Tomoyo asked, as Sakura went to the frig., and grabbed something. "I forgot about Kero-chan!" "Oh. His pudding!" "C'mon. Let's go." then, again, Sakura and Tomoyo raced up stairs.


'C'mon Li! Just pick up the phone, and call her! And just tell her to meet in the park!' Li yelled at himself, lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Then another voice popped in, 'But what if she doesn't feel the same...' 'But if she didn't, then why did she hug me?' 'Don't you remember? She said she just wanted to thank me.' "Maybe I should just go to the park myself and get some fresh air....." then got he up from his bed, and put on his shoes and coat, and left to the park.


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