Card Captor Sakura

Hidden Within the Heart
by Hikaru-chan

Chapter 4
. . . . . . . . . . . .

Syaoran quickly dashed to Sakura's side, "Sakura! Daijobu?!"

"Li-kun!?" Sakura's eyes widened. "What are you doing here?! You.. you went back to Hong Kong!!"

Syaoran smirked.

"Li-kun.." Sakura felt her face flush and her stomach toss and turn.


Lightning covered the ground around Sakura and Syaoran. The CLOW card, unhappy that it was being ignored, attacked the two immediately. Sakura and Syaoran tumbled on the ground, trying to dodge the repetitive lighting attacks.

"Li-kun! Don't worry about me! Just go back home, where it's safe." Sakura cried.

"NO!" Syaoran stood tall and put his guard up with the sword. "I'm never going to leave your side, ever again!"

"Ah! Sakura! Abunai!!" Tomoyo shouted from behind her camera.

A sudden lighting blast making crakling sounds as it headed towards Sakura.

Sakura froze in terror. She couldn't move a muscle in her body.

Stepping in front of Sakura, Syaoran stretched his arm and legs out to block the attack.

"Li-kun don't! You'll be killed!"

Syaoran turned his head and smiled at Sakura. "I said I wouldn't leave you."


Syaoran's body was completely covered in light, as he screamed in agony.

Red. . . .

That's all Sakura saw. Her eyes grew wide, and a lump formed in the back of her throat.

Blood. . . .

Everything seemed as if was in slow motion from that point on. The way Syaoran's body hitting the ground seemed like it was forever. The way Sakura's body trembled, and could only move centimeters at a time.

"Somebody call an ambulance!" Tomoyo shouted.

Syaoran's crimson blood already began to seep into the cracks of the sidewalk, slowly spreading, slowly oozing, soaking Syaoran's clothes in red. Sakura could only stare at the body with her lifeless, blank eyes, as if something were making her watch the morbid display.

Sakura's eyes sealed themselves shut, to shield her from the pain.


The CLOW card jumped away, escaping quickly.

* * * * * * *

Sakura shook her head to snap back into reality...

The sword slowly inched its way closer to Sakura's throat, as Syaoran snarled in anger. "I demand you! Tell me, HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!"

"Li-kun... I..."

What was she to him? They never were girlfriend and boyfriend; they were never given the chance. How was she supposed to respond?

Sakura's eyes focused onto Li's. The depth of those chocolate eyes. But the life... the life in his eyes that was once there was gone.

She remembered looking into the mirror, and how her eyes had lost their life too. But, it was because her Li.. he was dead. She saw him die!

* * * * * * *

Wires. . . .

Plugs. . . .

There were so many of them. . .

The heart monitor's beeping sound. . . .

Please. . . . Li-kun. . . . don't die. . . .

"Sakura. . . Th-there's something I always wanted to tell you. . . . "

She tried to open her mouth to speak, tell him everything would be all right and he would be better in no time; but it was useless, nothing would come out.

Li faintly smiled as he looked into Sakura's eyes. "I. . . .I. . . . ."

And the heart monitor went dead, emitting only the horrible monotone sound.

Weakness took over her knees, Sakura leaned on Li's bed and began to bawl.

"Li-kun, come on... stop playing.... open your eyes..." Sakura violently shook Syaoran's body. "Li! Open your eyes! OPEN YOUR EYES!!"

Taking small steps, Sakura slowly walked backwards, away from Li's bed. Her eyes were wide and moist.

She didn't tell him, she will never have the chance now.

* * * * * * *

The pressure from Li's sword made a slight hint of red appear on Sakura's neck. Droplets of blood began to seep out. "Tell me."

Rustling noises came from behind the two, Sakura turned to see her brother jumping out of the bushes, "HEY YOU! What are you doing to my sister?!" Touya appeared and quickly punched Li in the stomach, knocking him unconscious and to the ground.

Yukito followed closely behind Touya, "Sakura-chan, daijobu?"

"Nii-san! Yukito-nii-san!" Sakura ran over to Yukito and wrapped her arms around him. "Yukito-nii-san, it's... it's.."

"Syaoran Li." Touya finished the sentence as he stood over Li's unconscious body.

"B-But that's impossible... he's.." With Sakura still gripping to him Yukito stood over Syaoran's body.

Tears formed in her eyes for it was only then that Sakura had finally understood what was going on. "Li-kun is dead. How can he be here?"

* * * * * * *

The soft off-white color of the paper rice doors surrounded Li. He lay on a futon placed in the guest-room. A sharp pain still remained in his stomach. His eyes shut as he tried to conquer over the pain with his own will.

Yes pain... you can't beat me...

A knock at the door.

Li quickly turned and faced the wall to his right, "Who's there?" He called as he put his guard up. Even in his lying position, he could probably get in at least one hit.

"It's me." A girl's voice rang through the paper wall.

Li sighed as his guard dropped. "Enter."

Sakura quietly opened the door holding a bucket and some towels. "I'm glad to see that you are awake." A smile grew on her face. How she wanted to dance and sing in the streets; her Li had returned to her, and now she could be happy once more.

No, they could be happy once more.

She knelt down next to Li "And how are you feeling now? You had a temperature when Yukito-niisan brought you in here."

The cool water trickled down Syaoran's forehead. It felt good. It helped rejuvenate his lost spirit.

"Who..." Syaoran opened his eyes and looked at the girl. She was beautiful, like a goddess. Her auburn hair, and the way it glittered in this dim light. He felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. "Who are you?"

Sakura smiled, trying to hide her frustration of his memory loss. "I'm Sakura," She said as she wiped is forehead once more with the wet cloth. The water slowly dripped out from the cloth as Sakura rung it out.

Seeing the water drip relaxed him a bit. Syaoran sighed, "Were we married or something?"

Sakura's face turned bright red, "Huh?"

"Well that would only be the logical thing. Why would you be helping me like this? Especially after I tried to kill you. It just that it doesn't..."

Sakura stood and walked to the door. "Rest now. And try to get your temperature down."

His eyes followed Sakura, and he ceased his talking. "You're right." Closing his eyes, Li slowly drifted back into a dream land.

* * * * * * *

"Nii-san! Yukito-Ni-san!" Sakura slammed open the door to the living room.

"Sakura?" Yukito stood, "You okay? You look like you have just seen a ghost!"

"It's Li-kun...."

Touya looked to Yukito, "What about him?"

"He's gone!"

Touya and Yukito's eyes widened, "WHAT?!"

* * * * * * *


I have to run faster....

Sakura raced through the streets, out of breath and tired from all the running. But she couldn't stop until she found him. She had split apart from Yukito and Touya so they could cover the city quicker.

Why did he leave?

I don't understand....

Wait a minute...

Sakura's eyes grew wide as she began to feel Li's aura. Li was somewhere around here.

Sakura quickly turned to the left and right, scanning the streets for her love. He was somewhere around here, but the moonless night made it hard to see.

Suddenly the builing in front of her caught her eye.

* * * * * * *

The shadowy figure watched Sakura from a nearby lightpost. She stood tall upon it, yet her figure was still hidden by the black mantle that she wore. "Soon Shujin... soon you will stop this futile attempt to recapute your escaped CLOW. You have given up your right to be the master."

The figure dissapeared into the night sky, laughing.

* * * * * * *

"Li-kun..." Sakura slowly walked closer to him. As she stepped upon the sidewalk, her foot stopped. She looked down to the ground.


This is where.....

Sakura's head quickly jerked up to face Li. This was where he died.

But what was unexpected, was the reflection that the window gave of Li....

"Li... why is your reflection... the..."

Sakura looked closer in utter disbelief. There was no possible way!!

Li's refection was the true form of the MIRROR CLOW card!


. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Why did Li have the reflection of the MIRROR CLOW?

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