Judgment of the Heart
By Lisa

It was a little after sundown and the stares where just starting to appear in the purplish blue sky when Yukito Tsukishiro left his house. He was on his way to his best friend Touya Kinomoto's house for supper. Pausing at his doorstep Yukito looked up at the full moon that was just starting to appear in the sky and smiled. There was something about a full moon that made him feel calm and peaceful. Heaving a small sigh Yukito started to walk towards the Kinomoto's home, unaware of the two shadowy figures standing on his roof watching him. "It's him Yang, we've finally found him." the smaller and clearly feminine figure said, sounding slightly pleased. She was about to jump off the roof after him when her taller companion held her back "Wait Yin, you don't know that for sure. He could be just a human with magic ability." Yin gave a small snort "Come now brother, I know it's been a while since we last saw him but surely you recognize the power coming from that boy. The magic of the moon is strong in him as is the essence of the human sorcerer Clow Reed. I tell you that is Yue." she said, pulling away from him. Then before Yang could say another word she sprang from the roof, high into the air. There she seemed to hover, arms crossed across her chest as a dark purple light flared up around her. When the light had disappeared a beautiful slender young woman with large black bat wings was revealed. The woman had on a tight black dress and her skin looked as white as the moon. Running her hands through her waist long black hair she looked down at Yang "Well are you coming or not?" she asked, her large indigo eyes narrowing slightly in inpatient annoyance. With a sigh Yang sprang into the air besides her and a bright white light covered him. When it was gone a young guy of average build with thick waist length white hair was hovering on large white bat wings. He was wore tight silver paints and a loose long sleeved silver shirt. Turning to his sister Yang raised a slender white eyebrow questioningly at her "Ok, so now what do you plan to do?" he asked. Yin rolled her eyes "We follow him dear brother. Then when you are satisfied that it is Yue then we confront him and perform our own Final Judgment. You know this, it's the whole reason why we are here." she said, gliding off in the direction Yukito had taken. Yang quickly flew after her and together they honed in on the Kinomoto house. Moving as quiet as shadows they landed behind some bushes and slipped towards a small, lit window. Carefully they peeked through it and saw Yukito sitting at a table along with Sakura and her family. They where all eating and talking happily together. Having seen enough Yin crouched down away from the window "Now are you convinced Yang?" she asked. Crouching down in front of her Yang frowned "Convinced of what? That humans eat together?" he said confused. Yin shook her head "Do you choose not to see it or is it just me? Can you not sense the magic in that room, coming out of those humans. I'm not sure about the two guys but the power coming from the girl seems very familiar. I tell you these are not just mere humans." she said. Just then the front door opened and out walked Touya. Yin melted into the shadows while Yang ducked behind a clump of bushes. Tensely they watched as he shouted something into the house hurrying to his bike and peddling quickly away. When they where sure he was gone they went back to the window and looked hesitantly through it again. They saw that Sakura and Yukito where alone together, cleaning off the table. They where nearly done when something small and orange with white wings floated into the room behind Yukito. It seemed to say something which caused Yukito to fall into some kind of trance. then there was a bright flash of light and Yue suddenly appeared in his place. Yin gasped and grabbed her brother's shoulder " See, I told you. I knew it was him. Now maybe you'll start believing me when I tell you something." she said, excitedly. Kero and Yue exchanged some words before Kero reverted to his true form. Yin gasped "Kerberos is here as well. If both guardians of the Clow are here together then that girl is the Mistress of the Clow Cards." she whispered, her eyes sparkling with pent up excitement. Yang stared at Sakura in disbelief "That girl is the Clow Mistress? How can that be, she's so young and vulnerable. How could she of defeated Yue." he said. Yin was staring at Yue, her eyes cold and hard "It's as I said, Yue has gone soft and has excused this child from the Final Judgment. He has failed to do his sacred duty as The Judge of the Clow and so has disrupted the Balance." she said. Yang glanced at her "Surely that is not the case. I remember Yue, he took the responsibility of being the Judge very seriously. He would not of gone easy on this girl. Besides we know that she had failed the Judgment and Yue had pasted the Sentence." he said. Yin frowned "Yes but then he canceled it and she was tested again and passed. By giving her a second chance he has disrupted the Balance of Power. After all Final Judgment is suppose to be Final." she said firmly. Yang pulled his sister away from the window, his gold eyes serious ""Maybe so but do not let your personal feelings for him cloud your reasoning. It could very well be Yue's fault but it could also be the girl's or Kerberos's fault. She could of cheated in someway and don't forget Kerberos fell asleep and failed in his duty as Guardian Beast of the Seal. We must know all the facts before we can judge any of them." he said softly but firmly. Yin looked away and nodded "You may be right. Lets get it done with then." she said, moving away from him towards the front door. Yang quickly stopped her "Wait, we can not just walk in there and start asking them questions." he said. Yin sighed impatiently "Why ever not Yang. They are all together, we may never get a more perfect a time to confront them." she said. Yang gave her a slight smile "Come now sister, what is you rush. Are you that eager to see Yue again?" he asked, teasingly. Yin blushed "Do not talk crazy Yang. My feelings for Yue are a thing of the past. He made his choice and I have moved on. End of story." she said, angrily. Yang pulled her away from the door "Maybe so but you are in no shape to ask them anything right now. Let us go and choose a more suitable time. After all they are not going anywhere and we have all eternity." he said soothingly. Looking at the door uncertainly Yin finally nodded her agreement and they both leaped into the air and flew swiftly away.


						Chapter one
"Sakura, wake up. Come on, open your eyes already" Moaning sleepily Sakura Kinomoto opened one eye slightly and found Kero standing on her chest "What is it Kero? What's wrong?" she mumbled. Kero sat back on his haunches and crossed his front legs across his chest "Oh nothing, just that you've got 5 MINUTES TO GET TO SCHOOL." he shouted. Sakura's eyes snapped open "I'm WHUT!!" she cried, looking at her clock. To her horror Kero was right. Flinging off her covers Sakura leaped out of her bed, sending Kero flying to the floor. Quickly she got her school uniform on and ran a comb through her hair a couple of times before grabbing her book bag and dashing down the stares. She found Touya finishing up his breakfast. Seeing food her stomach gurgled loudly but she knew there was no time for breakfast. Wiping his mouth with a napkin Touya turned as she hurried into the dinning room and grinned "Hey there monster, isn't this a little late even for you. What happened? Did you stay up all night dreaming about Yukito." he said teasingly. Sakura gave him a dirty look and quickly snatched up his last egg roll before rushing into the kitchen. There she found her dad washing dishes "Morning, do you have my lunch?" she asked, stuffing the egg roll in her mouth. Looking up from the dish he was rinsing Fujitaka Kinomoto looked at his daughter with concern "Are you feeling ok? You look a little pale. Maybe you should stay home today and rest." he said. Sakura opened the refrigerator and after a brief search she found what she was looking for. Grabbing her lunch bag she quickly went over and gave her dad a little hug "Sorry dad but I have a test today that I've studied really hard for. If I miss it today I'll have to make it up later and who knows if I'll remember everything then. Don't worry I'm fine. I'm also very late. Bye." she said and quickly bolted out the door. "I can't believe how much I overslept. I better start going to bed earlier." she thought to herself as she awkwardly tried to jam her feet into her skates while running at the same time. When they where both securely fastened Sakura pumped her legs hard and flew down the sidewalk towards her school. She was so busy trying to make her legs move faster that she didn't the man and the woman standing in her path till almost the last minute. "Ahhhh." she cried, and desperately tried to swerve around them. Suddenly her skates hit a rock and she fell forward, right into the arms of the tall blond guy. Feeling her face burning Sakura looked up at the guy "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to run into you. I'm just really late for school." she apologized. The guy gave her a friendly smile and helped her get her balance "That's alright, no harm done." he said. Relieved Sakura smiled back at him and looked at the dark haired woman next to him. The woman was studying her intently, her deep violet eyes serious as they looked fixedly into hers. She was starting to get uncomfortable when the woman blinked and gave her a slight smile "You better be on you way now." she said. Sakura smiled uncertainly and gave a small bow before skating quickly away. When she was no longer in sight the guy turned to the woman and frowned "What's the matter with you Yin. You had no business scanning her mind." he said disapprovingly. Yin crossed her arms across her chest "And why not? I was hoping to learn about her now instead of questioning her later. I couldn't though, her mind was too full of chaos over her tardiness to school and some test she had to pass today. I was able to discover that she dose not posses the power that Clow Reed had. In fact she barely has enough power to sustain her cards. She has only bonded a few to her, the rest lay dormant and will soon lose what little magic they posses. Now I ask you, what sort or Mistress of the Cards would let such a thing to happen. By neglecting the Cards in such a way proves that she is unfit to be called Mistress of the Cards." she said in contempt. Yang shook his head "You are being way too hard on her Yin. The girl is young and has had no training or real guidance when she became a Card Captor. How can you expect her to be as strong as Clow Reed who had spent nearly his entire mortal life studying magic." he said. Yin was about to say something when she suddenly went tense, her gaze fixed on something over his shoulder. Wondering what could of caught her attention so fully Yang tuned around and followed her gaze. Following her gaze Yang turned around and saw Yukito on his bike heading towards Sakura's house. As he peddled past he looked in their direction and smiled. Yin's eyes widened and she was about to call out to him but Yang held up his hand and gave her a sharp look "Not one word Yin." he whispered firmly. They watched him till he was out of sight "He did not recognize us. I felt nothing from him, only his presence. Surly he has not forgotten us. Forgotten me." Yin said in disbelief. Yang looked thoughtful "That was Yue's false form was it not?" he asked. Yin nodded. Yang smiled "I do not know how it could of happened but I believe Yue's false form is a separate being then Yue himself. Furthermore I do not think his false form is aware of his true half." he said, amused. Yin shook her head "Imposable. How can two beings share one body and not know of each other." she demanded. Yang shrugged "I do not know. We should ask Yue when we see him. I am very interested in knowing how he has done it myself." he said. Just then Yukito and Touya came peddling towards them. They where talking and so paid them no attention as they peddled by. Yin watched them go "Well then lets do that right now. I believe the place they are going to is the school the girl goes to." she said, walking away in the direction of the school. Yang stopped her "Alright but you will talk to the girl. Get to know her but don't reveal yourself to her or challenge her in anyway. They'll be enough time for that later. I will talk to Yue." he said. Yin frowned at him " Why you? I want to speak with him. He and I have unfinished business." she said. Yang sighed "I know Yin and that is why I am going to talk to him. You don't want to talk with him you want to fight. You will get you chance to settle what ever business you have with him but a school full of innocent children is not the place." he said. Yin sighed "Very well but if you are going to pretend to be a high school student then you had better change your appearance. You look old enough to be a teacher then a student and you are dressed wrong." she said. Yang looked down at himself and shrugged "Not a problem." he said and in a flash of bright light he disappeared. Almost instantly he reappeared through much younger looking and wearing the same school uniform Yukito and Touya had on. Straightening his tie turned to Yin "Well, am I convincing?" he asked. Yin smiled "Very nice brother. Be careful you don't break any young girls heart." she said. Yang ran his hand through his thick blond hair and smiled "I'll try. You just behave yourself." he said. Yin rolled her eyes "Lets just get this over with already." she said and instantly disappeared. Yang checked himself in a parked car's window and nodded "I make this look good." he said and then he too disappeared.