Title:  One From Five   Part: 6
Type:  Series.
Writer:  Mee-na
Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction
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Part Six: Sakura's Tear
"The Ferris wheel is going to topple!!"  A man shouted.
The crowd screamed and ran away from the area for saving their life.
The Ferris wheel stopped its own bending as a damaged knot that linked
the core spindle of the Ferris wheel still had little capable to keep
the Ferris wheel from totally toppled from its spindle.
A door of a Ferris was snapped opened, and then the crowd could see
the attractive force of the earth in pulled the bodies of a boy and a
girl to the mid-air.  The kids had nothing to prevent them from
crushing against the earth.
Touya, Fuutie, Tomoyo, Kero screamed the names of the kids.  The crowd
shrieked in terrifying.
Even they were surrounding with the screaming sound of the crowd, but
Li Shaolan did not hear any sound.  He had something more important to
concern than the screaming sound below him.  Sakura was unconscious,
and he had to do anything for protecting her.  He reached his free
hand out and caught a steel bar of the Ferris wheel, preventing them
both from falling.  As luck would have, it had no any damaged live
wires coiled the bar.
Withal, Shaolan was still in trouble.  With the intensified illness he
was having caused him had no strength to pull both of them-or at least
only Sakura--to more safe position.  What he could do now was simply
hanged there, and he did not know how long he could hold.
"Damn..." Shaolan cursed to himself.
Finally Shaolan lost his last strength, his grip loosened from the
steel bar, and then both him and unconscious Sakura fell down...
Even so, while there were falling down, Shaolan still held the girl
protectively.  He did not give up yet.  He must protect Sakura.  While
was in the mid-air, Shaolan tried to think of the way to protect her,
to make her land on the ground safely.
Cerberus spread his wings.  The golden tiger flew up to the kids.  It
was not time to care if entire people in the Tomoeda amusement park
would know his existence.  It was the kids' lives that were more
important than anything.
Sakura and Shaolan fell onto Cerberus's back.  Cerberus asked. "Hey!
You two okay?"
"Cerberus?" Holding Sakura in his arms, Shaolan mentally thanked God
when he saw the guardian.
Then the Ferris wheel totally was falling down onto them.  Cerberus's
eye widened, there was no way for them to escape.  If he used his
attack, the Ferris wheel would become a fiery wheel, which was worse.
Cerberus's eye shut tight.  Shaolan instinctively used his body to
covered Sakura, protecting her….
When they felt nothing came, Cerberus and Shaolan opened their eyes.
They saw a huge killer whale was using its body to leverage the Ferris
wheel from falling to them.  Where was this killer whale come from?
This thing certainly was a magic creature liked himself, Cerberus
"Cerberus, get out quick!  Shiki-chan can't take it long!" Fuutie
shouted from the crowd.
"Shiki?" Cerberus uttered in wonder.  Cerberus looked up at the killer
whale Shiki with disbelief. That fat fish could transform to be this
killer whale?  But in any event, he should make questions later, for
this present moment he had to get the kids out of danger.  "Thanks!"
he said to the killer whale Shiki and got out of the Ferris wheel.
While the kids were on Cerberus's back, Sakura slowly opened her eyes,
regaining her conscious.  The first thing she saw was a huge killer
whale before her and it caused her startled.  "HO-E!!!!"  She screamed
and instinctively backed off with surprise, making her lost her
balance again and falling from Cerberus's back.
"Sakura!" Shaolan called out.  He speedily caught her arm with one
hand and other reached to her back.  Shaolan held Sakura to him,
keeping her from falling.  "Sakura, are you all right?" Shaolan asked
in concern.
After recognizing that they were on Cerberus's back, and the boy was
holding her, Sakura blushed furiously.  Sakura pulled back from his
embrace a little but enough to look at his face, she nodded meekly,
Shaolan smiled at her.  Thanked God, Sakura was safe, he thought.
With relieve, Shaolan collapsed and let unconsciousness took over him.
The last thing he could remember was Sakura cried his name.
* * * * * * * * *
Cerberus, with Sakura and unconscious Shaolan on his back, landed on
the ground safely.  He heard a sound of the Ferris wheel crushed
heavily to the ground with nobody hurt.  A minute later Shiki-chan in
the round pink shape drifted to the unconscious boy.  The fish coiled
around the boy with worry.  Fuutie, Touya and Tomoyo ran to him,
wanting to check the kids.
"Sakura!" Touya called, running to his sister.
"Sakura-chan, Li-kun!"
"Oh...God, Shaolan..." Fuutie with worry about her unconscious little
brother, but she tried her best to claim down.  She swallowed the lump
in her throat.  "We have to take them to hospital first."
"I will call an ambulance!" said Tomoyo, using her mobile phone to
call an ambulance.
"Li-kun!  Li-kun!!"  Sakura wept.
The crowd began to gather the group.  Fearing that the situation would
be worst if the news of this entire event would be spread, Cerberus
said, "Sakura, you have to use Erase to erase their memory before the
ambulance come."
"Li-kun, please wake up."  Sakura did not hear her guardian.  She kept
calling the name of the boy over and over.  Trembling, her tears fell
loosely from her eyes.  She was losing her wits.  Her reaction
stupefied Touya, Tomoyo, and Cerberus even Fuutie.
"Sakura, calm down." Cerberus tried to console the girl.  He used his
face to nudge her shoulder lightly, but she did not notice him.  Her
mind was totally on the Chinese boy.
"Sakura-chan," Tomoyo and Fuutie looked at the girl with worry.
Lastly, Touya could not take the scene anymore.  He walked, knelt down
before Sakura and grasped her shoulders tightly but not hurt her.
"SAKURA!" He shouted to his little sister's face, "Calm down and
Listen! An ambulance's coming and will take that brat to hospital.  He
will be all right."
"Onii-chan..."  Sakura was stunned, looking at Touya with wide eyes.
Her big brother had never shouted to her face before.  But at any
rate, it was successful to calm her down.
"What you must do now is erase the memory of all these peoples here.
Understand?"  Touya said every word firmly.
"Y-Yes, I understand." she nodded tentatively, wiping her tears.
Touya gave a consoled smile at his little sister.
"Erase!"  Sakura called the card to erase the memory of all visitors
of the Tomoeda amusement park.
* * * * * * * * *
As an ordinary hospital, Tomoeda hospital had a big white waiting room
with many lines of chairs for the relatives or friend of their
patients to sit and worry while doctors were doing examinations.
Touya, Tomoyo, Fuutie, Kero who was on Tomoyo's lap, and Shiki-chan
was on Fuutie's lap, were sitting in the waiting room.  They all were
waiting for the doctors to come out from their examination rooms and
told them the conditions of Sakura and Shaolan.  This moment seemed to
be eternal for them.
Fuutie was evidently pallid.  Her body was shaking, and her hands were
cold.  She did her best to stay clam but not much succeeded.  She was
very scared and worried about her little brother.  She had planned to
take the kids to the amusement park, intending to give Shaolan and
Sakura time together for, at least for the last time, her little
brother would have the good memory with the girl he loved before he
would go back to the place he belonged.  However this was the first
time she had come to Japan, so she asked Tomoyo to help her.  She had
not expected it would turned to be a disaster, and her little brother
was hurt.  She had put the kids in this trouble.  It was all her
Sensing its master was trembling, Shiki-chan tried to hug her with its
short fins.  The fish was trying to console its master.  In turn, she
caressed her fish.
Sitting beside Fuutie, Tomoyo placed her hand on Fuutie's.
"Sakura-chan and Li-kun will be all right, Fuutie-san."  Tomoyo said
Kero nodded, "Yes, Li lady.  Tomoyo's right."
"If I did not offer an idea to go to the Ferris wheel, they
"It was an accident.  No one knew it'd happen.  Sakura and that brat
will be fine."  Touya said, not even looking at Fuutie, consoling her,
but partially he was also trying to assure himself.
Fuutie gave a tiny wan smile to all. "Thank you all very much."
Another moment of anxiety past, finally an old doctor that checked
Sakura and Shaolan' condition came out from his room with a nurse.
Touya, Tomoyo, who was candled Kero, and Fuutie, who was holding
Shiki-chan, rushed to the doctor.
"You are family of Kinomoto Sakura?" the doctor asked.
"I'm her brother." Touya told the doctor.  Anxiety showed clearly on
his face.
The doctor nodded and smiled to Touya.  "She has few bruises but
nothing need to worry, Kinomoto-san.  She has very good health, and
she can go home now."
Touya, Tomoyo, Fuutie, Kero and Shiki-chan sighed in relieve.
"And who is family of Li Shaolan?"
"I am, doctor.  I'm his sister."
"He is still unconscious, and he needs hospitalization for a few days,
"Why, doctor?  Is he all right?  Please give me all the detail."
Fuutie said.  The big sister really worried about her little brother.
"He has very good health, Li-san, and he was not hurt, just has few
bruises." The doctor said sedately.
"If he was not hurt, why he has to stay, doctor?" asked Tomoyo.
"Food poisoning."
"En?" everyone was confused.  What had the doctor said?
"He was not hurt, but he has to stay because of food poisoning.  He
has stomach ache.  And I think why he went unconscious because of food
"Only that? Food poisoning?"  That brat made his little sister cried
only he got food poisoning? Touya caused silently.
"But it is really serious, Kinomoto-san.  He believably ate something
very not proper in past few days."
"That's impossible, doctor," Fuutie said confidently.  "I have cooked
his meals for past days, and everything proper."
The old doctor rose his eyebrows.  "You have cooked all his meals?"
Fuutie nodded, "Yes, doctor."  Fuutie began to list out her abnormal
receipts, from the first meal she had cooked for her little
brother-rice gruel soup cooked with monkey brain--to the latest
dinner-- the spaghetti ground lizard sauce, potato soup with fried
snakeskin, and salad with plant roast worms.
The doctor, the nurse, Touya, Tomoyo and Kero became paler and paler
when they heard her list.  No wondered why the boy had food poison,
they all thought.  Only thing they all wondered was how could the boy
is so toughness.
The doctor turned to the nurse who was standing beside him and
secretly told the nurse to prevent any foods from Fuutie, just in case
she cooked for the boy again.  At lease the boy would not risk his
life unnecessarily during he was in this hospital.
To Touya, for once in his life, he pitied the brat, while Tomoyo only
made an uneasy tittered with a big sweat drop appeared on her
"Doctor, where is Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked.
"Oh, she is inside the examination room.  She refused to leave her
friend, so I let her stay in there."  The doctor answered while he led
the group to the examination room where Sakura and sleeping Shaolan
Touya, Fuutie and Tomoyo thanked the old doctor and the nurse as they
The group peeped in the examination room and entered the room quietly,
did not wanting to disturb the two little patients.
Inside they saw the unconscious Shaolan was lying on an examined
table.  Sakura was sitting on a chair beside the examined table.  She
was holding his hand in hers both while staring at him with tears
filled her eyes.  She even did not notice that the group had entered
the room.
[When the same thing occurs again.  When a person who is close to you
end up by going some place far away, please think hard about how you
feel then, and how it different with how you feel about my going.
Because if you do that, you'll know who is the person you truly think
of as your 'number one'.] Eriol's voice retold in Sakura's ears.
<I know it now, Eriol-kun, > at last Sakura could find the answer to
herself, <person that I truly think of as my 'number one'> She looked
at sleeping Shaolan, holding his hand against her cheek, tears rolled
down.  "Li-kun..."
"Sakura-chan." Tomoyo placed her little hand on Sakura's trembling
shoulder.  Worry was on her face.
Sakura turned to Tomoyo.  Then she hugged her friend, sobbing.
"Tomoyo-chan... Li-kun, Li-kun..."
Standing, Tomoyo hugged Sakura lightly, caressing her hair.  "He will
be all right, Sakura-chan.  Doctor said he will be all right."
Looking at his little sister, the big brother, Touya, was speechless.
His little sister was crying.  That brat made her cried.  But it was
not because of that brat menaced her, like the first time they had met
...  Because that brat had protected his little sister with all effort
he had...  Because that brat loved his little sister...  Touya
clenched his fists, gritted his teeth.  He had to admit it.  The brat
had done not bad job in protecting his little sister.
"Are you hungry, Sakura-chan?  This is almost 10 P.M. and you have not
eaten anything since the lunch."  Tomoyo asked.
Sakura sniffled.  "I-I'm not hungry, Tomoyo-chan."
"But you have to eat something."  Tomoyo resisted.  "And the doctor
could transfer him to a ward."
Sakura turned to look at the sleeping Shaolan again, as if she
expected him to wake up.  When he did not, Sakura nodded tentatively.
She did not want to leave him in this time, but she also did not want
to retard the doctor's work.
After the group had some meals for dinner, the unconscious Shaolan was
transferred to inpatient department.  The group went to his room for
the last time before the consultation hours ended.
"What you'll do tonight?"  Touya asked Fuutie.  In this situation, in
the land that was not her homeland, it would be very frightening for a
Fuutie smiled at Touya and then everyone, thanking that they all
worried about her.  "I'll go back to Shaolan's apartment and get some
necessary personal appliance of Shaolan's and mine, tell my family
about Shaolan, and I'll come back to here again.  I have to look for
"If you have any problem, you could call me anytime, Fuutie-san."
Tomoyo said while handed Fuutie her mobile phone number, as Touya also
handed the phone number of his home.
"Yes, Li lady, if anything I can help, I'll help." Kero added.
Fuutie got the phone numbers and smiled gratefully.  "Thank you a lot,
Kinomoto-san, Tomoyo-chan, Cerberus."  She and Shiki-chan gave them a
thankful bow.
"F-Fuutie-san..." Sakura called tentatively.  Her voice filled with
great care about the Chinese boy.  She really wanted to look for the
Chinese boy too, but after her big brother had called their father, he
worried about her very much.  Not wanting her father to worry, she
should go home.
Reading from the expression of the girl, Fuutie smiled to Sakura.
"When Shaolan wake up, you'll the be first one I call, Sakura-chan."
When she saw the anxiety was still shown on Sakura's face, she bent
down to Sakura and rose her pinky finger of her right hand.  "Pinky
Sakura made a little nod and interlaced her own pinky finger with
Fuutie's.  The pinky promise seemed to give little pacify to Sakura.
"Thank you, Fuutie-san."
Fuutie smiled at the girl.
The group separated from each another.  Tomoyo's bodyguards came to
the hospital, so Tomoyo volunteered to take Fuutie and Shiki-chan to
Shaolan's apartment, as Touya and Sakura went back to their home.
After they had reached to the apartment, Fuutie and Shiki-chan thanked
Tomoyo and then Tomoyo left.
Walking to Shaolan's room in his apartment, Fuutie unlocked the door
and came in.  She looked at the telephone in the main room.  She could
almost image what would happen, especially with her three little
sisters, if she told her family about Shaolan had to stay in hospital.
"Shiki-chan," Fuutie sighed, "You know I think It is going to be a
long talk."
Shiki-chan nodded in understanding.  The magic creature padded
Fuutie's shoulder by its fin soothingly.
* * * * * * * * *
Publicity always starved for the news.  Especially the news of the
disasters like what had happened in the Tomoeda amusement park.  With
the technological assistance, they could announce the news right away
in the night of the disaster.  And in the morning, the news of the
disaster could be found on the first page of all local newsprint and
in television's morning news.
However with all of memory of the witnesses were erased, no one could
inform what had really occurred.  How the biggest Ferris wheel had
toppled with no one had hurt.  How the peoples who had sat in the
Ferris wheel had came out from it.  That was very wire that the real
disaster had happened, but no one could remember the event.
Then, in the morning news, many peoples came out to give their
opinions.  Some said it was an alien had caused the disaster.  Some
said it had to be a miracle from God that no one hurt.  Even so, the
truth still could not be found, and it would likely be a topic of
discussion for a while.
In the afternoon, on the way to the Tomoeda hospital, Yukito was
walking, carrying a big basket of fruits.  Touya was walking by his
side.  They intended to visit the Chinese boy.
"It's very good thing that no one hurt," said Yukito.
Touya nodded in agree.  He was obviously not in good mood.
"What about Sakura-chan?" Yukito asked.
Touya's blood vein instantly popped on his forehead.  "She came here
right away after she had finished breakfast."
"Sakura seems to worry about him very much." Yukito pointed out, as
the matter of the fact.
Some more blood veins popped on his forehead, Touya walked ahead
quickly.  Kinomoto Touya was truly not in good mood.
* * * * * * * * *
Shaolan opened his eyes tardily.  He brought his hand to prevent the
light from neon tube on the ceiling that lashing out his eyes.  It was
not ceiling of his bedroom.  Shaolan's eye opened wide, he began to
search around, wanting to know where he was.
All he could see was he was in a white room that had light smell of
germ killer and a big window on the opposite side of a big door of the
room.  The room was obviously a room in a hospital.  Then he saw
someone was sitting beside the bed he was lying.  It was Sakura.  She
felt asleep with her head rested on his bed.  A coat that he
remembered it was his big sister's wrapped on her little shoulders,
keeping her warm.  At a corner of the room he saw his big sister and
her magic creature were sitting on a sofa.  They also felt asleep.
Shaolan sat up quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up, and looked at
the sleeping Sakura.  He could not help to run his hand tentatively to
bush some hair out of her closed eyes, but he stopped before his hand
touched her, fearing that he would wake her up.
Sakura stirred.  "Li-kun..."  She murmured in her sleep.  A tiny drop
of tear leaked from her closed eye.
"Sakura..." Shaolan did not know whether he should blush because she
had said his name in her sleep, or worry about her because she was
crying in her sleep.  Instead of choosing to do one, he did both.  He
reached out and wiped tears from her face gently.
She stirred again when his hand made the contract.  Shaolan drew it
back jerkily and blushed even deeper.
Sakura slowly opened up her eyes, half-awaking.  Her sleepiness
brushed away when she saw that the Chinese boy had awoken and now was
looking at her.  "Li-kun!"  Sakura cried and threw her arms around
Fuutie and Shiki-chan waked outright when they heard Sakura shouted
the name.  "Shaolan?"  She and Shiki-chan rushed to him for checking
him, but when she saw the reddened Shaolan, who was being hugged by
Sakura, was all right, she grinned at him.  "Good morning, Shaolan."
As Sakura loosened her hug, the still reddened Shaolan asked,
confusing, "F-Fuutie-oneesan, S-S-Sakura, what happened?"
Losing her hug, Sakura supplied the answer, "You collapsed when we
were on Kero-chan's back, Li-kun."
"Afterwards an ambulance brought you and Sakura-chan here, and doctor
said you need hospitalization for few days." Fuutie added up.
"Why I have to stay here for few days?"
"You get food poisoning, Shaolan."
"Oh." Shaolan uttered.  <So, the stomachache I have had for past few
days isn't because of stress but food poisoning. >  He inwardly
wondered why he was not surprised at all.
Fuutie leaned to her little brother, checking him. "How do you feel
"I'm fine, Fuutie-oneesan."
Fuutie sighed.  Could her little brother say only this answer?  If he
was fine as he said, he would not has to be in this room.  "Are you
hungry, Shaolan?  You have been unconscious almost a day..."
Shaolan sweat dropped.  His big sister would cook for him again?
"... So I'll tell nurse to bring you meal."  Fuutie finished.  Hearing
Shaolan's stomach growled, she smiled at the deep red Shaolan.  "Okay,
I'll go out to tell the nurse."  She reached to the knot of the door,
but before she went out, she turned to Shaolan.  "By the way, Shaolan,
you should thanks Sakura-chan.  She was really about you a lot."
Seeing the kids reddened rapidly, she smiled and left the room, taking
Shiki-chan with her.
Sitting in the room, Sakura and Shaolan were blushing furiously.  They
both looked down, too shying to look at each other's face.
"Well..." Shaolan began, blushing deeply.  "Thank you."
"N-No.  It... It's me that want to thanks you.  You helped me."
"...I didn't do anything."  Shaolan felt shamed.  She had been in
trouble because he was not strong enough.  If only he was stronger
than this.
Sakura looked at him, then she shook her head, tears staked on her
eyes.  "You always help me and give me courage, Li-kun.  I wouldn't
know what to do if you were not with me."  Shaolan stared at her, as
she continued with her smile.  "Thank you, ne."
* * * * * * * * *
Finishing tell a nurse that her little had regained his conscious and
he wanted some meal, when she heard they were talking, Fuutie waited
outside of Shaolan's room in the hospital.  She did not want to
disrupt the private talk of the kids.  Fuutie rested her back on the
wall near the door and closed her eyes.  The young woman was obviously
very tired.  Partially she had been looking after her little brother
since yesterday and partially she had had to manage to tell her family
about her little brother had to stay in hospital.  They all really
worried about the only son of the family and had taken the news not so
easy for the big sister to explain.  Certainly, the conversation had
been a very long talk.
She opened her eyes when Shiki-chan tapped her shoulder, then she
could saw the second Kinomoto and the other form of Yue with a big
basket of fruits walked to her.  Tomoyo with a bunch of flowers came
from another way.
"Ah, that's Tomoyo-chan." Yukito said.  Touya nodded in remark that he
saw the girl.
"Good morning." Tomoyo greeted Yukito, Touya and Fuutie.
"Good morning."  Fuutie smiled at them and bowed to them as Touya,
Yukito and Tomoyo did so.
"Tsukishiro Yukito, nice to meet you."  Yukito introduced himself.
"Li Fuutie, nice to meet you too."  Actually Fuutie knew Yukito from
Shaolan's letters and Tomoyo's video but she should introduce herself
for social matter.
"What about him?" asked Yukito.
"He has just awoken.  Please come in."  She opened the door, leading
them inside.
Yukito entered the room.  He saw Sakura was sitting beside the bed
that Shaolan was sitting on.  He smiled at them when the kids turned
to him and Touya.
Standing abruptly, Sakura called out in surprise.  "Yukito-san?
Onii-chan?  Tomoyo-chan?"
"H-Hello!" Seeing Yukito, Shaolan's face became red immediately, as
the effect of attractiveness of power Yukito had toward him.  He went
rigid and stood up sharply.  But the truth was he had just regain his
consciousness, his body could not feed blood to his head quick enough,
causing the world in his perceive went dark and lost his balance.
"Ho-e!  Li-kun!" Seeing the boy began to fell startled Sakura.  She
quickly caught the boy from felling, helping him to uphold his
"T-Thanks." Shaolan blushed furiously when he recognized his was
leaning to Sakura.
"Are you okay, Li-kun?"  Sakura asked with concern.
"Y-Y-Yes." Cherry red-liked Shaolan answered.
"You should not make any quick move, you know, Shaolan."  Fuutie
chided her little brother, trying her best to make her tone of voice
to be a lectured tone at the red face boy.  She was amazed by how much
the power of other form of Yue affected her little brother.
<Honestly, I love to see him blush, he's very cute when he do it. >
Fuutie thought.
"Sorry." Shaolan said, feeling guilty.
Seeing the scene, Yukito could also see the great concern in Sakura's
eyes for the boy.  Yukito glanced at the young man beside him.  He
tried to suppress his laughter when he saw Touya's blood vessels
popped instantly.  Shiki-chan started to look around the room,
wondering why the temperature of the room heightened all of sudden.
Tomoyo never missed the chance to record the impressive moment in her
video camera.  He knew now why the second Kinomoto seemed to be in bad
Yukito smiled to the kids and walked to them. "Hello." He greeted and
handed the basket of Fruit to Shaolan.  "I wish you'll get well soon."
"I wish you get well soon too, Li-kun," Tomoyo smiled, handing the boy
the bunch of flowers.
Shaolan got the basket and the flowers from Yukito and Tomoyo.  "Thank
Yukito sat on a chair near Sakura.  "How do you feel?"  He asked the
"I-I am-am fine." Shaolan answered stiffly, blushing.
Fuutie rose her eye browns.  She could not help to remark that her
little brother had said 'I-am-fine' answer again.
They stayed in the room, talking, for another moment before they heard
the sound of phone that was on the small desk beside the bed in the
room rang.
Fuutie reached for the phone and picked it up.  "Hello?"  She began.
"My daughter, it's me."  The voice from the other line said.  It was
woman-like voice.  The voice was full with mercy and power.
Fuutie's eyes widened in surprise.  She knew whose the voice was very
well.  "Mother?"  Touya, Yukito, Tomoyo, Sakura and Shaolan turned to
Fuutie immediately.  "How could you know telephone number of this
hospital?"  She asked.
"It is not difficult to get the phone number of a hospital, my dear."
The mother and leader of 'Li' clan, Li Leran, said in equable and
steady tone.  "What about Shaolan?  Your younger sisters and me really
worry about him."
Fuutie smiled through the phone when she recalled how her all younger
sisters had reacted when they had gotten the news-through their
screams-last night, "Shaolan have just awakened for a while, mother."
Fuutie heard her mother sighed in relieve, all together with other
sighs.  She knew her three younger sisters were with her mother too.
"I want to talk with him, my dear." Leran said.
"Yes, mother." Fuutie accepted the request.  Then she turned to her
little brother and handed him the phone.  "Shaolan, mother wants to
talk to you.  Her and your three big sisters really worry about you,
you know."
Shaolan nodded his head, "Thank you, Fuutie-oneesan."  Getting the
phone from Fuutie, he began, "Hello, mother?"
"Shaolan, my son." The Chinese boy could tell by only listen to his
mother's voice that she really worried about him.  "How do you feel,
my dear?"
"I'm all right, mother.  Sorry for making you worry."
"I am glad to know you are all right.  By the way, I really miss you,
my son."
Shaolan's eyes were soft. "I miss you too, mother."
"Mother, please let us talk to him." Shaolan heard other voices
whispered from other line.
"All right, my dears." Leran approved her daughters' request.  "My
son, your big sisters want to talk to you too."  Then Leran handed the
phone to her daughters.
"Hello!! Shaolan!!!" The three sharp voices said loudly at once.  The
voices were sharp and loud enough to make Shaolan flinched away a
little from the earphone he was holding, and all the visitors in the
room heard the voices.
"Onee-san?" said Shaolan.
Hearing the voice of their little brother, the three big sisters
charged him questions. "Are you all right??"
"I'm fi--"
"We all really worry about you!!"
"How could it happen, Shaolan??"
"How do you feel now??"
"Do you hurt anywhere?  Any bruises?  Broken legs?  Broken arms?"
"We thought you were going to die!! Thanks God you're alive!!  You
know what, we were really about you until we could not sleep last
Touya, Yukito, Tomoyo sweat drops.  The boy could not even finish a
sentence while his three big sisters kept shooting him a series of
Fuutie started to giggle soft.  It was always like this whenever their
only one little brother talked with them.  A small smile appeared on
Shaolan's face.  They all were the same.  Nothing changed.
While everyone' attentions were on the one-side conversation, Sakura's
head bowed down lightly.  She stood up from the chair she sat and
walked out of the room.  She walked out to verandah that had a mini
garden, which was on the same floor of Shaolan's room.  She sat down
on a bench that was on the center of the garden.  Sakura could not
help but a drop let of tear came down from her eye.
* * * * * * * * *
Shaolan felt little exhaust.  He felt it whenever he talked to his
four big sisters at once-even they were only three--it was still
effectively wore him out.  Nonetheless, he was glad that he could talk
with his mother and his big sisters.  He really missed them all.
When the Chinese boy hung up the phone, and turned he realized that
Sakura and Tomoyo were not in the room.
Before Shaolan could ask or say anything, the knocking sound could be
heard from the door.  They turned to the door and saw a nurse was
opening the door.  She brought a tray that carrying Shaolan's meal
with her.
The nurse smiled kindly to Fuutie.  "It's lunch you ordered for him,
"Thank you," Fuutie smiled back to the nurse.
Then the nurse walked to the little patient, still smiling, she set
the food tray on the one of the table in the room.  "It's great to see
you regain your consciousness, Li-kun.  How do you feel now?"
"I'm fine."
The nurse smiled to Shaolan, nodding, then she left the room.
Looking at his wristwatch, Yukito realized it was time for part-time
job.  He stood up.  "It's time we have to go now, Li-san.  To-ya and I
have part time job."
Fuutie stood up and said as a social relationship matter, "I'll walk
you two out."  Then she turned to Shiki-chan.  "Looking for Shaolan
while I'm out, okay?"  Seeing the magic creature nodded, she rewarded
the fish with her beautiful smile.
* * * * * * * * *
In the garden, Tomoyo stood still, looking at Sakura's back that
facing her.  When she had seen her friend had walked out of the room,
she had quickly followed.
Tomoyo was filled with worry about her friend.  "Sakura-chan." She
"Yes, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura replied, not looking back at her friend.
Her head was still bowing down lightly.
Tomoyo looked at Sakura's back.  Although she did not see Sakura's
face, she could tell Sakura was not happy.  She could feel it in the
voice of her dearest friend.
"Tomoyo-chan... His family... His family really worry about him, and
miss him a lot..."
Not saying anything, Tomoyo simply nodded.
"And, I know, he too... miss his family a lot..." Sakura said with
tiny, waved voice.  "He'll go back to his family soon... I...I should
happy with him that...that he can go back home.  I…should..." A sniff
sound came from Sakura.  "But why... why I don't feel that way at
Tomoyo sat down next to Sakura and placed her hand on Sakura's
"I'm a bad person, Tomoyo-chan..."
Tomoyo wrapped her arms around her dearest friend. "Can I ask you a
question, Sakura-chan?" She asked softly.
Sakura nodded.  "Y-Yes."
"What did you think when Hiiragizawa-kun and Mizuki-sensei left,
"I... just...  I just thought it was bad... but I thought I could
write to them..."
"And with Li-kun?"
Sakura sniffled. "It's... It's hurt a lot when... I think that... that
he's leaving...that I can't meet him anymore..." Tears rolled from her
emerald eyes.  "I... I can't... can't stop crying."
Stroking Sakura's hair lightly, Tomoyo only nodded.
"E-Eriol-kun used to ask me before he left Tomoeda...  He said when
the same thing occurs again.  When a person who... who's close to me
end up by... by going some place far away.  Eriol-kun wanted me to
think hard about how I feel, and how it different with how I feel
about his going.  And I'll know who is the person I truly think of as
your 'number one'."
"Have you found the answer, Sakura-chan?"
"Y-Yes."  Sakura nodded, burying her face on Tomoyo's shoulder.  "I
know now, Tomoyo-chan.  The person I love the most is Li-kun..."
* * * * * * * * *
Touya, Yukito and Fuutie were standing on the way to the garden where
Sakura and Tomoyo were talking.  After they had left the room, Touya
and Yukito had decided to find the two girls to inform them that they
were going to leave.
Certainly, they had found the two girls.  But before they had called
the girls, they had stopped because they realized that Sakura was
crying in Tomoyo's arms.  Furthermore they unintentionally heard the
entire conversation between the girls.
To Fuutie, she was not quite surprised.  From the reaction of the girl
in past days, especially since yesterday, she could know that Sakura
did not think of her little brother as just a friend.  The girl was
truly worrying about her little brother.  Fuutie almost sensed the
feeling that the couple reciprocated to each other.  It made her even
more pitied the little couple.
To Yukito, he used to say, in the 'Star road', to Sakura that when she
found some one she loved most and if that person made her cried, he
would beat the person for her.  He had given his word.  It was funny.
Sakura was crying now, before his eyes, but he could not beat the
person that made her cried for her.
Yukito glanced at Touya and saw that, instead of an angry expression
he had expected to see, the blank expression mixed with something
indecipherable were on the big brother's face.
The helpless feeling was bellowing inside Touya.  His little sister
was crying.  He hated it.  He hated this feeling.  The helpless
feeling that he could sense from someone needing help overtimes, like
when he had sensed from Yuki's another form or when a spirit that used
Sakura's appearance he had found times ago.  And that feeling drove
him to take an action, to help them out of their problems.  Especially
when it was concern with Sakura.  He had to do something for his
Again that he had to do something.  Touya started to walk, making his
way back to Shaolan's room.
"To-ya, where are you going?" Yukito asked.
Without turning back, he stopped and said, "That brat.  We must talk."
When he did not hear any objection from Fuutie, he walked away to
Shaolan's room.
Fuutie only looked at the back of the big brother as he left.  Even
the young man and her little brother did not like each other, but
maybe, in the situation that she could not do anything much to help
the kids, Touya might be the most suitable person that could talk to
her little brother.  So she let him.  But one thing had dashed in her
mind now.
"Tsukishiro-san, can I ask you one thing?"
"Yes, Li-san?"
"What's 'brat' in Japanese language means?  I've heard Kinomoto-san
said it many times."  Fuutie asked curiously.
A big sweat drop appeared on Yukito's head.  He laughed off nervously.
The young woman seemed really did not know the meaning of the word his
friend called her little brother.  He wondered if his friend realized
that he still kept calling the kid names right in front of his big
sister.  It was probably out of habit, Yukito assumed.  Now Yukito had
to find the best way to explain the meaning to the brat's big sister.
* * * * * * * * *
Shaolan was eating his lunch with Shiki-chan, which was drifting in
the air at the opposite site of him, was *looking for* him.  The magic
creature was following the command Fuutie had assigned to it.
Actually Shiki-chan only *looked* and *looked* eyes to eyes at Shaolan
while he was eating, as it was only thing the magic creature could do.
The intensified look from the magic creature made Shaolan was little
uneasy.  "Ah..." he started, "wants some?"  He asked the magic
creature, offering his meal to it.
Shiki-chan waved its fin, making gesture that could be interpreted as
'no, master Fuutie wants me to looking for master Shaolan.'
"Oh," Shaolan uttered.  How silly he had asked that question to Shiki?
He knew Shiki was a magic creature, like Cerberus and Yue, it did not
need to eat anything and he never saw Shiki ate too.  But having Shiki
stared at him made he felt he should said something.  "Well, you don't
need to do that.  I can take care of myself."
Shiki-chan winced when it heard that.  The magic creature was
confused.  Master Fuutie had said to look for master Shaolan, but
master Shaolan said didn't.  How it should do?  As much as the magic
creature thought as much as it confused the fish.  Shiki-chan began to
roll itself involuntary in confuse until the world of the fish began
to spin around.
A big sweat drop appeared on Shaolan's forehead when he saw the
rolling Shiki-chan. Realizing that his words made the magic creature
confused, he quickly held his hands out, wanting the fish calmed down.
"H-Hey, all right, all right.  You do what Fuutie-oneesan told you."
Shiki-chan quickly snapped back from the spinning world.  The magic
creature nodded eagerly and continue to *looking for* Shaolan, eyes to
Shaolan sighed.  He practically wished anyone to enter the room, to
rescues him from Shiki-chan's staring.
As if a gift from God that was given right away to him, Shaolan heard
the knocking sound from the door.  "Come in," he said.
Touya opened the door and entered with not friendly in his eyes as he
usually did to a particular person.  He exchanged a glare with the
brat.  "Can we talk?"  Touya asked with firm and evenly in his tone of
Shaolan was little startled when he heard that.  This was the very
first time Sakura's big brother actually wanted to make conversation
with him.  With the unexpected action from Touya, causing Shaolan let
go of some of his guard toward Touya.  The boy nodded, agreeing to
make conversation.
Touya walked to the boy, but still keep just-enough-to-talk distance
between them.  "I'll go to the point," Touya began his conversation
with the brat, not wanting to waste time, "How do you feel about my
Shaolan's eyes widened.  His face was red instantly.  The shot
question from the young man, causing him almost fell from the bed.
"Not only a friend, am I right?"
Trying to compose himself, the red-face Shaolan looked slightly away.
Beholding the brat, this was the first time the brat practically not
glared back at him, Touya thought.  He knew he deadly hit the right
point.  "Why don't you tell her then?"
"It isn't concern to you." Shaolan said, no heat in his voice.
"Everything concerns to me as long as it makes my sister upsets."
Touya stated, keeping his voice equally.
Shaolan turned to Touya, his eyes widened.  Never in his life he
wanted to cause her any upset.  "Sakura unsets?"
"Why don't you tell her what your feel?" Touya repeated his question
in calm.
Shaolan turned away.  The statement about Sakura was upsetting caused
Shaolan totally off guard. "Because," he replied almost with small
voice, "I'm going back home."  Touya listened patiently as the boy
continued.  "If I tell her now, she'll think she hurt my feeling and
she'll upset..."
Touya nodded, understanding.  The brat knew his little sister very
"But if I don't tell her anything and leave, she'll not upset..."
Touya silenced as he studied the brat before him.  He knew the brat
cared of his sister not less than he did.  Everything the brat did was
because of he concerned greatly about his little sister.  "Yesterday,"
said Touya, "I could see you did not bad job in protecting her."
Shaolan turned to look at Touya again, confusing.  What the young man
was getting at?
"I admit you for that."  Touya paused a second, still looking at the
brat directly and then continued, "don't tell me you'll make my sister
upsets only the going back home reason of yours."
"Are you telling me you want me to tell her my feeling?"  Shaolan
asked in skepticism.
Touya wheeled himself around, intending to leave the room.  "You're
the one I believe that will never upset her," he replied over his
shoulder.  He opened the door and closed it, leaving the brat alone to
Sitting on his bed, Shaolan dumb found as the conversation still
spiraled in his head.  The young man wanted him to tell Sakura his
feeling?  He had thought the young man would have been happy if he
stayed away from his little sister.
[Don't tell me you'll make my sister upsets only the going back home
reason of yours] Touya voice repeated in Shaolan's head.
Sakura was upsetting...  Shaolan gripped the bed sheep tight.  Then he
swung his legs, getting out of the bed.  Li Shaolan made another
decision in his life.
* * * * * * * * *
In the garden, Tomoyo and Sakura were sitting on a bench in the middle
of the garden.  Holding crying Sakura, Tomoyo smiled to her friend, as
if she knew the answer for long time.  She inwardly wondered if the
part of Clow Reed's reincarnation knew the answer too.  "Will you tell
him your feeling?"
"But-but he's going back to Hong Kong..."
"Because he is going back to Hong Kong make you love him less?"
Sakura paused.  She looked at her dearest friend a minute and then
shook her head.  "N-No."
Tomoyo used her handkerchief wiped tears from Sakura's face.  "Then it
will be all right."
Sakura blinked made tears fell down from her eyes.
Tomoyo held Sakura's hands in hers.  "Remember, Sakura-chan, you have
the strongest magic in the world, and the most powerful magic you have
is in here..." Tomoyo leaded Sakura's hands to put them on Sakura's
chest.  "In your heart."
Sakura stared down at her hands that were holding her heart.  She
closed her eyes, feeling the most powerful power she had in her.
Tomoyo smiled. "Please don't give up and be strong.  Because of you
love him the most, then everything will be all right."
Sakura looked at Tomoyo, then nodded.  She he wiped tears away then
smiled brightly.  It was the smile that told Tomoyo that 'Sakura' came
back to her again.  Sakura hugged her dearest friend.  "Thank you very
much, Tomoyo-chan!"  Then Sakura stood up and ran in the building,
heading to Shaolan's room.
"Way to go, Sakura-chan!"  Tomoyo cheered, holding her video camera in
her hand.
* * * * * * * * *
Shaolan ran out of his room with a jacket draped on his shoulder.  He
wanted to find Sakura, to find the girl who he loved.  As fast as
possible, he wanted desperately to tell her he loved her the most.
Then he stopped when he found her on the way to the garden, as she
also stopped when she found him.
Sakura and Shaolan stared at each other for a long moment.  As if they
were drew to each other.  As if they were being under the spell. As if
the time was stopped moving. As if there had nobody but only two of
them.  Neither of them knew how to begin, or how to tell their feeling
to the person who was standing before them... the person who they
loved... the most.
"Li...  Li-kun..." Sakura began staggeringly. "I... I...." Her face
was red.  Her heat was beating loudly. Her hands clutched on her chest
tight as if she was trying to keep her heart from burst out of her
Shaolan, whose face as red as Sakura, took a deep breath.  "Sakura."
He called her clam and steady in his voice.  "I have something to tell
Tentatively, Sakura nodded.  "Yes, Li-kun."
The kids walked to the garden.  Shaolan was little distance away from
her.  He turned to her.  "Sakura."
"I..." Looking at her, Shaolan began.  His face showed the
determination. "I love you."
Sakura's emerald eyes widened.  What had he just said? She almost
could not believe her ears.  Had he…  had he said...
"The person I love the most is you, Sakura."  Shaolan said every word
clear.  "That is what I want to tell you."
"Li-kun..." Looking at him, Sakura trailed off, as emotion overwhelmed
her.  She did not even know that her body was trembling.  "Li-kun..."
Tears welled in her eyes as all emotion she had overwhelmed her.
Sakura's tears induced Shaolan began to worry about her.  Did he make
her cry?  Should not he say the words to her?
Sakura reached her arms out and jumped to Shaolan, almost causing them
both fell down to the floor.  Her arms were holding around his neck.
"I love you too, Li-kun!"
With Shock, Shaolan's eyes went wide, his mouth hung down.  He, too,
did not believe what he had just heard.  Had he heard it right?
"You are the person I love the most, Li-kun!"  Sakura did not really
know that she was crying.  Her heart filled with the great happiness.
Her tears of joy broke free from her eyes, wetting his shirt, as her
face was burying onto his shoulder.
Trembling, Shaolan's hands reached to embraced her gently.  He smiled
with happiness.  "Sakura, I love you."
"I love you, Li-kun."
"The most..." Shaolan said softly to her, to himself.
Sakura nodded onto his shoulder.  "The most..."
* * * * * * * * *
Gathering on the entering way to the garden and watching the kids,
there had Fuutie was holding Shiki-chan that she managed to catch it
before her little brother would have gone to the garden with Sakura,
while it had dutifully followed her little brother out of the room,
Yukito and Tomoyo, who was taping the scene, were smiling jubilantly.
They were happy with the little couple.
Fuutie brushed tears from her eyes, to watch the scene clear, to
remember it.  Her little brother was smiling.  He smiled because he
was happy.  That smile was what she wanted to see on his face.  She
brushed her tears again, just wondered why they kept coming, but she
did not care.  Seeing Tomoyo was taping the event, she just planed to
ask Tomoyo for a copy later.  Shiki-chan was clapping its fins
together, happy to see the kids was happy.
Taping the event, Tomoyo smiled.  At last her Sakura could find out
the answer by herself.  She was happy to know Sakura was happy.
"I'm happy with Sakura-chan," Yukito said, he was very glad that at
last Sakura found someone that she thought of him, and he thought of
her, as 'the first'.  He turned to Touya and sent him a teased smile.
"Nice job, Onii-chan."
"Shut up," Touya commanded.  Turning his heard away to the other side,
Touya was only one that did not look at the kids.
Yukito only chuckled in reply.
Touya was frowning.  The displeasure was expressed clearly on his
face.  He wondered if he had done the right thing, losing his little
sister he always protected for all of his life to the brat...
Finally, the big brother could manage to turn to look at the scene
with brotherly expression.  By the scene he saw, by the great
happiness that he could feel in the voice of his little sister, by her
tears of happiness that flowed from her eyes.  Those affirmed him.
Sakura was happy.  That was what he most wanted, did not he?  Touya's
lips curved up lightly.  He had done the right thing.
-------------E N D---------------
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