Untitled Poem by Sakura Kinomoto


Many things have happened since we last embraced.
People have left, people have came, people have shattered me.
I no longer know of why I am here, except to suffer without you.
The wind whispers your name, mocking me, and mocking me still.
Yet you are gone.

As I visit you on this cold winter day, I remember us
Laughing together, smiling together, crying together.
Sweet kisses in the fields; blossomming orchards
The melody that is your voice
Yet you are gone

You were mine, yet you’ve been wrenched away
Far, far away, to where I can no longer see you.
To where my lowly self is not allowed.
Far, far away, where I feel a piercing when my mind tries to enter
I love you
Yet you are gone

I sit alone in my room...thinking
Thinking so hard I think of nothing
Your sweet surrender is missed
I was coarse, harsh, foolish
You are gone, and I miss you


This letter is from Syaoran Li to Sakura Kinomoto, when Syaoran is adult and
Sakura is no longer in this world...she has died. *sorry to all Sakura fans out
there, it made the poem seem more warm and fuzzy-wuzzy!*