S&S's Love and Power
              By: Hitomi
konyanyachiwa~ minna~! this is Hitomi~ and this is my 3rd i think time to
make a  fanfic so it might be a stupid fic. and the other thing "(this i
means they're thinking of something in there head)"
************************* means Flash Back(if there's any)~~~~~This means
someone's house or somewhere~~~~~ well i think that's about it well enjoy~
Sakura's Last Battle
       Sakura stood at the penguin kouen all by herself thinking of the boy
who went back to Hong Kong, Li Syaoran." (Syaoran-kun......)" Sakura's mind is full of Syaoran.
"Sakura" said a boy's voice. It sounded familier. Sakura looked back. Then it was the boy she was thinking of.
"Syaoran-kun!? I thought you were at Hong Kong...."
"Yea I was but I talked to my mother and she said yes."
"Mother may I go back to Japan? I really want to be with Sakura Please mother!"
"Will you promise me to take care of her?"
"Yes. I will."
"Yes you may go."
"That's what happened."
"To take care of me....." Sakura and Syaoran stared at each other. sakura and Syaoran hugged each other but suddenly.........
"What? what's happening!?" Sakura started to get frightened.
"It's ok Sakura I'll stay here." Syaoran hugged Sakura even more harder to protect her.
"Hoshi no chikara wo himesu kagi yo shinno sugata wo ware no mae e shimese
keiyaku no moto SAKURA ga meijiru RELLEASE! A Giant DRAGON!?Eriol-kun isn't
"!! It's my mother...... she doing this so she can know I can really stay
with you... RAITEI SHOURAI! it won't do anything....."
"Syaoran-kun! are you ok?"
"? ye yea....."
"Syaoran-kun! your arm is bleeding!"
"Well.....i.....it's ok it wouldn't......... do anything....."
"I it's ok..... yo you can beat that dragon..."
"I can't! I can't!"Sakura started to cry.
"sakura yo... you..... have a special word....."
"(The special word.......) Zettai Daijoubu Dayo." Then the Stick started to
change into a longer one like Eriol has and the symbol is Star,Moon,and Sun.
"Hoe?(mata kawatta....that dragon is a fire type.)I'll use Watery! WATERY!!!
YATTA!"But it didn't work. "E!?"
"Syaoran-kun no okaa-san!?"
"(Sakura-san jibun wo shinjite. Syaoran wo shinjite.)"
"Watashi wo shinjite. Syaoran-kun wo shinjite! WATERY!!! YATTA!!! YATTA!!!
"m.....huh? you did it?"
"Yea I did it!"
"Yo Yokatta.... na....." Syaoran tried to stand up but he couldn't.
"Syaoran-kun i'll take you home."
"A arigatou"
"(Syaoran's Mother-Syaoran Shiawaseni...)"
"Are you ok?"
"Ye Yea"
~~~~Syaoran's House~~~~~~
Sakura layed Syaoran on his bed and put bandage on him. then she went to the
kitchen and made something for dinner for both of them.
"Syaoran-kun. Do you feel better?"
"That's good. Can you eat?"
"Here I made you dinner."
"Thankyou." But Syaoran thought he could eat by himself but he couldn't.
"Here. This is better not eating by yourself right?"
"Thankyou Sakura."
"I'm doing this because you always help me." Syaoran got a little red. Sakura
"This is good."
When Sakura and Syaoran ended eating syaoran started to get sleepy so he went
to sleep. Sakura started to wash the dishes. Then she fished doing the dishes
so she went back to Syaoran's room.
"(Syaorankun neteru.)" Sakura put a chair next to Syaoran's bed. Sakura so
tired she started to get sleepy. She went to sleep.
Syaoran woke up. Then he saw Sakura sleeping next to him.
"mm.....? hoe? a ohayou Syaoran-kun. Sorry I felt asleep. Well, I should go."
Syaoran took Sakura's hand and hugged her.
"Thankyou Sakura."
"Your Welcome."