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< flashbacks >
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To See You Again
Chapter One by Krysta Chambers


'I Really should just buy a boat'Sakura thought to herself as she rowed toward the cliff 'But that poor old man would probably go out of business' She reached the cliff and put down the oars. "I wonder if anyone other than me rents boats from him" She said to herself as she got the card she made out. "I sure hope no one ever follows me here, I'd be in big trouble"

She summoned her magic. "It's a good thing I learned how to do this without my wand" She threw the card into the air. "Swim card Release and Dispel"

She shouted as she jumped into the air and out of the boat. Blue magic shot out of the card and around sakura. The card disappeared, Seemingly absorbed into sakura. She dove into the water, now with a fin and able to breath underneath the surface. 'I love that card' She thought to herself. She broke the surface and swam back to the boat. "It's to bad that I still have to shout incantations with the cards that I made myself,But oh well"

She grabbed the rope that hung of the end of the boat, summoned the through card, and went through the wall of the cliff to the hole in the middle that only she knew about. It was kind of like a cave, but the mouth of it was at the top.

It was especially beautiful at this time of day(Around 3:00p.m.)With the sun shining through the opening at the top onto all the moss and flowers sakura made with the flower card. Her favorite part was the waterfall. It came down through the opening,and fell right next to a whole pach of cherry blossoms that she made. 'This is so beautiful' She thought to herself.

She dove down and started to swim around while her mind wandered. She suddenly got a very detailed image of a boy named Lee, The way He looked the last time she had seen him. 'Why am I thinking of him?' She thought to herself. She broke the surface and swam to the boat. 'It's been so long since I've seen him' She thought to herself as she grabbed her bag. 'almost twelve years' She rummaged through her bag. 'I miss him so much' She pulled out a teddy bear"Oh,Lee."


< "I'm Telling you, Australians invented golf"

"Yeah right,Zachary"

Sakura and her friends,Madison,Nikki,Rita,And Zachery were talking in the penguin park. "Then Who do YOU think invented it?"Said Zachary.

"" Said Rita.

"Actually, I think it was invented by a man who told his dog to fetch a ball and threw it into a hole and ended up getting it himself" Came a voice behind them.

"Oh,Hi Lee."Said Madison.

"Sakura, could I talk to you for a minute?"Said Lee.

"Sure Lee"She said.

Madison gave her a sly look, but she just rolled her eyes. Lee lead her a little while away and faced her,her back facing her friends.

"So what did you want to talk about Lee?"

He looked at her and looked away. "My mom called this morning."


He looked at her again and pulled his backpack off. He opened it and pulled out a teddy bear. "This is for you"He said softly as he handed it to her.

"What is this for?"

"Well,it's kinda for three things: part for congratulations on changing all of the clow cards into sakura cards."(Sakura gets a surprised look on her face)

"Part for not getting yourself killed"(Sakura smiles)

"And part a Goodbye present"(Sakura frowns)

"What do you mean a goodbye present?"

"I'm going Back to Hong Kong The day after tomorrow."

"The day after tomorrow? Why?" She said.(nearly crying).

"I'm done with every thing I'm supposed to do here"He said,Trying not to look her in the eye.

"But What about the cards?"

"The cards are safe; they're Sakura cards now, no one can do any thing to them but you. I don't have any excuses."

"But what about all the friends you've made here? What about Madison and Zachary and Nikki and Rita and ME? You know you'll be leaving us behind,too!"

"I know,bu-"(Looks at her crying)"Oh,Sakura, don't cry,It's just that my mom wants me home 'cause she misses me, and she won't let me stay just because I have friends here."

'Just because?'She thought. "I know" She said meekly. She looked down at the teddy bear he had given her. "I'm going to miss you, Lee." She hugged him.

Lee was trying not to cry. And when she let go he tried his best to glare at her,but he just couldn't. "I'll Miss you,too." he whispered, still trying not to cry. "Could you do me a favor and tell the others? I don't think I could stand another goodbye." he said.

"Sure, Lee. I understand." She hugged her bear.

"Goodbye Sakura," he whispered.

"Goodbye Lee..."

He took one last look at her, regret filled his eyes, and he walked away.

Sakura turned to see him go."I love you..." she whispered to his disappearing figure. As soon as he got to the sidewalk the tears came,And he didn't try to stop them.>

"Oh,Lee"Whispered sakura."Why did you have to leave......"


To Be Continued