NOTE:  This is my first Card Captor Sakura fanfic.  I have seen several of the dubbed Cardcaptor episodes, and a few of the Japanese episodes.  I do not know how to speak so this fic will be written completely in English (sorry), but if I get the hang of it I might try using examples from other fics.  This will eventually turn out to be an S&S fic, but I plan to leave that until later (I think).  Just to let you readers know I am just going to write this prologue of the top of my head to get some idea just how I am going to set up this fic. 

The characters and ideas of Card Captor Sakura belong to CLAMP, this is completely from imagination alone.  Basically, don't sue me...I have no money... LOL..(everybody says that).

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(***) scene change..

(~~~) flashback

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It was almost 10:30, damn how could she have lain here for so long.  She had been lying in the park for almost three hours.  I have to get home fast, I hope father isn't mad.  She ran home quickly and tried to sneak up the stairs without being noticed.  "Where have you been," Sakura's brother asked in a slightly mean, but protective way. 

"Uhhhh.. nowhere I was just at the park," said Sakura, who then turned and ran up the stairs leaving her brother at the bottom with an outraged look on his face. 


He was about to go up and ask why but he decided to drop it and went to watch some television.  Up in her room Sakura was sitting on her bed reviewing her thoughts from earlier.  Why was he so mean to me.. He's never yelled at me like that before.  As she was thinking it she began to cry again.  Damn, she thought, just when I think I am finished I start all over again.  She turned over and put her head on her pillow and wept.  Kero, who was watching from his drawer, frowned and considered going and comforting her, but then decided against it when another idea struck him.  He then got up and flew out the window (which Sakura had conveniently forgot to close).....




Why had he yelled at Sakura like that, thought Tomoyo recalling the events from earlier that day.




"Hi Li," yelled Sakura immediately running up to him and giving him hug, turning his face a dark shade of red. 

"Hey Sakura," he respoded.  Why does she always do that he thought and then decided to ask her.  "Hey Sakura can I ask you something?" 


"Sure Li, what's up?"

"Umm I was wondering why you are always so happy to see me," dumb he thought, that isn't what I wanted to know.  What a stupid question, she like that to all of her friends.  Wait, does that mean she considers me a friend.  I have barely spoken to or seen her since elementary school, yet here we are our second year in high school and she still treats me the same way.  I wonder why I have been avoiding her anyway... ugh.. I just feel weird when she is around.  It is such a strange feeling and she is the only person that gives it to me.  But why, why is she so special.  Why do I like her so much. ?? like her ?? Do I really like her that much?  Could it be that I love her?  No, that's impossible, why would I love someone who would never love me.  Yet after the way I have treated her all these years, she still considers me her friend.  I wonder why.....


"Uhh Li, are you okay,"


"Huh, o yeah, sorry," he choked, snapping back into reality.


"What do you mean, why I am I always so happy to see you."


"huh..what..o..its nothing don't worry about it," maybe she will leave it at that, he thought.


"It's not nothing, don't you even want to hear my answer."  What was her answer, she thought.  Why would he ask such a weird question.


"No not really, just leave me alone."  Why the hell did he say that.  He didn't want her to leave, but it just came out.


"Why," she responded.  Why is he being so mean.  Why did he say that.


"DON'T QUESTION ME, JUST SHUT UP AND GO AWAY," he screamed.  O my god, why did I yell at her.  O no she is going to cry.  I hate it when she cries, I hate is when she is sad.  It hurts even worse knowing that it is my fault.  Why do I care.. why do I care so much about her. 


Sakura was speechless, her eyes watered and she turned and ran away.  Where am I going she thought, why did he yell....where the questions running through her head as she sped away.  Li was debating whether or not to go after her, and finally decided against it and went home.  As he left a figure with a video camera stepped out of some nearby bushes with a sad look on her face..




These ideas were running through her head when she heard a small tap on the window.  She opended it and Kero flew in.  "Hey Kero what's wrong," Tomoyo said seeing the expression on his face, but she already knew what was wrong.


"Do you know what is wrong with Sakura," Kero asked.

"Yeah, watch this"


And she placed the video from earlier that day in her VCR and began to play it for Kero.



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