What's new - July 26, 2001 ~*

Revamped info section
Added in some new fanarts and fanfics
Added more why's, moments and why nots in the S+S section
Added more look-a-likes
New layout for the main page


Well... after 2 great years, it's time to say farewell. I'm a little bit sad to say that CCS: Cute n Sweet! will no longer be updated... it has been my pride and joy after all of this time. But it's harder when you kept telling yourself to update and then constantly groan and feel as if it was a burden... and that's what I'm feeling right now, it's like I'm just updating for you guys and not for myself. The fun isn't there anymore. I know that there's a whole bunch of things that I can still add to the site, and that it needs to be improved... but I'm tired, school is constantly in the way now, and I'm under a lot of stress. It's going to be my last year of high school, so I must concentrate on more important things. Of course that doesn't mean that I won't stop making websites and stuff, it's just that my interest in Card Captor Sakura is gone. Since the manga and anime has ended already.... and we all know that Syaoran and Sakura do end up as a couple... well, what else needs to be said?  I'm just proud to say that that CCS: CnS was one of the very first S+S shrines, it's been wonderful while it lasted.... Sayonara minna.

- li'l Suika, July 26, 2001