Basically CCS is very innocent, and kawaii story about a girl named Sakura Kinomoto who captures CLOW CARDS that have escaped from a book called the CLOW. It's a magical girl series (a la Sailor Moon, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, etc.) but with a few twists. One is that Sakura gets to wear many strange and different outfits, and there is no transformation scene. And also instead of the 'Villian of the Episode' it's now the 'Clow Card of the Episode' ^_^; This is a very cute series, it's so sweet that it'll will make your teeth rot!! ^.^

The Manga: Card Captor Sakura (Kado Kyato Sakura) is a shoujo manga created and drawn by CLAMP that is currently running in a monthly magazine called Nakayoshi. It is also the same magazine that had Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth too. Currently there are 9 volumes. Each manga volume features Sakura as the cover girl, has 2 color pictures, which are the first and last pages, and a bookmark inside. (The covers are also pink >_<)The manga are published by Kondansha Comics.

The Anime: CCS was turned into an animated series which had started airing sometime in April 1998. So far there are 3 seasons(?). The anime is a bit different from the manga, such as new characters (Mei-rin, Syaoran's cousin) and a handful of new CLOW CARDS. There also a movie that takes place in Hong Kong.