CardCaptor Sakura (Kado Kyato Sakura) is a shoujo manga created and drawn by CLAMP that was running in a monthly magazine called Nakayoshi. Nakayoshi is a shoujo phonebook magazine that is aimed toward 6-12 year old girls and is also the same magazine that had Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, St. Tail, and many other stories too. There are 12 volumes, and 3 artbooks. The publisher is Kondansha Comics.

For each manga volume, Sakura is the cover girl and posing in a cute outfit. Inside there are 2 cover pictures, located as the first and last pages and depending which volume it is, features a single character (such as: vol. 1 is Sakura, vol. 2 is Tomoyo, vol. 3 is Syaoran, etc). There's also a bookmark too (very helpful for reading ^_^). The bookcovers are pink and shouldn't be too hard to miss when browsing through your local Japanese Bookstore =P


vol. 1
ISBN# 4-06-319743-3
vol. 2
ISBN# 4-06-319791-3
vol. 3
ISBN# 4-06-319844-8
vol. 4
ISBN# 4-06-319881-2
vol. 5
ISBN# 4-06-319924-X
vol. 6
ISBN# 4-06-333954-8
vol. 7
ISBN# 4-06-333989-0
vol. 8
ISBN# 4-06-334049-X
vol. 9
ISBN# 4-06-334099-6
vol. 10
vol. 11

vol. 12