The Movie:

    On August 99, the CCS movie was finally released in movie theaters! (In Japan, mind you :) The movie was released on DVD/VHS/LD on Feb. 2000.

    The story goes like this: The second term has ended and now vacation will start! Sakura played a lottery at the Tomeda Shopping Mall and won a trip to Hong Kong!! Sakura is estatic, as she has never been to Hong Kong before! And as it turns out, Touya, Yukito, Tomoyo, and of course Kero-chan will also be following Sakura into Hong Kong. Later, Sakura later bumps into Syaoran, and gets to meet his 4 sisters and mother!! But wait.... something mysterious is going on... ?!

    There was also an animation clip of CLOVER (CLAMP's other manga) that was played at the end of the movie. The production was also handled by Madhouse.